Condition – train - punish and transform us into a Communist style Regime There is nothing secure for America while Obama is in office By Dr. Laurie Roth Thursday, November 25, 2010 Obama and his se…

Condition – train - punish and transform us into a Communist style Regime

There is nothing secure for America while Obama is in office

By Dr. Laurie Roth Thursday, November 25, 2010

Obama and his sea of anti Constitutional advisers are using numerous bills, conditions and events to do 4 things to Americans – Condition –
train - punish and transform us into a Communist style Regime. We are

How do they do it?

They have to test us

How will the people respond to chaos, false accusations and insults while we watch the shredding of our constitution freedom?

We have seen the egregious assault and sell out orgy regarding the crammed Health Care bill against health and the American people. The
lies, taxes and constitutional betrayals are too many to count. It is a
full frontal assault against our rights to have choices in Health care,
have insurance or not have insurance. This bill is filled with
threats, fines, taxes, rationed controls and Government
manipulation. It is not American at all but an Obama test and

As I have looked deeper into the vat of horror and insults in the Health Bill, I see a theme, reflecting the philosophy of Obama and his
sold out minions. He has written about and spoken on his agenda to
transform and change America over his radical and ‘volunteering’

We know Obama is a fan of and was even taught from radical, Saul Alynsky’s book, Rules for Radicals and studied radicals like Clyde and
Piven (should be Cloward and Piven) and his own ‘redistribution of wealth’ Father from Kenya. His
belief system is vividly clear by now. It is evident he represents a
bold challenge and assault to America. This is not another Democratic
shift to the left but a dangerous, world view clash with America.

With the Health care bill Obama has been testing us to see how we would respond to extreme chaos, out of control costs, taxes, threats
and fines. Would we take it or would we fight it and how would we fight
it? Over 20 plus law suits from States later, the fight is on.

Obama is testing then hopefully training us, (while always punishing us), to slowly boil in water like the frog, and eventually take it.
He sees us screaming and yelling but has planned all along to go to such
an extreme with the intention of appearing like the problem solving
savior and backing up a bit eventually. Obama and the progressive goal
all along has been to dramatically push our Health care system into the
toilet and back up 20-30% after all the law suits and insurance coverage

Dr. Elaina George said on my radio show that all along Obama has intended for the Health care bill and system to fail by introducing such
chaos and expense to Health care. This would finally get the
American people to submit and come begging to the Government for its
version of Health care.

Frank Salvato, editor of also stated on my show just this week that Obama has always intended
with a variety of issues to go too far to test and train the American
people to take it, while expecting to back peddle a small percentage,
making the American people feel like they have won. Really he will have
won since moving us 50-75% in the direction of total control was his
goal all along, not 100%

What about the TSA and groping nightmare?

Our 4th amendment rights against Government search and seizure are totally being violated with the ‘theatre of the absurd’ TSA security
procedures in Airports across the country. It is a known fact by now
that the nudie security machines are radiation risks to all who walk
through, especially pregnant women. Oh well, since abortion is so
protected and loved by this administration, a few mutated babies here
and there shouldn’t matter. The Mom’s can always abort them. In
addition, we also know they don’t discard all the nude images of our
bodies as they say. Some TSA workers have been caught making fun of
body parts already. The workers are groping between your underpants,
genitals and even requesting to have Prosthetic breasts taken out.
Naturally, some of the photos, especially of big breasts, small
penises, and recognized travelers will eventually end up on U Tube or
somewhere else on the Internet.

Law suits are flying, airports are starting already to opt out, per the advice of Rep. John Mica of Florida who has contacted over 150
airports telling them of the 2001 law he helped write which allows them
to do their own private security and opt out of TSA.

Obama has had a sea of advisers say that there is no other way to create enough security at Airports other than nudie scanner machines and
extreme pat downs. That position is incompetent, a bold faced lie and
increases the danger to the American people as they fly. The real
security that would not violate our 4th amendment rights and actually
protect us from radical Muslims would be El Al like profiling and
questioning, along with metal dictators and further security, only as
needed with suspicious individuals.

Since Obama is a total kiss up to Islam that won’t happen and Muslims will continue to have special treatment while we are violated, waiting
in longer lines and risking Islamic terrorists actually getting on
planes. I hardly believed my ears the last few days when I heard CAIR
and Napolitano exploring the idea now of Islamic women wearing the
traditional Hijab garb, actually searching themselves and reporting to
the TSA official if there was anything foreign or dangerous lurking
within their robe.

For Napolitano or CAIR to even be talking about a Muslim searching themselves is a bold and vivid invitation for female Muslim terrorists
to suddenly wear the hijab and magically avoid finding bombs strapped to
their privates.

