Constitutional Emergency

For 25 years I have watch politicians be elected to office with the promises to protect the constitution and the rights of the people only to watch those same politicians walk in the way of Cain and become servants of Baal.

The fact of the matter is we as American people have been lied to so much that when a politician tells us something that may have what would appears to us as a grain of truth we as a people fall for it because we need something to believe in. And of coarse there are those who do not care at all about respect to GOD and country as long as they can look down at those of us who do care because we don't want what we can not take into GOD' kingdom.

Some of us simply can not except that the country that we were taught to believe in and that our forfather and father have given lives for has been given over to those who seek to destroy it. I have listen to a lot of speakers over the years. I still hear the JBS preaching the same old crap against the dollar for a dollar with NO real results. Preachers who drive BMW's preaching against the dollar for a dollar. Ron Paul who has appeared to be a patriot but yet offers signs that may be just the opposite. Radio personally saying something must be done but they never offer a real solution.

It seems to me that there is a lot of information that these group put out that do have truth but offer no real simple solution. While I believe that we could take back this country and we have to start with the very people that we entrust with our vote. We have to go back to those people who we entrust with our electoral college vote. These people decide who our president will be. 538 people have a responsibility to the people of this country. This is where we as a people need to focus our attention to because this is where a change to the political landscape could be made.
We as a people should elect citizens who would not vote along party lines but for that person who will have the interest of the people and not big business. I have not heard one of these people speak on this very simply solution Take back the electoral college vote and put in a responsible Constitution believing, GOD fearing true Patriot of the Republic and then there may come a change. Until then keep your Bible close to your heart and your powder dry and may GOD save the REPULIC

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Comment by Harry Riley on February 18, 2009 at 10:19pm
You are exactly correct Al and that's where PFA is heading........first we need to get the attention of the American people and convince them there is a way to restore Constitutional government and our beloved Republic...restore the dream in America that has been lost to dishonorable men and women......this will take more than our human efforts......we must, must believe that God will bless our efforts as an honorable task and seek His blessing as we fight the good fight...there will never be a surrender attitude by Patriots who love America.....we will battle on and we must be prepared to defend the line in the sand against socialism/communisn and the sleazy, greedy, selfish political apparatus...our patriots are moving all across America...cells, groups, moving in isolation, fragmented to a large degree but there will be a coming together and it will be soon.........a "massed force" of patriots is bubbling just under the surface to rise and start on the road to recover our Constitutional direction.


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