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Global Warming Theory Not New, But Simple Reborn Malthusianism

Global Warming Theory Not New, But Simple Reborn Malthusianism

By Kelly O'Connell Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The recently uncovered British hoax regarding Global Warming should shock no one. This theory’s source was never analytic science, but modern politics fused to old superstitions. Further, there is now a societal preset belief assuming warnings of such dramatic natural disasters are inevitable. The origin of belief in earth’s imminent destruction comes from 18th century economist Thomas Malthus.

To summarize, the Global Warming myth has all the parts of a true fairytale: an evil enemy: capitalism; a hero: savior scientists; and potential ruin for readers who don’t heed the story’s moral: Decrease selfish carbon-belching commerce to save mother earth, or we are all doomed.
Thomas Malthus- radical measures to reduce populations

Malthus wrote in “Essay on the Principle of Population,” that unless 18th century birth rates fell, earth’s population was destined to starve, as too many people sought increasingly scarce stocks of food. He called for radical measures to reduce populations to keep the rest of humans alive from the coming global famine. Such a call to radicalism is seen in the title of his 11th chapter, “Conjecture Concerning the Future Extinction of the Passions Between the Sexes.” Yet, as time passed, instead of starvation, food production technology improved so that as the population increased, hunger decreased.

Still, Malthus became a highly influential thinker. His ideas were simple and clear, promising an inevitable outcome and an extremely scary conclusion. Even as Malthus’ ideas were scientifically disproved, his romantic apocalyptic notions were preserved. His basic outline, offered a coming cataclysm threatening earth, where mankind must heroically battle all alone, against great odds to survive, became an essential humanist fable. To this day, Malthusian arguments are put-forward to justify all kinds of dangerous, population-curbing public policies, in the name of “saving the planet.”
Charles Darwin- eugenics and the culling of inferior human stock

Malthus’ theories profoundly influenced the young Charles Darwin. He wrote that his inspiration for The Origin of Species was “the doctrine of Malthus, applied to the whole animal and vegetable kingdoms.” That Darwin’s ideas later were used by scientists to justify eugenics and the culling of inferior human stock, cannot be surprising. Other prominent social liberal thinkers influenced by Malthus included Karl Marx, who used it to argue the forced collectivization of all property, including food, in the name of saving the race.

And so Malthus’ doctrine of a perpetually overpopulated earth became an essential belief of humanism. These ideas were eventually even introduced into elementary educational curriculum. Such school games as the “Lifeboat” became human survival training. Here youngsters were encouraged to ponder saving a crowded mid-ocean lifeboat, with diminishing food and water. This forced children to play God by deciding which person should be pushed overboard to save the rest. Of course, the first to go were the old, young, sick, retarded, deformed, etc. The logic of such thinking creates the entire philosophy for international “Family Planning,” ie abortion, sterilizations, eugenics and euthanasia. China’s “One Child Policy,” (and the resultant hundreds of millions of aborted babies) is a direct result of Malthus’ theories.
Global Warming movement resembles ancient paganism

The Global Warming myth is just one of many human-caused doomsday scenarios. Consider some of the other apocalyptic scenes derived from the sins of humanity: Peak oil; holes in the ozone; scarcity of natural commodities; acid rain; over-urbanization; atom smashers; biological warfare; nuclear power leaks and nuclear winter; loss of seed and animal diversity; global freeze; nuclear war and radioactive contamination; loss of farmland; Y2K; famine; water pollution; deforestation; scientifically gene-spliced mutations; loss of topsoil; polluted oceans; hormone poisoning; etc. While any of these problems presents trouble, they have all been offered as inevitable death-of-mankind theories.

In some basic sense, the Global Warming movement resembles ancient paganism in that it presents a universe of great uncertainty and danger. The essential theory of ancient classical religion was the notion that mankind was caught in a volatile world under the oversight of capricious, and mysterious gods. For example, in ancient Rome the foundational public policy was Pax Deorum, ie the Peace of the Gods. At all costs, peace was to be maintained with the pantheon of gods, or it was feared – all hell would break loose. All the religious displays and holy acts were meant to address this problem. Humans were on notice that any natural catastrophe, such as lightning hitting the Temple of Zeus, was a sign the gods were upset. And it was only a human response that could answer such a frightening development. Therefore, some rite or sacrifice was always necessary to appease the god’s fickle anger.

Moving to the modern world, Global Warming is presented as a cosmic morality play where mankind has taken advantage of paradise by wasting much of what was given us for selfish gains. Now, we must repent of our corporate sins by using less energy and resources so the globe can come back into order and harmony be reestablished. This work is a fundamentally atheistic undertaking where the human race, by our own guile and strategy, diagnose and cure the earth’s ills before Nature is forced to deliver the coup de grace, and cook us to a crisp.

Note how this pagan model inverts the Judeo-Christian world-view, in how it rejects the biblical Dominion Mandate of mankind of being called to be fruitful and multiply, in Genesis 1:28. In fact, this humanistic doctrine asserts that if people followed Yahweh’s commands in Genesis, earth and mankind will be not be established as promised, but destroyed.
Karl Marx - capitalism must be eliminated

On another level, one cannot avoid how this world-view also represents Karl Marx’s beliefs in its critique of capitalism and unsympathetic portrayal of selfish consumerism. Coincidentally, the outcome of the “Carbon Credits” game is also socialistic. When wealthy countries are forced to buy from the poorer their Carbon Credits in the Cap and Trade legislation, what results is fundamentally a global socialist wealth redistribution scheme. Marxism claims capitalism must be eliminated before humanity can be freed to form a communist utopia. And, like Global Warming, Marxism sees an inherent danger and evil in all capitalistic ventures. Also, capitalism breaks the body and soul of mankind, whereas Global Warming similarly destroys the earth, endangering all future generations.

As Marxist liberals often work in academia, the Arts, the mainstream media and publishing, these false, yet deeply felt beliefs are now bred in the bone in countless Western youth. This false world-view presents an ever present plague, ready to leap back to life, despite being heroically beaten back before. This is because these notions fulfill a felt sense of cosmic truth that is almost impossible to refute as it lies beyond logic in the realm of faith. So, every single act of Malthusian propaganda is accepted as a result of confirmation bias.
Conclusion- What motivates Malthusian social liberals in their zany pseudo-scientific endeavors

What difference does it make if Malthus’ ideas are accepted? Isn’t the earth overpopulated anyway; and won’t following these concepts simply help us survive? In a word, no. Any public policy based upon half-truths and lies is dangerous, since it missuses irreplaceable resources. For example, Obama promised to bankrupt the coal industry, which produces half of America’s electrical power. Ergo, would this not be unacceptable if Global Warming is false? Consider that a certain percent of the world’s population starves with each penny in cost fuel rises, as many still live on the edge of starvation. Fuel costs must increase if coal is replaced by another fuel source. Therefore, if coal is replaced by other fuels, many innocents will die, globally. But, conversely, imagine if the US Government allowed oil exploration and drilling anywhere in America?!! We might easily discover energy finds that dwarf all the rest of US supplies, combined. This would also help all the poor around the world, indirectly.

Beyond Global Warming, Westerners must ponder the larger picture of what motivates Malthusian social liberals in their zany pseudo-scientific endeavors. America is faced with a large body of humanists whom are permanently nervous about their security, like the adherents of the aforementioned long-lost classical religion. Since this group is dislocated from reality, we must stay vigilant and oppose every tentacle of this dislocated modernized paganism. The very fate of the human race may well depend upon brave traditionalists keeping their wits and pushing back against confused and highly-agitated progressives trying to commandeer the controls of government to “save” the planet.

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