You can’t make this stuff up in a B horror movie.

It has never been one issue at a time with Obama. It is a shot gun type assault on America with the intention every time, regarding
travel, Health care, Environmental manipulation/cap and trade,
financial stimulus bills, taxation, kiss up to Islam, Airport
security extremes and other national security failures. Obama has only 4

What must America do until Obama and the rest of the dangerous progressives are thrown out?

Be angry and be grumpy but do something.

We are at a stage with Health care and now this TSA nightmare where we can’t back down. Call your local and regional airport and tell them
to opt out and follow Rep. Mica’s proper suggestion, or else you and
everyone you know won’t be traveling with them. You can choose other
transportation until this is straightened out. We all must stand and not
back up for Obama’s training and conditioning plan. He and Napolitano
are already talking about the Nudie scanners being used for metro travel
and trains. Doug Hagmann
called it on my radio show weeks ago and said this horror of security
will soon be everywhere, including schools and malls. Take your stand
and don’t back down at all on this one!

Elections will be coming up again in the next few years.

Organize behind conservatives state and federal who will go against Obama in 2012. We need the voter turn out of the century because as you
know the left will lie, cheat and steal whatever elections they can.
The conservatives need everyone to vote!

Protest on all attack fronts by being in regular touch with your Mayor, Governor, Representative and Senator. Keep them on track.

The new congress will start to clean this all up, but they can’t do it without a lively, angry and focused American people the next few
years. Obama will continue to play with executive orders, his czars
from hell and treaties.

Expect in the days and months ahead, Obama will submit to some reinstated tax cuts, some compromise with health care and some
compromise with TSA. Remember, where he plans and wants to compromise
to will be his intended plan all along.

Hope for America

Obama did not count on the Tea Party movement turning into a well funded, angry bunch of Americans, 100 million-plus strong. We all gave
him a gift at the Mid terms. His Communist training plans have been a
little thwarted. Let us turn his thwarted and stalled plans into
flattened pavement. We will.


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Comment by James Higginbotham on November 26, 2010 at 1:07am
folks it's coming down to the nitty gritty time, that Muslim SOB is not going to be satisfied until were at WAR.
he and his bunch of fellow TERRORIST AND TRAITORS must be brought DOWN it's that simple.
there is NOTHING in the Constitution that even comes CLOSE that gives them AUTHORITY TO DO WHAT'S HAPPENING TO OUR NATION AND WE THE PEOPLE.

Semper Fi.
Comment by Steven G. Elliott on November 26, 2010 at 1:11am
I agree with James.
Semper Fi
Comment by Joyce Rosenwald on November 26, 2010 at 2:02am
Sounds to me it's time for a little civil disobedience that won't get us in too much trouble. I cannot figure the American people out. I thought they were going to have an "Opt Out" day at the airports. They did nothing. Is it time for "Shame on us?" I think we appear apathetic......Just keep shopping!
Comment by Sandra Lee Smith on November 26, 2010 at 3:11am
Much as I hate to see it coming to this, I have to agree with Jim and Steve; we are getting pretty close to that point at which words no longer serve a purpose and it's time to reach for the heavier weapons.
Comment by Larry Porter on November 26, 2010 at 5:15am
Elections are coming again in two years???? These people have learned nothing. All the hoopla over winning 11% of Congress (and half of that was just a recoil of the incumbent party and had nothing to do with any grassroots), one can believe, is almost written in the Communist Manifesto. "Make them believe they won!" 80% of the people agree with the groping in the name of "security". The people have spoken and they want exactly what we are getting. Read Molon Labe. That is the only answer left for people who love freedom.
When the people give up freedom for security, they get neither. - Ben Framklin
Comment by Christine Ulferts on November 26, 2010 at 5:16am
I've said this all along. He is trying to see how much the American people will stand for. He is trying to turn us into slaves. When i hear people say, "tsa" well if it keeps us safe, then I'm all for it!" I want to scream! He is putting more controls on us every day and spitting on the constitution and tearing it bit by bit into shreds! Wake the hell up sheeple! Most of us on this site are aware of what the regime is trying to acomplish but the leeches who care only about what they can get for free off the backs of the American taxpayer are with this muslim communist destroyer 100%. On the other hand, he wants, "the communists" want us to rise up and start a civil war. This we must not do unless the military is with us, then only as a last resort. We need the republicans that are in office now to stop all bills that the lame duck congress is trying to pass. They need to hear from us now more than ever! They should be sending up a realpeal bill on the deathcare bill every day and make the dumocrats defend it! I don't want any compromise at all! Idiots like Lindsay graham, John McAmnesty, and the like have got to go! All the bills that were passed by the democrats have got to be repealed. SS needs to be put in a lockbox and taken away from all who never paid a dime into it! This means illegals and all who come into this country illegally! When the haitian boat people came here and were held before being returned, they were getting SS money while they were locked up! This was done under Carter's reign of power. Power to the epa must be taken away, period! All foreign aid must be stopped, it is money we don't have and are printing! Once this country is back on track, then we can consider resuming it, but not until. I am tired of these communists in power destroying our great republic!
Comment by Roy D. Humphries Sr. on November 26, 2010 at 5:36am
You must use the State to fight the Federal Government and force changes. The States must be forced to stand up for State Rights and force it's self from feeding off the Federal Government. As long as the Government controls the State purse strings, it will control all the people with the atttude of "Do it my way or else". THINK!!!!! There is no way in hell to "Take the Government back" until you take the State back first.

