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FTZ's = Foreign Trade Zones, NOT Free Trade Zones

Few people are aware that we have thousands of acres of land within OUR borders that are Communist Chinese Sovereign. The earliest reference I can find to this is an article posted 01/18/11. However, at the time of that writing, there had already been one of these Foreign Trade Zones nearing completion in Northern Idaho. In fact, if not for some astute Idaho residents, the "little Communist Chinese cities" might still be hiding in plain sight. This particular zone is 40,000 acres, near the Canadian border.

When I first learned of these Foreign Trade Zones, I contacted one of my Congressman for more information. The news I received was extremely troubling. This person either knew nothing about these areas at all, or was outright lying. He tried to convince me that I had misunderstood. That the areas were being established as "Free" Trade Zones. The question re: Sovereignty went unanswered.

What appears to have occurred is our federal government has contracted with all 50 states + Puerto Rico to establish 157 of these Zones threaded throughout our country. They are, indeed, Communist Chinese Sovereign, & off limits to American citizens. Built up around individual manufacturing plants, the areas include residential areas for the Chinese workers, as well as stores, schools, & their own law enforcement. Whether this includes the Chinese Red Army, I don't know.

I printed out a list of all 157 Zones, which are listed A-Z in the article, according to state. It required 40 sheets of printer paper! In WA state, where I am a resident, there are 13 of them in the state. Each has been laid out with specific coordinates, & each Governor is aware of them. The stated purpose of the "cities" is to lower shipping costs from China to the U.S. The interesting thing, to me, is that Americans are still required to pay taxes on all products manufactured in a type of reverse tariff system. When you look at the list for your state, you might want to notice the proximity to deep water ports, & to military bases. As I think back to the land grabs by the federal gov't, esp near our borders, I wonder if the reasons given ~ to preserve wildlife & land ~ & wonder if this was simply one more lie, in a long list of them, to pacify the public... And, as I said above, to hide these maneuvers "in plain sight."

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