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I told you these bastards were getting ready for "Red Flag" laws, instead of Constitutional Carry in Texas !!!


Gun control is gaining momentum in the Texas House!

HB 545, authored by notorious anti-gun Democrat Poncho Nevarez, would prohibit the sale or transfer of a firearm to certain persons under the guise of “mental health.”

HB 545 bypasses clinical analysis and relies solely on the interpretation of a judge to strip you of your right to bear arms -- even if you’re not a threat to yourself or others.

In short, HB 545 kicks your right to due process to the curb.

Sadly, HB 545 recently sailed through the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee and is waiting to be scheduled for a vote by the full Texas House of Representatives.

So please call these members of the House Calendars Committee and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE HB 545:

Rep. Four Price (512) 463-0470
Rep. John Frullo (512) 463-0676
Rep. Craig Goldman (512) 463-0608
Rep. Will Metcalf (512) 463-0726
Rep. Tom Oliverson (512) 463-0661
Rep. John Wray (512) 463-0516

After that, please sign your No Gun Control Mandate to your elected....

Clois, with HB 545 moving through the Texas House, it appears gun control is receiving Speaker Bonnen’s blessing.

After Speaker Bonnen recently announced his opposition to Constitutional Carry, his true colors are finally seeping through.

Like “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders, HB 545 would infringe upon law-abiding Texans of their right to bear arms without a crime even being committed.

But HB 545 is so bad that it completely ignores the degree or extent of a person’s illness or disability -- and would treat non-violent Texans allegedly suffering from mental illness as if they were a violent criminal.

Not only that, HB 545 infringes upon the rights of veterans who simply need help with their financial affairs but are otherwise able to live without assistance.

Simply put, HB 545 is more extensive than Obama’s veteran gun grab.

Like always, we are going to fight this gun grab tooth and nail.

But I need your help to stop HB 545 before it’s too late!

So please call these members of the House Calendars Committee and respectfully urge them to block HB 545:

Rep. Four Price (512) 463-0470 (Committee Chair)
Rep. John Frullo (512) 463-0676
Rep. Craig Goldman (512) 463-0608
Rep. Will Metcalf (512) 463-0726
Rep. Tom Oliverson (512) 463-0661
Rep. John Wray (512) 463-0516

After that, please sign your No Gun Control Mandate and consider yo....

Your activism is already helping to keep “Red Flag” gun confiscation bottled up in committee.

And I am confident that with the continued support of pro-gun patriots like you, we can sentence HB 545 to the same fate.

Bonnen and Nevarez appear poised to do everything in their power to force this gun grab on law-abiding Texans in the waning hours of the Texas legislative session.

So please act fast.

For Texas and Liberty,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director
Texas Gun Rights

P.S. HB 545 would strip the Second Amendment rights of Texans and is waiting to be scheduled for a vote by the full Texas House of Representatives.

So please call the House Calendars Committee members listed above and respectfully urge them to block HB 545.

After you call, please sign your No Gun Control Mandate and make yo....

To help the Texas Gun Rights grow, please forward this to a friend.

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Comment by Old Rooster on May 3, 2019 at 10:51am

The text of this BS bill can be found here:

Members of the Texas Legislature are here: memb...

And Senate members are here:

When one of these bastards gets his/her head blown off the rest of them will say "SEE SEE SEE I told you these people are crazy and dangerous",,,,,,,,,,, Well guess what They're right, and the quicker they figure that out the better.

Comment by Clois Beckwith on May 3, 2019 at 11:07am

Here is my problem: and everybody else's problem,  if any of us goes off the reservation, then we would be considered a "Lone Wolf", and that scares them, so we would be dead or badly injured and then placed on Trial if we survive which would end badly for us. Rotting in prison for the rest of our lives. But if this is done as part of the bigger picture as in Civil war or invasion, then they have no control over what is done and who it gets it done to them. Military, LEO or worse UN sollders would be trying to put some control on the population because nobody at that point would be safe from the American public. Nobody wants to be the "Lone Wolf" !!!

Comment by Old Rooster on May 4, 2019 at 8:49pm

A few years ago I was the district precinct rep here and I had a chance to meet some of the Republican reps in Texas. I sent this thread to them to ask what the hell is going on. They said this HB 545 will NOT pass.
I hope they're right but still I think we better watch this.

Comment by Old Rooster on May 4, 2019 at 8:49pm

Comment by Old Rooster on May 4, 2019 at 8:51pm

I think what we need both in Congress in Washington AND in Austin Texas is a little bit of fear and a whole lot of pain.

Comment by Clois Beckwith on May 4, 2019 at 10:06pm

Rooster, I love this picture and the text expresses precisely my thoughts.

Comment by Old Rooster on May 5, 2019 at 9:52am

The Constitution of the United States of America – What is it and why is it so important.?

The US Constitution is what has protected our rights as a free people for over 232 years. The constitution was not written to define any of our rights, it does not explain what rights we have or don't have. The Constitution does not grant or limit anyone any rights for anything.
The Constitution of the United States of America was written specifically and deliberately to limit the rights, the power, and the authority of the Federal Government; period – end of story.

