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Current Intel Report:BOSTON FALSE FLAG ATTACK....

Intelligence Report;

On,April,15,2013.Just a few miles from Lexington Green,the first battle of the American War for Independence(April,19,1775),on a day sent aside to celebrate our Freedom and Liberties.The Boston Marathon was bombed and the resulting explosion caused the deaths of three people,the loss or numerous limbs and injuring nearly two hundred others.

This attack was the next step in a plan for the complete take over of all persons and their property by the tyrannical U.S.government and it's Foreign allies.A plan which in the case of Boston was carried out,flawlessly.With over 20k troops total(8k BPD,12k DHS/BATF/NAT'G) at the ready,in a preplanned position under the guise of an anti-Terrorism exercise.

The NWO,wasted no time enforcing an undeclared Martial Law lock down/curfew.While conducting a house to house search with out warrants(violating the 4th amendment rights of every one in the greater Boston area).

1)The two alleged bombers,had extensive contact with several of the worlds large Intelligence networks.

2)The bombing took place in the midst of a Joint Agency Anti-Terrorism Exercise.

NOTE:The attack took place in the North East,a NWO stronghold.This was expected,as are more attacks with even more phantom cell members of this unknown RUS/CHECHNYA radical group.The NWO/UN knows they can not fight every one every where.And starting in the west or south first would spell disaster for their plan.They will continue to rap the iron fist around the North East until they feel able to foray out into the North American interior.

3)The bulk of the troops were equipped for civil unrest,forced entry and weapons confiscation.All personnel were geared up in full paramilitary uniforms and body armor(most read SWAT,POLICE on the back,but not all)..

4)The bombing took place just miles from the first shoots fire in the American War for Independence.A clear insult to the memory of our founding fathers,the first American Patriots.

5)Since the attack,communication with Patriots in the area has bin delayed and fragmented.There are creditable reports of overnight detention with out arrest/booking of any who did not open their doors when ordered to,and/or those who ventured out of their homes at any time against the standing order to remain inside(House arrest).

NOTE:The bombing was meant to create fear in the hearts of the people and make America officially a Battlefield in a time of war.Thus,giving all agencies the power under the NDAA,to transform this country into a total Police State.

6)Each street was searched by the numbers.Two entry(breach) teams.One each side of the street.Two teams in support walking on each side of an armored Vehicle(MRAP).This is not the usual civilian police formation and it requires years of military training.

NOTE:The missile attack on a chemical plant in WACO TX,was a clear message to the militia/Patriots.BUTT OUT!


1)Use every minute to increase our stores of food/water/weapons/ammo.

2)Limit rounds fired in training(conserve ammo).

3)Keep at least one large caliber weapon behind the door(above if you have children).Chamber a round,safety off.

4)Keep a rifle(chamber a round,safety off) and a gobag,near the door to leave at a moments notice to fight inside or outside of your home.

5)If an attack occurs and communications(internet,cells,grnd lines) are down,mobilize locally until the size and position of the threat is known.


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Comment by Walfred L.E. on May 1, 2013 at 3:39am

Expect more small scale attacks with a large scale(martial law) response...Also,the expanding area of search and secure as more unseen Phantom accomplishes are added to the list of possible suspects.In the end the enemy will claim every community has these type of radical extremists among them.And those areas need to be searched(martial law lock down) as well.

Most of these new attacks will occur in the North East.Possible in PA,NH,MD,VA,NJ would be the mostly likely areas to be hit next.But, as soon as the ground firms up,lookout!


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