FOR YEARS They have been rewarding and promoting CIA and military personnel from black sites, torture/detention facilities and special ops covert, elite criminal operations into Homeland Security Agencies and Law Enforcement Positions where they can continue to politically target citizens for covert targeted surveillance crimes and assassinations.

There are too many criminals and psychopaths in Homeland Security agencies and Law Enforcement. We have nothing but a big organized crime syndicate with the criminals running the Government now.

Many of these War Criminals from the military, and CIA, would have been tried and executed for war crimes if they were involved in Torture and War Crime activities in WWII, like what has been happening in the torture centers, detention facilities and black sites.


Money is being dumped into So-Called Law Enforcement, Homeland Security Agencies and “Contractors” funding POLITICAL TARGETING & CRIMES AGAINST TARGETED CITIZENS. It has gone way beyond targeted IRS audits on politically targeted groups. Homeland Security Agencies personnel are involved in surveillance targeted burglaries, vandalism and (in my case Pet Torture) as well as the planting of stolen and unknown origin property.

We have nothing but criminals running the US Government and Homeland Security agencies now. They are gutting the economy and will eventually leading this country into an economic collapse.

The problem is that everyone in the US is AFRAID of the REAL TERRORISTS running the country.

I know, because I’ve been a victim of TARGETED COVERT SURVEILLANCE CRIMES, which involved networked ex-military, and Homeland Security agency personnel who have been targeting other individuals like Kay Griggs, Michael Hastings, Phillip Marshall, Judi Bari and as well as myself.

So-Called Civil and Constitutional Rights Organizations are USELESS AND HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED FROM WITHIN. Nobody wants to get involved or help. I know because I’ve been turned down in my requests for help to the ACLU repeatedly (several times in years, even before the targeted surveillance burglaries began in 2011, when I was just trying to get my activist FOIAed FBI files). The BORDC, and numerous other organizations who I contacted for help have all turned me down for help.

If you can see what is going on in this country now, you know that the government dictatorship take over is progressing and can’t be stopped now. The only hope is to leave the country now.

Since 2011, I’ve been targeted for surveillance burglaries, vandalism, pet torture, vehicle tampering as well as the planting of stolen and unknown origin property and malicious prosecution. My safe deposit box was even burglarized. No one would help me, out of the dozens and dozens of organizations and attorneys I’ve contacted. I can’t get my FOIA Requests fulfilled for information on my surveillance “Watch List” targeted crimes and it’s even common knowledge in Washington state that Homeland Security personnel are involved in my targeted surveillance crimes.

REMEMBER THIS WHEN THEY COME FOR THE REST OF YOU, and they rob you using their surveillance technology and personnel in their targeted covert operations
inside the US.

The only hope people have is to get out of the country before the dollar collapses. As a targeted activist, who can’t find an attorney or a civil rights or constitutional rights organization to help me, my only hope is to leave the country. My cruise control stopped working on my 140 mile trip back from Spokane WA, on Thursday last week, and I was gang stalked on the road by multiple vehicles (one of them with a Big Transformer Decal on the Back Window, one with a Big US "Infantry" sticker on his back window, as well as by WA license plate # WEPLAY2) and after they all turned off and I got past Colville, WA, I tried my cruise control again and it started working. I know they have had remote control over my car alarms on my vehicles for a long time now, and it looks to me that they can also remote control my cruise control as well now…… It is too dangerous to stay in this country for me.

NO ONE IS GOING TO HELP YOU WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU — I recommend to everyone: GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY NOW, before it’s too late. SCRBD

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