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There are so many groups that need to get connected together. Duplicating efforts waste time, energy, loses political power, discourages members, duplicate leadership and cost, etc. Power is in numbers that can divide into specific sub groups for specific tasks to achieve results. I am concerned that the Tea Party day may have been a one time success due to all the groups trying to achieve something on their own. WE the PEOPLE need to concentrate on getting leading figures like Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others to help pull all the big name groups such as AFA, American Center for Law & Justice, American Congress for Truth, American Solutions, Freedom Works, GOP, Judicial Watch, etc. That is just an nth example of all the hundreds of groups that are doing things on their own. Again STRENGTH is in numbers. Is there a group that is calling for a meeting of the minds for a national umbrella (pyramid type) organization???? I am also concerned that some groups ask for money and wonder is that their main goal - money??? When I try to contact some groups through writing or emails I do not get an answer and some groups do not have a way to contact them other then letting you make a comment which tells me nothing. Let me make it clear I am NOT talking about any group on the Resist net work but Resist itself does seek funds. How many sub groups are in the Resist network??? I find it difficult to determine which ones are achieving results other than getting members and passing on information. I also find it difficult to make a connection to someone who sends a link that does not work or if I go to the link there is no message by the person who sent the link. I know I am not computer illiterate as I had a career in computers from almost the first born computer and am still current regarding computers. I have tried to start a forum on the topic of an umbrella group but when I click on the forum tab I do not get a text box. Think of all the money that is spent on printing stickers, signs, T-shirts, hats, etc wouldn't be better spent to concentrate efforts on getting organized for the 2010 elections???? I do NOT want to belong to a lot of individual groups that are basically doing the same thing.

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Comment by Thomas Adair on April 29, 2009 at 3:51pm
I totally agree and I have said as much several times on this very site. While noble in gesture, the end result is failure if we don't unite all the groups and act as one, on a specific date IN washington D.C.

I must admit I am already frustrated with the whole thing. Tax day was an easy anthem and an easy call to make, but we have splintered off into fragments that do not make a noticable presence.

In my opinion, all groups must be pulled together by someone like Glenn Beck and set a date to descend on Washington D.C.when Congress is IN SESSION. We have to remind our so-called representatves that they work for WE THE PEOPLE, but they are not going to get the picture if we aren't in their faces telling them like it is.

We got their attention, it is up to us to keep it.

Stepping off my soap box now..........
Comment by Helen Hermes on April 29, 2009 at 4:21pm
I will continue to try and pull the threads together or at least get others to help. I have contacted some of the big names even Steve Elliott on other matters and have not received answers back. It seems everyone has an egos wants to lead but not follow. I can lead, follow or get out of the way. I do not give up easy so I will keep on the path to preserving our Constitution. All I can say the Constitution and our freedoms are worth staying with it. I am in it for the long haul.
Comment by Helen Hermes on April 29, 2009 at 4:24pm
If we are an organization resisting obozo and his band of thieves and thugs, what is a link doing on this site for obozo inauguration 2009 junk doing on this site??? If this is not gall what is????
Comment by Helen Hermes on April 30, 2009 at 6:02pm
I am not saying to eliminate a site. I am saying we need to organized so time, money, effort is not waste on reinventing the wheel. Working on a computer project you identify the end goal and then break it down to sub goals with each sub goal being a different part of the main goal. In other words take accounts receivables a there is the inventory that is affected, the incoming order, the filling of the order (shipping) and the delivery receipt, billing and receiving the payment. Now each sub goal handles one specific procedure within the main goal and no sub goal is duplicated in the process. There is so much to do in organizing the grassroots level up. It starts with the voters list, then the address list from the post office, then the comparison to make sure all voters are citizen and do legally live at the address, there are the poll sitters, there is the need for mailing, calling, holding town halls with local politicians, advertisement, meetings, reporting, getting donations, getting supplies, educating people about the history of our country,etc. These are just a few of the vast functions that have to be preformed to win the heart and minds of people who desperately have need for the truth. Truth and respect are companions. Without one the other is lost. I am not down cast nor will I be even if I am the lone person out. I have plans on writing calling and nagging if I have to get some top names to listen to us the grassroots of WE the PEOPLE. I hear a movement going on but the top people have to know that the grassroots are reved up and are ready to roll!!! I hang in there the embers are glowing.


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