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The Arizona border operations are set to commence August 27th!
A coalition of militia and patriotic Americans will be on patrol at Arizona`s southern border from August 27th through August 29th. Prior to the commencement of the OPs the rendezvous point will be provided. We have scheduled the release of the required information for August 21st. For security purposes please keep all details confidential.

We make this announcement as our unrepresenting "representatives" further treat the beautiful deserts of Arizona as a political quagmire, and tailing the release of the disturbing and somewhat disheartening video sequel from CIS:

Recently released Video [part 2]:

original video from CIS [part 1]:

Lunar Calendar:
We should enjoy decent visibility from over a half moon. It will be waning close to a half moon as we end our OPs.

Recent Intel confirms that the drug cartels, mules, and coyotes continue to hit the trails from sunset to sunrise so starlight, night vision, and Infrared lights are recommended.
Organizers believe this operation will dwarf all prior citizens patrols and operations at Americas southern border. Never, in recent history, has there been such a response to protecting America`s sovereignty and safety.

If you are organizing carpools and/or have room in your vehicle and would like to offer the space to a fellow patriot, contact Pete at this Email account or call him at 619-300-6883.

The dates are set in stone and our destinies await. There will be no further postponements. Also, look forward to future patrols at Arizona`s and California`s southern borders. As new state laws in AZ propel the invasion further west we must be prepared. We must be revolutionary, not reactionary in our operations.

Our objectives remain the same:
1. Establish base camp and med tent.
2. secure and protect perimeter of base camp and med tent.
3. Establish LP(s).
4. Organize patrols and posts on border.
5. Observe and report any and all illegal activity.
6. disrupt and stop all drugs and illegal aliens from entering our nation.
7. To locate the position of "spotters" who work on the North side of the border and provide the cartels with Intel on the position of authorities monitoring the desert.
8. locate and expose landing strips for ultra light aircraft used to smuggle drugs.
9. locate and expose camps used by coyotes, mules and drug cartels.
10. Work as a force multiplier; Familiarize militia and patriots to the tactics and terrain so that they can schedule future operations at the southern border independently. Introduce militia and independent patriots to local contacts and encourage militia and independent patriots to gather small or large forces to patrol the border in future operations using newly gained knowledge and connections/contacts.
11. To set a standard as to how patriots are to conduct border operations.

*More information on our Ops objectives will be provided

Our goal is NOT to splinter militias or organized groups into smaller units or to introduce new people into your existing units. Our aim is quite the opposite. We plan to utilize existing units to keep cohesion. Our goal is to introduce organized groups to locals who can be used as advisors and to utilize individual talent to support these units and assist them in any way necessary.

Maps, Intel, info on logistics, etc... will be provided in Arizona.
We will continue to address any questions and concerns patriots have independently and/or collectively. Look for updates, weather forecast, and other information sent via Email. We will see you all on the frontlines August 27th!

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