Constitutional Emergency

Enough is Enough

We, the American people have been silent and passive to the point we have allowed our nation to be bankrupted, elect an impostor, allowed members of Congress to trash our Constitution and Bill of Rights, kill the innocent unborn while protecting terrorists, thugs, criminal illegals, perverts, political racists, corrupt organizations, business and industry.

We have been passive and silent while the leftist communist socialists have not only undermined and destroyed our educational system, indoctrinated our children and turned them away from God, country and family, but allowed these same sick lot lizards to threaten the American people, calling them “Terrorists”, just because the American people expect and demand a responsible government. Now these same filthy communists, with support of our chief Muslim president pretender, have declared an “ACT OF WAR”AGAINST THE American people. This my fellow Americans is not only sedition, but treason!

How dare the fools mess with the American people! But why should they worry, given the American people’s refusal to hold them accountable?

They etched a line in the sand.. A line between our freedom….. or absolute communistic totalitarian rule.

Let me be clear. If you stay silent, remain on your couch, refuse to engage and or refuse to vote, America’s freedoms, liberty and way our of life will be forever extinguished. Refuse to stand up and your legal, moral, religious and property rights will disappear over night. You need not read the lettering on the wall, just look what these criminals are doing in the light of day and in plain view of the public! You see, they have no fear of you, nor do they have any modicum of respect for you. They know you like your TV’s, ipods, video games and can’t be bothered to spend the time to save your own ass and the American culture.

Wake up America!! Our government, courts, Congress, Federal Reserve, Wall Street, banks and medical industries are all corrupt. They pander only to the evils of power, money and the insatiable lust to steal and or destroy what is not theirs to have.

300 million people SHOULD watch the Presidential debates, but perhaps only 5 million will… on a good day. That sends the message that both party’s and their puppet masters want and have worked so hard to see.

The elections in 2012 is about the future of America, or it’s demise…. It’s that simple. The election is Not about party affiliation, race, religion or the next sex scandal. The next election IS about finding honest Americans which are NOT career politicians (liars & frauds), electing people that are NOT leftists, communists, socialists, Muslims, racists, tax cheats or perverts. It is about finding common Americans which will take on the REAL issues and conduct themselves responsibly and within the oath they take. It’s about finding common Americans that we can elect that not only understand budgets and money, but also fully understand rational thought, have common sense and have the ability to seek and find real solutions to this nations problems, while being committed to those solutions and not sidelined by special interests and political one upmanship.

In the next election, we need to elect those that will work openly to solve our problems and refuse back door, late night, under the floor political deals. If a solution and Bill can’t be put together on C-span, then we will have elected the wrong people. The idea of voting for or against a Bill, without ANYONE knowing what is actually in the Bill is absolutely insane.

Now for some solutions from my “Terrorist” mind.

Question: Is the United States a Democracy or a Republic?

If you said, “Democracy”, you need to go back to school, hopefully sober this time, but if you were sober, I’d guess you had a leftist teacher. This is one of the most important changes we need to address. Education of not only our children, but ourselves. I think it’s fair to say, that if you have been depending on the NEA and or the media for you education, you’ve been royally and completely screwed.

I strongly suggest that EVERY American citizen that reads this, take the time to read, understand and digest the Federalist Papers. It’s the foundation of our most treasured documents. In total, the Federalist Papers consist of 85 essays outlining how this new government would operate and why this type of government was the best choice for the United States of America. All of the essays were signed "PUBLIUS" and the actual authors of some are under dispute, but the general consensus is that Alexander Hamilton wrote 52, James Madison wrote 28, and John Jay contributed the remaining five. You can download and or read the Federalist Papers at:

Once you have armed yourself with this knowledge, I suggest you review and understand the United States Constitution:, the Bill of Rights, the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States and THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

Now that you have completed the reading part, you’ll better understand that the American people are in fact, the power of authority in this country, not the Federal government, elected officials or non elected bureaucrats.

Where you hear lies, misstatements or pure political rhetoric, be it from a government employee, agency, court, media outlet or special interest group, you MUST respond. Your voice MUST be heard.

Never allow your vote to be cast, for those that attempt to deceive you or the American public. Don’t be taken for granted by ANY party, group or agency.

Learn to stand up, fight back… against government, politicians, crooked lawyers, doctors, corporate commissioners, power, water or telecommunication utility commissions. The same stands true of banks, environmental nut jobs, abusive police and abusive corporations.

Stand up and understand that until we get government out of healthcare and pass REAL tort reform, medical costs will continue to soar. Have faith in the power of the consumer, for it’s the only way medical costs will be reduced. In America. In America a drug company has every right to charge $1,000.00 for one pill. Government doesn’t give a damn because they did not have to earn the money and they know they can always raise your tax and or print more money.. as they do now. But how many Americans would voluntarily pay such a fee for one pill? Not many, if at all. So the drug company is left with ONLY two choices, reduce the price or go bankrupt. That’s why the power of the consumer will always trump the insanity of government. Stand up and demand that Obamacare be defunded and trashed.

Stand up and demand that our government defund and retire from the UN.

Stand up and demand that we drill here and now! America should invest in America, not terrorism.

Stand up and demand that corn be returned to the dinner table and not used as a expensive, harmful fuel additive, when trash grasses, wood pulp and or other options, not reducing our food source, can be implemented.

