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After President Lincoln shredded the Constitution in order to preserve the Union our Republic was replaced by a corporation created in 1871. This Corporation was called the UNITED STATES and was given jurisdiction of a 10 square mile area known as the District of Columbia.

In 1868 the 14th Amendment was fraudulently passed which created Citizens that were subject to the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES. Before the Lincoln saved the Union, all of the people were considered sovereigns, but with the passage of the 14th Amendment we all became subjects to the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES. Our God given unalienable rights became privileges that the UNITED STATES could give and take at their pleasure.

The Federal Reserve is a Corporation owned by by foreign investors as is the Internal Revenue Service. Every dime collected by the IRS goes directly to the International Bankers to pay the interest on our National Debt.

Did you know that there is a provision in the Federal Reserve Act that allows the U.S. government to buy back all of the stock that is currently being held by foreign investors. By doing so, We could eliminate the 13 trillion in National Debt as well as the necessity to pay interest on a debt that we bought back from the Federal Reserve.

By purchasing the Federal Reserve, we could shut down the IRS and reduce income taxes rate to ZERO. By re-establishing a new currency based on precious metals and shutting down every agency, bureau and governmental program that is not authorized under Article I Section 8 of the Constitution we could save our nation from self destruction.

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