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Here are the results and your thoughts

I wont to thank everyone for there response and input. Prior to this exercise I was honestly unsure of what direction we should follow. For the record, of the three directions I presented, forming a new party best represented my preferred direction. Those responding presented views representative of all aspects of our movement: Solid GOP supporter, former GOPers who would be willing to go back, those that have sworn off the GOP to the day they die, life and long time Libertarians and those of us who believe the ballot is no longer an option and the rifle is the only option left. All of us are aware that out Constitution is being threatened by a government that has overstepped its lawful powers. Whether this threat is intentional (NWO or a progressive conspiracy) or simply a tyranny of the ignorant and naivety I can not, nor am I well informed enough to say. What fallows are my representation of all of your views, thoughts and opinions along with my thoughts on how to move forward in a quasi road map form. I don’t have the space to give credit to those of you who provide feed back so I have presented every thing as if it were mine. By no means can I take credit for the entire piece.

The one almost unanimous consensus that we have come to is that time is a factor. Some say it out right others in a way that is seen in the approach they use when commenting. The next midterm election is in 2010 followed by a Presidential contest in 2012. The speed that the progressives are moving to usurp the Constitution is amazing. The amount of debt assumed in the last 7 months alone is dizzying and fiscally suicidal. What this all means is we don’t have a lot of time to influence the direction this government is going.

As for the results of my question: 60% of those who chose to respond are in favor of re-taking the Republican Party, 20% favor a third party, and 20% supported the PAC concept in some way or another. If this is applied to the overall population within the groups I posted this on its accurate to within +/- 10 points. Or any were from 50-70% of the people in these groups would support re-taking the Republican Party. As for the third party and PAC concept 13-27% (+/- 7 points) of the members of these groups would support these options. What does this all mean? We are statistically and I think we all already know, evenly split 50/50. With half supporting retaking the GOP and half are supporting either a third party or a third way.

As I mentioned earlier I was more in support of forming a third party then either remaking the GOP or simply forming a PAC. The PAC idea I was completely unsure about but others in my area and in other groups were already doing this so I figured I would through it in. Now thanks to many of you I now support re-taking the GOP. The reason for my change is based on time. Time because I don’t believe we have the time to organize a successful effort to defeat the threat that is the Democratic Party as it exists today and the current GOP. If we do join a third party we would also be splitting the conservative vote between what would be our party and the GOP. Similar to what happened to the Republicans and The Bull Moose Party in the 1910’s witch gave us Wilson as President. When I say retake the GOP I am not naive to believe we can retake the party and have even a semblance of control at any of the National Levels.

For those of you still reading this is my plan based on the input I received from you. First what we can’t do:

We can’t influence the Presidency for at least four more years. We can’t influence the Senate because of the 6 year terms and the amount of organization it takes to run a Senatorial campaign.

What can we do: Influence and in some cases retake the House of Representatives and our State Houses and Gubernatorial Races.

First the How and Why of the House of Representatives: It begins with the primaries. There are three types of races to consider.
1. GOP Incumbent Constitutionalist
2. GOP Incumbent RINO
3. Democratic Incumbent
4. Open seat

For GOP Incumbent Constitutionalist: We simply support them with all we can.

For GOP Incumbent RINO: We have two chances to unseat the incumbent. First run a challenger in the primary no matter who it is (A house husband/wife it doesn’t matter). The preferred result is a win for the challenger if not this lets the RINO in question and other RINO’s at all levels of government on notice. Second if they win the primary then we vote for the Democrat so the RINO incumbent is no more. In two years we can mount another run at the seat on our terms and make the Dem incumbent no more. What different does it make if there is a RINO or a Dem. in the seat.

Democratic Incumbent: If in a district were the GOP is weak or simply has a bad name, like RI, MA, or CT we run a third party candidate. This will take coordination with existing GOP establishments to convince them to stay out of the race and support our candidate. This can be done by ensuring them we will caucus with them in the House if we win. In conjunction with this strategy we can become eligible in the Democratic Primary and attempt to defeat the Incumbent if challenged.