There is no way to take the Government back through massive "people complaints" with out spilling lots of blood. I, like most people, don't mind taking a gun and fighting an out of control Government and dieing in the process, "BUT" all avenues must be tried first. The normal citizen can't really fight the Federal Government, but the State can. When you send faxes and emails to your and other elected officials in the Federal Government telling them to stop something, you are only addressing one out of 500 voting on something. Send the faxes and emails, but also send one to your State Elected Officials telling them that you expect the State to stand up with you or you will remember it next election.

The problems that most of the American Peoples have with the Federal Government are and have been created by the total loss of State Rights and the elected officials of that State not standing up and forcing the Federal Government to respect those rights. You can overthrow the Federal Government and take control, but you have accomplished nothing till you have taken back the State first. The State does have the power to force the Federal Government to follow the Constitution, but only when they are forced to stand up and do it by the people of that State.

The State should not be recieving "welfare" from the Federal Government as the case is now. The State should be providing the Federal Government it's "operating expense" on a yearly budget, set by the population of said State. This way the People's Republic controls the State and the State controls the Federal Government. You have now returned to the Constitution as outlined by the Fore Fathers and the way the Republic was set up to operate by them. Common Sense.... You can't fire a President, but you can fire a Govenor and keep in mind that 50 Govenors can damn sure fire a President and I'm talking about "On The Spot". You as a citizen can not demand that a Federally Ekected Official be fired and tried by a court (ie: Rangel, Dodd, and Barney), but 50 Governors can.!!!!!

Common Sense: It is 49 times easier to to take back control of a State and force it to stop the spending and corruption and force it stand up for the State's Rights and then make the State clean up the Federal Government's spending and corruption and demand jail trems for those that deserve it. All 50 Govrnors can demand that the Federal Reserve Bank be closed and solve about 85% of the problems that the United States now has almost overnight.... Again, Common Sense: Have a problem - Follow the money.......
Comment by Chaplain Thomas Gilbert Cole on November 26, 2010 at 10:04am
Comment by Roy D. Humphries Sr. on November 26, 2010 at 10:24am
@Tom Rankin
I agree with your solution with ending the tyranny. You are also correct about the International Banking Cartel and the New World Order.

Where I differ is the way Ron Paul wants to stop it. There should be no competition by any private businesses to see who will print the currency. The Constitution says the U.S. Treasury should print it and control it all at "INTREST" free. All of the Federal Income Taxes paid in the United States are presently used to pay the intrest rate of the money that our Federal Government has borrowed from the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank, that the Federal Government NEVER had to BORROW in the first place.... Common Sense: Why would any Government allow a Private Bank to be the Bookeeper for all their money that won't even tell them how much they are spending or where they spent it.... Easy.... Follow the money!!!!! CLOSE THE FED.BANK!!!!!
Comment by Paul Powell on November 26, 2010 at 1:13pm
Dumbama has signed our rights away by going through the united nations to do it he has signed away our sovereignty. Why, because he is so hateful of this countries constitution and all that it stands for that's is why he is spending so much money so that he can break the back of this land of ours. Remember he is a maslam you know a rag head or a towel head which ever you want to call him he wants to wipe this country off the map. The health care bill that he shoved up our collective butts was done that he can kill off as many as possible( in another words a legal form of MURDER). How many people want to be made into lamp shades or soap NOT ME. This farce of a president if that's what you want to call him is going to eliminate every thing that this country stands for when he is finished we will be at the mercy of every other nation on the planet we are going to be invaded and this prez. will do nothing about it. Remember Nero fiddled while Roman burned, well Dumbama fiddled while America Burns. He has already signed away almost all our rights to the un what's going to be next?


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