General Michael (Mick)  Webster at Bunkerville. Bundy Ranch Rally day.

Read this and look at photo's before big brother has them removed.

The Bundy Family, and the supporters on the ground at their Ranch, have put out the call for continuing support. Needed are: Bottled water, ICE, freeze dried foods, MRE’s, dried food stuffs, can foods, cooking camp stoves, blankets, cots, pup tents, Pop up tents, Sleeping bags.

United States Civil Defense Assoc (USCDA) are asking all who cannot make the trip to the Bundy Ranch in Nevada to assist this mobilization are asked to support the “Boots On The Ground” who will stand to oppose the illegal BLM. USCDA will be sending needed items on a regular bases for as long as is needed. If you can’t send items needed please donate $5.00, $10,00 $15.00 or $20.00. Whatever you can, it will be a blessing for the Patriots out there in the hot Nevada landscape. The supply lines are extremely important.  You are the logistical support for those on the front line. Please know that your generosity is as important as the presence of the Patriots who are standing out there on the land. And also remember, whether you can donate for the logistics or not, we really need your help. Your prayers for our victory are also important. Spread the word. Share this with all. This maybe a long struggle. The BLM and Harry Reid have stated that it is not over. There could be a raid by the BLM at anytime of the day or night.  We plan on being there as long as it takes.  General Webster has been out there since day one. Men and women, from all corners of the nation,  are rotating in and out of the Bundy Ranch. While they are there, they need our support. If you are going there yourself, please consider bringing extra supplies.
Send all donated needed items or checks to: USCDA, 301 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Thank You and God Bliss America
Men and women, from all corners of the nation, are rotating in and out of the Bundy Ranch. While they are there, they need our support.
those wishing to volunteer for watch and other duties at the ranch and also for those who wish to send supplies to the ranch and need to know how best to send those supplies. Please do not call this number unless you wish to volunteer or send/donate supplies to the ranch. We need people now but if you can’t make it for a few days or weeks we ask that you still call the line because we WILL have a need long term. If you are calling to volunteer be prepared to provide contact info, an estimated arrival date, the length of time you may wish to stay and give us some idea of the skills and equipment you have to offer.

(949) 697-5676

Police Swat

Cattle drive day: Bus loads of law enforcement near Bundy Ranch



 1st rallying point near Bundy Ranch. Note Horses and riders on hill top


1st rallying point supporters parked along farm rd.



River running through Bundy Ranch

More supporters parked along farm rd. near Bundy Ranch

Bundy supporters on main highway cattle round up day

More Bundy supporters parked off main highway

Sheriff Gillespie arriving at 1st rallying point

Bundy supporters parked on side of farm rd. Near Bundy Ranch

Bundy supporters at 1st rallying point

More Bundy supporters at 1st rallying point near Bundy Ranch

One of dozens of photo’s showing police heading on main highway out of Las Vegas to rallying point

More of police heading toward Bundy Ranch on main highway

BLM block aid to Bundy cattle. Cattle later released. After armed stand off

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