Open seat: Refer to the first three options for guidance.

I believe each one of these tactics can be used at any level of State elections.

To accomplish this we must establish a platform for ourselves to be used in identifying and defining the qualities and positions a candidate must have and ore support to receive backing. I again open a question to all of you.

What is our platform?

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Comment by Harry Riley on May 29, 2009 at 11:36am
My own personal opinion is Green2's observations pretty much identifies the thing that is left out is those of us that are "independents" late stats have shown, there are more independents registered in america than either democrat or republican......speaking for myself, as an ex-republican party member, my focus is Constitution and Republic principles. Independents are made up of democrats, republicans, and others which indicates we clearly identify our outreach to all Constitutional/Republic leaning Americans........

We focus on a two pronged approach......continue to aggressively organize and conduct Tea Party/rally events across America; and two, begin an active, aggressive State,County. local blitz seeking Constitutional/Republic focused candidates and announcing the consequences to those incumbents and candidates that reject our demands.

Are there four or five that would like to take Green2s study and work up a Patriots For America platform??

Harry Riley
Comment by Jim Barrus on May 29, 2009 at 4:49pm
I was Republican then changed to Independent. Is there a Constitutional party I can join and be registered as??
Comment by Karen Schweiker on May 29, 2009 at 4:50pm
I agree about the local blitz approach as well as the 10th Amendment State(s) Rights initiatives that have already been passed in several states. Here is a letter that can be sent directly to your state legislators concerning a meeting sometime this summer to get the states together to take "America Back." In addition to the Tea Party action and rally marches in D.C., this is one of the best options I have seen for rescue of our country. Here is the letter. I have already sent it to my state legislators. Please send it on to your state representatives and state senators:

Invitation to State Sens and Reps. to Summer Legislative Summit to Take America Back

You are Cordially Invited to a Summit Meeting to Participate in Restoring America to its Constitutional Foundation

Dear Fellow Legislators: 5-27-09
We all know the thirty Republican governors alleging "Federal action has exceeded the clear bounds of its jurisdiction under the Constitution and thus violated rights guaranteed the people" in 1994 were right. An excellent summation of the “Federal action” is in the Call to Action issued by the late Gov. Evan Mecham (R-AZ) and the late General Ray Davis (former Commandant of the U.S.M.C.). The document is at
Perhaps the most devastating of the “Federal actions” was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 whereby Congress abrogated the power delegated it by Art. I, Sec. 8:5 of the Constitution by transferring it to the privately owned, deceitfully named bank called the Federal Reserve System (FED). Rather than monetize wealth as intended by the Constitution, the FED chose to monetize debt. See for an explanation of this monetary policy that’s directly responsible for the planned “economic crises” presently destroying our peoples dreams and for our states financial woes.
As Principals to the Constitution and under the Law of Agency, states are responsible for our Constitution’s proper interpretation and enforcement. It’s urgent and essential we recognize and accept this responsibility and make a determined effort “to restore to the states and the people the prerogatives and freedoms guaranteed them under the Constitution;” the pledge of the thirty governors. It’s our fiduciary responsibility to do so. This demands bold and meaningful actions. For them to receive adequate attention, Americans, including state legislators, must ‘team up.’ We need a plan, a communications system, and a high profile National Leadership Team (NLT) capable of inspiring unity on actions of common interest and to periodically update the plan and oversee its implementation.
A plan is available. Options for restoring lawful government and some applicable actions under each of them have been identified. Missing is the NLT and a concerted effort. In a 4-22-09 letter we requested other legislators join us in becoming the nucleus of the NLT. We said that upon a commitment of 25 of us we’d arrange a conference to be held in Kansas City, MO. Selected state and Federal officials and key citizens will be invited. Its purposes will be to form the NLT, update the plan, identify an implementation team for it, and lay out a time line for crucial actions.
To date, 17 state legislators have honored our request. We respectfully ask that you be among those still needed as the conference could be a watershed event in American history. Participants will be responsible for their own expenses. Please give us your decision by 6-3-09 by contacting either jimoguest@;, 660-483-0900;, 530-295-3500 or Walter Myers, 785-766-3045.
Sen. Don Rogers (R-CA) Rep. Jim Guest (R-MO)
Comment by Stacia Lemon on May 29, 2009 at 5:09pm
I am no way good at answering this, but I think we should go for the reps for now & go from there since we are still a 2 party vote
Comment by peggy gilliam on May 29, 2009 at 5:14pm
THINK THIS IS A MATTER OF -----------PARTY---------------------- !!!!!!!!
Comment by Barry 'Bigbare' Carson on May 29, 2009 at 5:23pm
Reviving the constitution, ALL THE CONSTITUTION, Border Security North and South, NO AMNISTY,
My Rights, City Rights, County Rights, State Rights, Federal Rights, IN THAT ORDER.