Stand up and demand the rejection of the NEA in our school systems. Pay quality wages to quality educators and fire the rest. Higher learning centers in this nation receive tens of billions of dollars from our taxes, more money from federal and state grants and even more money from college sports, yet like the federal government, they can spend more than we the people can pay. For what? To turn out leftist idiots that have zero skills? If only 40% of high school grads are academically inclined, why do we almost exclusively fund academic colleges? How is it, with the billions spent on college educations, that graduates make up the majority of students in trade schools? It seems to me that we still need skilled construction workers, mechanics, welders, etc…. and that we need far more trade high schools and trade colleges that have instructors from the trades themselves. I also happen to believe that we need to stand up and demand that all “teachers” spend not less than 5 years after graduation, working in the private sector, before they enter any classroom as a teacher. Right now we have teachers that have NEVER left a classroom. No wonder “wisdom” is in such short supply for our kids. We owe this nation to stand up and finally demand value for our educational investment. If you are unclear as to the problem, educate yourself by reviewing what classes are available at your local college or university. You’ll be shocked. Finally, I believe every American should demand a full financial accounting of an and all educational facilities.

Take a stand against criminal illegals and the free tax money give-a-way they receive for their illegal entry into this country. Stand up against politicians that seek to empower, to give unearned rights, while turning a bind eye to the associated costs of criminal illegals, just for the lust for power and votes for the corruptible politician. Stand up against sanctuary cities and open borders.

Stand up for the religious right of marriage between a man and a woman. Marriage is NOT a political right, thus if gays want to get hitched, they must settle for something less than marriage, period.

Stand up against government agencies. Do you have any idea how many federal agencies are charged with watching trees grow? If you guessed 25, you’d be right. Now I don’t know where you may live, but the last time I checked, if you plant a tree, if it has sunlight and water.. It’ll grow all by it’s self.. No babysitter needed. So stand up against redundant government agencies. I believe one agency per issue is enough.

Stand up and demand that government be run like a business. When the economy goes flat, you should expect as many layoffs from government, as you see from the private sector. Osama’s “shared pain” ain’t workin for me.

Stand up a demand that bills passed can NOT become law, funded or taxes imposed, before the state or federal Supreme Court rules on it’s Constitutionality.

Stand up and support “term limits” for members of the House of Representatives and Senate.

Stand up a demand that the “people” have the right and responsibility to approve ANY pay increase, COLA or other benefit to member of Congress and the administration.

Stand up and support the automatic stripping of all rights, privileges, pensions, benefits, of any person employed by any federal agency, state agency or any congressional member or state legislative member, found to have committed any crime, inclusive of, but limited to fraud, racketeering, tax evasion, immoral behavior, inciting racist unrest, and breach of oath.. In addition, any breach of trust by any city, county, state or federal employee, should merit real jail time in the general prison population.

Stand up and demand that every state of the union , have the right to be a “right to work” state, without redress by the federal government.

Stand up and demand that travel costs of the President’s family and travel costs of Congress, must be paid by the person or by his/her state, incurring the cost of such travel. Also demand that the President be limited to a travel budget for state business and not more than 6 vacation trips domestically per year. Vacation trips exceeding 6, must be paid for by the President and not the taxpayer. Trips by the President which include ANY campaigning, would require repayment to the government by the President and or his political party, not from the Taxpayers.

Stand up and demand that each voter must be vetted, 10 days prior to any election and proof (current picture ID) must be presented prior to voting. Ballots not properly filled out can not be counted (remember Florida?). Military ballots must be sent out 45 days in advance of any general election and any failure to have the ballots delivered to the military should include a fine and or jail for those that fail to make the date, and no final election results can be validated until all military ballots have been counted.

Stand up and demand that all candidates for ANY elected office be fully vetted, 90 days before any election. Any falsification, omission of record must disqualify such candidate and be removed from the ballot. Fines and jail time for offenders should be mandated.

Stand up and demand a “Balanced Budget” amendment. If your family and American business must stay within a budget, so can government.

Stand up and demand that city, county, state and federal employment contracts, reveal the totality of the associated costs inherent within such contracts, be exposed in FULL to the public, as well as a full fiscal review of such costs over the lifetime of the future debt of the contract, prior to any final approval of the public. Perhaps we wouldn’t have a $5.2 billion dollar shortfall for Postal pensions again.

Stand up and demand that government shall not, under any circumstances, bail any private or government agency out of debt or bankruptcy.

Stand up and demand the end of never ending handouts to new technologies that can not be cost efficient and self sustaining within 5 years.

And finally…. Stand up and demand that government , its agencies and employees discontinue their efforts to divide the American people by race, religion, station, age, gender, wealth or other acts to create class warfare. It’s not their right or place to do so.

Those are some of my solutions and I hope I got you to think. Even if you don’t agree with my solutions, if I started you to think, this message is worth my effort.

If you agree with the majority of my solutions, please send this to your email list. If you don’t agree, simply delete it.

I’ve asked you to take a stand.. To ‘Stand Up” for America. Now will you join me in an oath? Like so many of you, I’ve already taken an oath, but this one makes our oaths that much more clear. If so, just add your name and state.

Thank You

May God Bless the United States of America and forgive us our personal and national sins.

I, by my affixed signature hereon, do solemnly swear and affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and full allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties and responsibilities of a citizen of the United States: So help me God.

1. Dennis R. Humbird - Oregon


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