Constitutional Emergency

A thought I have been pondering (sobering). Has (is) the SCOTUS become complicit in a push toward full blown insurrection? I will have more on my thoughts shortly. However, I wanted to hear what others might be thinking?

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Comment by Wm. Dwain Cleveland on January 31, 2009 at 8:17am
At the point that SCOTUS agreed to a "private conference" with Barry Soetero / B H Obama, just prior to his coronation, SCOTUS abdicated any claim to the Judicial positions they hold. Soetero / Obam is the principal in numerous, on-going & pending, lawsuits before SCOTUS. How can the American people trust SCOTUS to act in the best interest of Justice when they are busy worshipping at the feet of "The One"; or at the least giving that appearance.

Soetero / Obama holds the penultimate position of Political power in this nation and to all appearances he can exact "command perforance appearances" from the individuals that are supposed to be the final arbiters of Justice in America. As POTUS, Soetero / Obama holds a power few men in History have been priveleged to hold; as does SCOTUS. If they can not between them be expected to act within the constraints of our legal system - America is truly in a dire predicament. Giving the blatant, public appearance of conspiracy to benefit Soetero / Obama was either an indication of outrageous hubris or the indication of their belief that they need fear nothing and no one in the pursuit of their goals.
If you or I managed to become the center of an ongoing Supreme Court case - how likely would we be, by happenstance or arrangement, to be able to have a "private conference" with SCOTUS. Only the priveleged and the powerfull are provided such access and in this case their arrogance and hubris was so over-powering that they did not even shroud the meeting in secrecy; as has been done in the past. Does anyone believe that SCOTUS remains unbiased in their attitude toward the lawsuits concerning Soetero / Obama and the welfare of our Nation???. The fact that SCOTUS participated in a "private conference" with a litigant, in a suit under their authority, was an absolute violation of everythting SCOTUS is supposed to represent, as the ultimate level of American judicial resort, The record of that meeting has been placed off-limits to the American people. That was and is a grievious error. If it was not a "quid pro quo" between the participants - why was it not made a part of the public purview. If it consisted only of a simple "congratulations", it was still an indefensible breach of Law and the public trust. But, to flaunt the meeting and yet hide from the public the subjet; that is indeedarrogance of a different order. Do the American People stand in such contemp from these supposed leaders that they have no care at all for their actions??? So it would appear. How can Can SCOTUS now claim that the individuals presently comprising SCOTUS are or can be unbiased in the resolution of the lawsuits concerning Soetero / Obama.

The question is no longer simply whether Soetero / Obama. should be forced to provide a valid birth-certificate to the American people; it is now also a question of whether SCOTUS is merely a political wing of the Soetero / Obama / Democrat Political Machine. SCOTUS no longer has the moral authority to render effective execution ofthe requirements of their positions; nor it seems, the integrity or character to vacate them. Unacceptable.

If there remains a Constitutional separation of the Legislative, Judicial and Executive Branchs of the U.S. government, as intended by the Founders - where is it??? If that Constitutionally Mandated Separation has been obliterated in Political expediencey and a grab for power; the American Patriot has few options but to prepare for revolution or resign themselves to tyranny.

You tell me.

Dwain Cleveland
Comment by Matt Matlock on January 31, 2009 at 1:46pm
Yes - All 3 branches are preparing and driving towards just that to allow the installation of full Military Control with a Illegal Alien Despotic Kenyan Kommunist taking the reigns from Bushy Brain.


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