Constitutional Emergency

I have been pondering things for some time now and I have finally gotten an answer from the universal consciousness to my on going question of, "What's it all about".

I'm not a good story teller so I will just let my thoughts spew out from my fingers into this keyboard and see what happens. It may be an interesting read for some and others might think I need to have the men in white coats come and visit me. I wish I was a Hunter Thompson, Lewis Grizzard, Ron Hudspeth...but those days are gone..

I can remember just a mere 5 years ago when I would sit out on the back porch with my girlfriend, and a glass of refreshment, and we would talk about the wonderful days to come and all the ventures we could experience. Well, with all that is happening in the world right now, those days are gone. Not to mention the fact that it pissed of my fiancee and wife!!!

Does anyone besides me, ever just step back and say, "WOW!! What is going on in this world"? I mean, we are one screwed up species. We have a group of people that are hellbent on destroying this earth that we live on, they want to control not only your body, but the very thoughts that you think, and they hoodwink the population so well that we think THEY are doing us a FAVOR!!!!

We have undeniable proof that the tax system is a fraud ( and we KNOW for a fact that they are lying to us about the federal and state budgets ( and we just keep feeding the very hand that is squashing us down. It's insanity.

What came to me last night was like a genie in a bottle and it said, "DO you understand that there is no one in particular to blame for the mess that you, as a nation, are in?. There is no Illuminati to blame, the Kennedys are just a bunch of goobers, the Bush Family has a lineage that goes back 500 years and their dna actually matches the Bin Laden family. This thing, that we all call, GOVERNMENT, is a self perpetuating entity that is (a) controlled by no one. (b) serves no one . (c) cannot be stopped until it is killed, like a bad case of weeds in a garden.(d) has people in it that can't hold a regular job and be self sufficient. (e) is only interested in its' own POWER over the masses.
(f) will do everything in its' power to stay alive..........

Then, I woke up and poured another glass of Pinot Grigio.. and "POOF".. like magic, the genie disappeared.

As I woke up this morning with a headache, similar to a gunshot to the cranial cavity, I still had this voice in my head saying," Something is wrong with this picture and you need to look at the forest instead of just one tree".
Obama is a diversion. The Saudi region wars are a diversion. The tv is a diversion. They are all intended to make you look the other way, just as a good magician does.

I turned off my tv 2 years ago and I know more now than I ever did. Make a bet with your neighbor or a family member for $100 and challenge them to turn off their tv for 30 days. You will make a quik $100 cause hardly anyone can do it. If it costs you a Kennedy (isn't that who's on a hundred dollar bill?) what the heck. You have educated someone and gotten them out of the MSM.....Pat yourself on the back....No one else will do it!!!!

Let's try a little demonstration...Call your congressman right now and ask them just exactly what is in the stimulus package...I mean, hell, it's their job to know, isn't it. Isn't that what the tax dollars pay them for? To read the documents set before them? They are nothing more than a factory worker screwing bolts into the frame of a car. It's their JOB that WE (you) pay them for. If YOU were at your job and said, "I don't really have the time to look at that report and I have to go play golf, so I can't fill out that TPS report"..WOULDN"T YOU BE FIRED?

I see a tsunami of dissent coming over this country and it will erupt in a civil war that will make Mt. St. Helens look like a birthday candle. Most people are not prepared for what is coming. The abundance of money will do you no good, your STATUS will not help you in any way and the very fabric of your lifestyle will change beyond recognition...Are YOU ready for the CHANGE that was the logo of this new administration?

There is a very simple solution to all this mess we are in. Someone needs to stand up and tell the truth and they need to be capable of not being intimidated by their demise. We all know good and well that anyone that stands up and 'pulls the rabbit out of the hat', is gonna be taken down. It happened to JFK and the PTB will not stand for it. Someone taking away their power and profit is detrimental to the plan. We need someone that isn't afraid to lose what they have and is not in it for power or money. We need someone that doesn't have so many skeletons in the closet that they cannot stand intimate scrutiny. We need someone that is ready to say, "STOP!!! In the name of TRUTH, STOP!!!

I hereby apply for the job.


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Comment by Ozark_sky on February 28, 2009 at 7:36pm
I hereby HIRE YOU!!!! Great Post Rusty!! Thanks for sharing. Very and witty!! Drink more can really write!! *smile*


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