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While I fully intend to support Maj. Cook and have already joined the American Grand Jury, I am asking all members to remember another fallen soldier.

I come from a very small town in SC with a population of only 2500. I had to wait until the nearest “big city” picked up the news before I heard of this. It was in today’s paper (Sat. 7/18), much too late to set up a fundraiser. But we can help the soldier.

Here is the soldier. Adam Palmer graduated from Landrum High School in the spring of 2003. Although he received a lot of attention from colleges to play football, he had signed up to join the Army as a junior. He turned 19 in Iraq during his first tour of duty. On one of his leave’s home he met someone special and fell in love and married in March of 2008. Their first daughter was born this past Easter. And I am sorry but the paper was so disrespectful that at no time did they EVER give his rank! I am so angry! How dare they just call him ADAM! But that is why I am. I apologize to all servicemen!

Palmer’s THIRD tour of duty began one month later. Of course, he felt more apprehensive, now having a wife and child. And, indeed, his luck had run out. He was severely injured by an IED, a type of explosive device that has killed many and wounded more.

Tomorrow (7/19) he will be flown to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. His mother Gale says the Army will only pay for three people to go. She is going, so is his wife and his father. (His mother and father are divorced) What makes me to angry is that there is a younger son Isaac by her second marriage. Adam was both an older brother and a second father to him but there is no money to take him along. In this part of the country, you just don’t beg for help. And the *** paper waited until the day before they are leaving to print the story. I am telling you all of this just to let you know that our military STILL gets short shrift!

Gale is asking that anyone who can please email her son at target="_blank">sofolk79@yahoo She is concerned because he has been so depressed about being unable to type and is afraid he will not be able to hold his daughter. Mental therapy and rehabilitation is not mandatory in the military.

Please take a few minutes to send this brave young man a cheerful greeting. Thank you!

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Comment by MollieB55 on July 19, 2009 at 8:17am
OK I HAVE AN UPDATE! It took most of the night! But the paper got it two things wrong! I found out he is a Staff Sergeant and the email is The S has to be a capital! I was on the verge of calling Walter Reed! But with the help of people on several veterans sites and the online TV station I got it. He has a fractured leg, shattered arm and shrapnel embedded in his body. So it looks like he is in for a long haul! But it is STAFF SERGEANT ADAM PALMER Thank you all so very much!
Comment by MollieB55 on July 19, 2009 at 10:42am
There I think I have fixed the email in the main message so it will act as a the correct link.
Comment by Kim T. Maginn on August 1, 2009 at 2:55pm
WOOHOO! got it
Comment by John White on August 1, 2009 at 3:05pm
Thank you Mollie Bender, For letting us know Oath keeper.


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