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Like I've said in several of my postings, I have a habit of talking to people. While that may sound like a relatively simple thing, in practicality the results are often amazing. In the grocery store, while looking at a certain item, I will just start talking to someone next to me. About anything. The cookies we're looking at, the music playing over the speakers, it doesn't matter. I just start talking. 10% of the people react in a positive\, friendly and hospitable manner and walk away laughing. Yes, on occasion, I can be funny. The other 90% react like they just saw me poop out a live camel.

You see, what I've noticed, is that most people leave their house and enter a shell of personal space where the people around them don't actually exist. They nod, maybe smile a little and pass by but they don't INTERACT. Most, when I start talking to them, are terrified that someone has broken that shell they're in and usually mumble something and walk off. I hope that by reminding people that there are actually other REAL people around them, they will experience a slight awakening and start looking at the rest of the world around them a little differently.

One of the things I notice most don't really think about, and therefore don't have an answer for, is what do you think Freedom is? Most say "Liberty" (Which is just a synonym - almost) or "Being able to live your own life". They don't really know though. They think that what they're living in right now is Liberty or Freedom because they can drive themselves to work, go to the store, watch their T.V. and go to sleep.

The reason I disagree is that TRUE Liberty is living where your words, ideas and beliefs CANNOT result in your disappearance or arrest. By speaking out against the Government, by challenging one of their "Officers", by rocking the system a little - you become a target. Liberty is NOT where your Nation has the infrastructure to make you disappear but you don't as long as you mind the rules. The Authorities should NEVER have the ability to skirt the law they're sworn to protect. If even a single one of them, by act of threats, regulation or even law, is capable of skirting the Rule of Law - it must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY or the system for the usurpation of Liberty is already in place. This happened to us nearly a century ago. Our Leaders show that, not just by lying or hiding, they are able to avoid the law but by the very written rules and regulations that WE must abide by. This is not Liberty in my eyes.

I want to know, from all the honorable men and women here, what is your definition (True practical non-euphemistic) of Liberty and Freedom?

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Comment by Dave on January 29, 2009 at 10:19pm
I don't know if I could truly define freedom/liberty without writing the equivalent of a novel, but rather like the old line "I'm not sure I can define it, but I know it when I see it" truly fits in this case. The ideas of freedom and liberty cannot be confined to a few words, nor can they be expanded to include doing anything one desires to do.

One attempt at defining liberty, lists the following: "Freedom from unjust restraint or control; freedom to do as one chooses within the bounds of just laws." That seems to have been the standard by which our founding fathers operated from. In reality, the founding fathers gave us a pretty good definition, and I don't know that I can improve on it.

The following website does a pretty good job of explaining the ideas of freedom and liberty found in our constitution.
America\'s Founding Documents with Definitions for Today\'s Readers

Maybe others can shed more light on a better definition.
Comment by Matt Matlock on January 30, 2009 at 12:59pm
It's a good speech - gets the kids thinking.

I would submit:
The dynamic changes when you arm the bird.
Comment by Dave on January 30, 2009 at 5:58pm
Good share, Gerald. Thanks for sharing that tidbit, and it is a great illustration of the ideas and interdependence we have within our freedom. Also, thank you for your service to our nation as a true Patriot.


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