Under the Constitution the Government is strictly restricted and forbidden from abusing or removing the rights of the people. The rights of the people are granted by our creator, Those “Inalienable” rights including but not limited to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Just as the Second Amendment does not specifically state what kind of weapons we may have, or how many we can possess, the Second Amendment simply and clearly restricts and forbids the Government from removing or infringing upon our rights to bear arms. The Second Amendment places limitations and restrictions on the Government, not on the people.

This is why politicians hate that Second Amendment so much. And it is also why politicians and other “Would-be-Dictators” and tyrants hate the Constitution so much.

The Constitution does not define or limit the rights of the people, it limits and restricts the rights and the power of the Government. Those limits and restrictions also extend to State and local Governments that have agreed to be a part of these United States of America. Once the States sighed up to be a part of the Union of the United States they agreed to abide by those limitations and restrictions.

Once again, this is why these politicians hate that Constitution. And why that Constitution is so important to the freedom and liberty of the people.

The United States of America is the only Nation on Earth that has such a document.
THIS is what makes America great. And it is why We-The-People must always stand and defend that Constitution, against all enemies, foreign or domestic.

Comment by Old Rooster on May 7, 2019 at 9:48pm

NEW Info;

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in the Texas House

There’s a tiny chance that our suppressor freedom bill, HB 2286, actually makes it to the House floor this week. But here’s the catch: first they’ll have to bring up HB 545 — the closest thing to a red flag bill that’s actually moving.

I need your help to motivate our legislators to uphold liberty and stop gun control.

Here’s the scoop.

The Good: HB 2286 by Rep. Oliverson would repeal the Texas ban on owning suppressors without the NFA tax stamp approval and would keep Texas from enforcing Federal anti-suppressor regulations. It has been put on the House Calendar for Wednesday, May 8 — that means it’s on the schedule for a House debate and vote.

See more about HB 2286 on my video or on this factsheet.

The Bad: The House must hear HB 2286 by midnight on Thursday, or it’s dead. (This is true for most House Bills, unless they qualify as “Local & Consent” or have a Senate companion bill that’s already moved forward.) The House has been running behind on their bills and many people are predicting they won’t get to Wednesday’s Calendar at all before Thursday at midnight. Of course, there’s always a chance — but it’s not likely.

The Ugly: If they do get to Wednesday’s Calendar, HB 545 is at the beginning of the agenda, before the suppressor bill. HB 545 purports to criminalize private sales to “mentally ill” people — but it lacks due process in determining who is mentally ill. It’s the closest thing we have to a red flag bill. It must NOT pass!

See more about HB 545 on my video or on this factsheet.

It’s very rare for a bill to come to the House floor and not pass.

So they’ve set us up here: either they don’t get to Wednesday’s Calendar (and our good bill dies) or they do (and their gun control bill passes). Or — worse — they get to the beginning of Wednesday’s Calendar, pass the bad bill, and stop before they get to the good bill.

We need to demand that our legislators vote NO on HB 545 and vote YES on HB 2286!

Don’t wait — this is urgent. Please click here to call your State Representative.

You’ll talk with a staff member or intern. Simply let them know that you are a constituent and you strongly OPPOSE HB 545 and SUPPORT HB 2286.

Thank you for helping me hold the line for liberty for us all!

For liberty,

Rachel Malone
Texas Director, Gun Owners of America.
Please do not delay in your call to support and oppose these bills. And please consider a donation to GOA to double our efforts!

Comment by Old Rooster on May 11, 2019 at 7:41am

Contact Your State Senator to Fully Support HB 2286

Please click on the TAKE ACTION button to contact your state senator in support of both suppressor freedom and Constitutional Carry for disasters.

Gun Control (HB 545) Killed By Its Own Author

 HB 545 by Nevarez is the closest thing to a red flag law that has been moving this session. It’s a terrible violation of due process. It purports to criminalize private sales of firearms to people deemed “mentally ill” — but some of the court processes in these “determinations” use very low standards of evidence and, in addition to containing other problems.

HB 545 died Thursday evening when its author, Rep. Nevarez, indicated on the House floor that he did not have the votes to pass it and moved to postpone consideration until 2021, effectively killing the bill.

Rep. Nevarez simply does not understand the basic concepts of due process and constitutional rights. He falsely represented our opposition, stating that “there seems to be a taboo on not letting the mentally insane purchase guns.”

Actually, Representative, there is a taboo on stripping away Constitutional, God-given rights without complete due process, including high standards of evidence!

Of course, anything can happen in the next few weeks. I’ll be watching to make sure this bad bill stays very dead and is not snuck back in through amendments to other legislation.

 Supermajority Upholds Suppressor Freedom Bill

 Only a couple hours after killing the gun control bill, we celebrated again when HB 2286 by Oliverson passed with a supermajority (101-33)! This “Suppressor Freedom” bill gets rid of the Texas penalties related to suppressors and says that Texas will not enforce Federal anti-suppressor regulations.

Rachel Malone
Texas Director, Gun Owners of America


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