Short and sweet and everyones pet peeve is covered in one or more planks.
Comment by Dan Conyers on May 29, 2009 at 5:25pm
I don't care what Party they are have a membership with. The only politician that will get my vote is a conservative. I learn about the candidates here:

Comment by cdj on May 29, 2009 at 5:30pm
Yes, Harry, I volunteer to work up a "Patriots for America Platform"! Cynthia Johnson
Comment by Rudy Folds on May 29, 2009 at 6:06pm
At present, I am registered as an Independent!!! The last time I voted for a "yellow dog Democrat" was when I voted for Harry Truman who, in my opinion was NOT a yellow dog.

Every democrat since "Harry A-- Truman" has been a yellow dog Democrat.

The LAST TIME I voted for a "RINO" was when I cast my vote for, in my opinion, the"Traitor" McCain. The lessor of two evils.

The next time I vote will be for someone who will "follow the U.S. Constitution".
There being none who I think will follow the Constitution, then why vote at all, knowing that it would make no difference what you do?

Presently, I plan on being at the "TEA PARTY" IN WASHINGTON D.C." in September the 11th,12, 13th.

There is no doubt at all in my mind that if we can just get EVERYONE who is on the internet and working to GET A REAL CHANGE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY rather than a promise of change as (the muslims change) we will have the first half of the change finished in 2010 when half of the crooked "LIFERS" are voted out of congress..

When everyone is together enough to pull that off, we will be ready to concentrate (all of us) on the "TRAITOR" in the WHITE HOUSE at present.

I was only a "GRUNT" in the USMC from 1942 -1967 then completing my 30 in the fleet reserves, but one thing for
sure, THIS IS MY COUNTRY and I will ALWAYS fight for it in any way I have to. SEMPER FIDELIS!!!!
Comment by phrowt on May 29, 2009 at 8:35pm
I changed to Independent from a lifelong Republican. I got so tired of no one in the party ever responding to my mail, faxs, and e-mails. All they wanted to do was send me another survey that didn't mean jack. My suspicion is they just open those thing, extracted the check or pledge and throw the survey out. Also the mail just gets opened by a staff member, if it has anything critical to say it gets trashed as well. Anyhow after years of being represented by Boxer, Feinstein, Sherman and lately Waxman (colossal jewels all) and being ignored by my party, I changed. Sorry I had to vote for McCain, like others, the lesser of two evils.

Enough of that, I think everyone would agree the first plank in our platform should be defending the contitution with verifiable actions not just words or resign or forget running. Second I think another plank should be, remove any and all government agencies from between we the people and all private enterprise, which would require the government to divest itself from the businesses it has just acquired. Also it would require the government to remove all sponsorships, ie: The Federal Reserve Bank. Third, eliminate all public employee unions. Govenment positions and employees salary levels and benefits to be the average of like employment in private enterprise. Last but maybe it should be first, any candidate must say what they mean and mean what they say. No more parsing of words. Public officials need to be ready and welling to attack the media when they are fishing for sound bites. If we can see it they must also. My personal opinion, the media should report not create news.


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