Tedisco vs. Wall Street
Fat Cat in N.Y. Election
By: Scott Wheeler

The special election in New York Congressional District 20 has emphasized a strange political irony.

The Democrats, who for decades have run a class warfare strategy of attacking Republican Wall Street fat cats, have nominated the very personification of what they have been saying is the worst America has to offer.

Scott Murphy is a wealthy Wall Street mortgage banker who paid himself and his executives big bonuses, and he has outsourced jobs to India and lived a life of wealth and privilege.

By contrast, his opponent, Jim Tedisco, is a former school teacher and a Republican.

Please help us support Jim Tedisco — Go Here Now.

The Democrats have pulled out all the stops too. Their friends in the local press have even tried to make the race in New York about me because I dared to run ads in the district telling people about how Murphy, after bragging about knowing how to create jobs, only actually created six jobs in the 20th District. But he did create many jobs over in India.

A local reporter in Albany snorted at me for pointing this out in television ads and I told him that he and his “news” organization should be embarrassed that they had not already told their readers. But they call themselves a newspaper anyway.

We found the evidence by reading a newspaper from India which called Murphy an “angel investor.” If Murphy were a Republican, the media in New York would have pounded the issue relentlessly.

The word is, the Democrats chose Murphy to run in the special election because he had plenty of his own money to finance his campaign, a selection made on principles of course. When you consider that money and power seem to be the only two principles of the Democrat party these days . . .

The next time you hear Democrats talk about how much they respect teachers and other working people just think of Jim Tedisco. The Democrats are spending millions of dollars to keep him from the U.S. Congress.

I guess the Democrats only want to condescend to teachers, they don't actually want them to have a say in government. Obama and Biden also have weighed in for Wall Street Democrat Murphy too; so much for the little people they claim to represent.

Murphy was broadcasting his support for Obama's stimulus spending bill that bailed out Wall Street bankers like him. Apparently I am the only person with a keyboard who thinks the Democrats are pulling a fast one on us again.

Send a message to the Democrats in Washington — Go Here Now.

One of the New York papers recently called me for an interview to discuss the campaign, and when I mentioned

Murphy's background to the reporter, he asked, “what do you have against rich people?”

I told him I have nothing against business people who do well for themselves, but these are the very people that

Democrats tell us are wrong for America.

In short, this is about Democratic Party hypocrisy.

While Murphy appears to have been ruthless in his business dealings, he is stunningly sympathetic to terrorists.

In response to Albany radio host Fred Dicker's question about the death penalty for the terrorists who attacked us on Sept. 11, Murphy said that he was against it, and said, “the evidence may not be totally conclusive.”

Family members of victims of the attacks were shocked.

Democrats are hoping New Yorkers in the 20th District won't notice the blatant duplicity in their nominating the kind of person they have been demonizing in their class warfare game for years, while spending millions attacking, of all people, a former school teacher, the very profession whose votes they have been taking for granted for years.

We urgently need your help to win this seat and defeat Scott Murphy, Nancy Pelosi an Barack Obama — help us today — Go Here Now.

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