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INNER CITY BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT: What is Paul Ryan apologizing for?? By: Fred Brauer

One need only spend a few hours, or even less, researching current population, demographic and unemployment statistics in major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore etc, to see the disproportionate  levels of  unemployed black males, unmarried black males with children, single black mothers and crime rates.  It isn't secret information!  It's public knowledge published on local and federal statistical websites annually, quarterly, even monthly in some locales.   Liberal media and so called journalists may lie........ statistics do not.  In fact, government agencies ( such as the IRS) insist on accurate population, employment and demographic statistics for various reasons that may or may not include our "well being" .....with the current administration in mind!  If you're one of the readers that IS actually paying attention, I'm sure you know what I mean.

    Now, I could fill the rest of this blog with an endless stream of statistical information but, like I said, you can find that on your own, if you haven't already.  What I will do is point out the glaringly obvious, much larger picture and the administration that created it...........intentionally.
    Barack Obama and his progressively left, collectivist bent "machine" have us (almost) where they want us.  "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs."  (popularized by Karl Marx) has become Barack Obama's unspoken mantra.  His spoken mantra is no different.  When Obama verbalized his plan to "spread the wealth around" and then followed it with his plan to "make the wealthy pay their fair share"  he was in essence, quoting Karl Marx!  
     Barack Obama and his administration have, in fact taken, from those with more and given to those with less without any research at all into abilities and needs!   That is the problem with the Marxist philosophy!  No one is assessing the abilities of those with less and no one is assessing the needs of those with more!  The Obama administration simply "assumes".  
    When Barack Obama became President in 2008, approximately 25 million Americans received food stamps or EBT benefits.  That number has swelled to almost 50 million Americans.  (To each according to his needs)  An hour or so online and you can easily locate the massive increases in just about every welfare program there is available!  When Barack Obama became President, not one American ever paid a FINE to the IRS for not having a health care plan.  Now, an estimated 40 million Americans that choose not to or don't need health care coverage face a current fine of  $95 soon to be $695 or 1% of "family income".  (FROM EACH ACCORDING TO..........??)  
    Let's do a little math.  We'll use the $95 figure.....for now.  Let's assume that 40 million Americans choose NOT to pay the $300 - $400 a month for Obamacare.   This is not unrealistic.  There are almost 50 million Americans under the age of 30 that typically don't purchase health care coverage, yet.  Currently the IRS stands to collect 3.8 billion dollars in fines from individuals taxpayers.  When the fine increases to $695, that number goes up to 27.8 billion dollars in one year.  Corporations that for decades have employed millions of Americans are looking at paying hundreds of billions of dollars in fines for the same reason.   (FROM EACH ACCORDING........)  WHY WORK??
    So, what does this kind of federally mandated, unconstitutional, twisted and perverted system of "give to or penalize" system create?  Well, for one, it takes us back to our original topic, predominantly black inner cities and disproportionate black unemployment, crime and single black mothers.  It is also common knowledge now that in both elections Barack Obama dominated just about every major urban area and, of course dominated the black vote.  Some urban districts even reported a 100% vote for Obama.   What Barack Obama has successfully created is a means to NOT WORK, have children, not get married and not suffer for it!!  African Americans in this country are now 15% (45,000,000) of the population and yet 40% of all American welfare spending goes to this 15%!  The other 60% of welfare spending is divided up among a population of  275,000,000.
    Inner cities are predominantly black.  Welfare spending percentage is predominantly black.  Unemployment percentages in inner cities is predominantly black.  Votes cast in inner cities in 2008 and 2012 were predominantly for Barack Obama.  Please, if this can be refuted all means do so.....but I already know that it cannot.
    So what, exactly, is Paul Ryan apologizing for?  If the Congressional Black Caucus actually CARED about the African American citizens of the United States they would have embraced Paul Ryan's ideology and made strides toward a "solution", but........that is not what they want at all, is it?
    Maybe Paul Ryan can't actually say it, but I can!  "TO EACH ACCORDING TO HIS NEEDS"  BUYS VOTES!  It bought votes in 2008...and after seeing the infamous taxpayer filled welfare wallet of Washington D.C. open up for them, it bought their votes again en masse again in 2012!
    If an able bodied person can collect $500 a month for food for 3 (more kids, more money) only $400 a month for HUD housing, qualify for $300 a month in child care assistance (for each child), qualify for energy assistance (100% of the utility bill), TANF, temporary assistance for needy families aka., "CASH" (which will pay the "rent")............................tell me, WHY WORK??
    Not long ago, I read a story called "The Bird Feeder".  You may have seen it as well.  In short, a man put up a bird feeder on his porch and the birds came by the hundreds!  But soon, his porch was covered in bird poop, and it became a noisy, dirty mess.  One day he ran out of bird food and the birds actually became aggressive, dive bombing him and pecking at the doors and windows, so....he took the bird feeder down, and within a few days, the birds were gone.......and his porch was once again a quiet, serene place to be!  
    The majority of our major, inner cities are now great, big, concrete bird feeders, and what do the the biggest welfare cities all have in common?  DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP!!    Don't believe me?  Look it up.  Start with Detroit.  Baltimore is a fine example too.
    No, Paul Ryan had absolutely nothing to apologize for!  In fact, it broke my heart that he did.  I was hoping that maybe, finally, SOMEONE was about to begin calling the urban plight what it really is, a bought and paid for, manipulated and gullible voting pool loyal to it's collectivist minded masters!
    I implore you, African American, black, registered Democrat voters, question the leaders of your same race!  The Congressional Black Caucus, mouthpieces like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and Barack Obama..... just to name a few, are TRAITORS to your race!   Far too many of you have been manipulated back into financial DEPENDENCE.  Try to remember, the second half of "African - American" is AMERICAN.  You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and those three things will never be paid for by Barack Obama or Washington D.C. with a welfare subsidy of any kind.  In fact, given may completely lose all three.

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