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This is my second attempt to post this blog, the first one I was writting just disappeared...strange

As it has been reported, there were 2 confirmed cases of Swine/Avian/Flu in San Antonio, Texas

Yesterday, around 2 pm, I attempted to call my sister who lives in N San Antonio to find out if she was aware of the flu scare. I was only able to get her voice mail. Ok, No big deal. she will call back in a few min as she always does. After a few hours, I tried calling her. I was only able to access voice mail, Last night I attempted to call her ...again, voice mail. I left her a message telling her this was an emergency and for her to please call back. I called my father and told me he has been trying to reach my sister all day, no answer or call backs. This is VERY unusual.

Last night I was listening to Alex Jones radio show. Yeah, I know, he's is a nut, but I wanted to hear any news on Texas. During the show, there was a caller from N San Antonio, and he said the area he was in was under "lockdown" and there was a military presense. The caller sounded quite frightened.

There is nothing on the news of any activity like this going on, so I don't know if what he is saying is correct or if he is just some fruitcake.

This morning, my father told me he saw that my sister tried to call in the middle of the night. but she left no voice mail, again, very unusual for my sister to call during those hrs, and especially NOT to leave a voice mail.

He tried to call her around 7 am , he heard the phone pick up, but there was nothing but static and then the line went dead.

If there is anyone reading this who lives in the N San Antonio region and has any information that will ease my mind, please let me know. Thank You

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Comment by Jamestroy on April 26, 2009 at 1:23pm
And yet they leave our borders WIDE OPEN for the peasant carriers to come in and destroy this nation. The military should be on the border to SEAL IT, and stop the third world nonsense that comes across our borders everyday!
Comment by MaryAnn on April 26, 2009 at 1:48pm
I did hear on the news conference from White House that the CDC and Homeland Security are taking "Aggressive" measures to contain the outbreak, including "quarantine", It makes me wonder what exactly are they talking about. They spoke in such vague terms, but yet, used strong words,
Comment by MaryAnn on April 26, 2009 at 3:58pm
I heard from my sister..finally...she went out of town and for the first time she left her phone with her pregnant daughter in law. We were laughing as I was telling her I was about to send a posse out to look for her. I told her next time, if she leaves her phone with someone, to leave a message that you don't have your phone.
Janice, thank you for your help. Whew! I have been up all night and now that I know everything is ok, I am going for nap. I will delete this post in a few minutes
Comment by Tim OKelley on May 7, 2009 at 11:28pm
I simply can not understand how "Quarantine" applies to phone lines. It does not make any sense. No organism whether viral or bacterial can be transmitted through phone lines. Now....if there were a ton of people calling the "hot" lines set up in Texas at the same could get a busy signal or a "unable to connect due to heavy phone traffic". But to be completely blacked out? I have no idea.


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