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Is It Time We Divide America By Ideology?

Before I get going I want to announce to everyone that I feel that somehow I'm being un-patriotic by even bringing up this subject. The words you will read below have been in my head for quite sometime, but I never shared them before because I was afraid of the blow-back I would get. I'm no longer afraid. Why? Let's just say that it has occurred to me that I could say much worse and still never get close to the vile stuff coming out of the American Left, and I will leave it at that.

Maybe using the term "Ideology" as a guide-line is not the exact way this should be considered, however it does make it clear where I want to go with this. 

We have two distinct and opposing views in this great country as to how things should be administered by our Government and we can't even agree on the sort of Government we want. This was the basic subject on my local talk radio program earlier today so it is what got me thinking again that maybe we should start an open conversation about the possibility of dividing the country in two. Yep, I want, and most of the people calling-in to the show today, want to seriously consider a division of the USA.

First of all, I would be interested in hearing from everyone that reads this posting as to how they feel about the whole idea. Some of the ideas that were tossed around today were... in no particular order... Do we divide by states already established or do we divide by population and create our own new states. This one issue is a tricky one because we have to look at what our end goal is.

One of the things that was considered today... Considering that the Southern States have more traditional values and religious roots than our northern brethren, that "we", as in we Constitution loving Conservatives here at PFA would probably want to have the southern states as part of our half. It does make a lot of sense but we must realize upfront that we would automatically adopt the problems associated with our southern border with Mexico. Personally, I think we could manage the problem much better than the clowns in D.C. have. That then leads us to another problem... If we are going to adopt the border problems we should take California. Ouch! Who in their right mind would want California? That state already has some inherent problems we would end up adopting so maybe we just draw a line through the middle of the state and everything south of the line becomes ours.

There may be a few of us (not me) that thinks we should adopt some of the Financial powerhouse states like New York simply because they have Wall Street. Does Charlotte N.C. cancel Wall Street out because it is the second largest banking center in the country. Personally, I don't want anything to do with the progressive North East. However, there should be no reason why people couldn't still dabble in the stock market even if it is in NY. Investing has become a global enterprise so NY could be treated as any foreign stock purchase.

Someone also brought up the idea of keeping the food producing states. From the way they were looking at it, they thought we should take the Plains states because they produce so much in the way of Corn and Wheat. How that could be divided up is an important consideration because we also must think of our own energy independence. Now as we get into 'the weeds' of the idea you can start to see how complicated it could be, but as it is discussed more the easier the solutions will come.

In the end this idea of dividing the country in two does make a lot of sense. Hell, let's be realistic about this... the Left is not going to like us anytime soon, and we sure as hell will not be liking their immoral and impractical ways any time soon. So instead of the non-stop fighting over who's right and who's not, why we just agree to disagree and go our separate ways. The Libs would be much happier and I know I will be much much happier, especially knowing that most of my countrymen/woman live by the same set of morals and Laws that guided our founding fathers. They can drink all the wheat-grass they want and we will suffer through another tasty brew or two.

Our half of the country will be open to immigration, but ONLY through step-by-step legal regulations and processes. We decide, not D.C. weenies, who we allow in. Do we allow every Muslim that comes to our door asking for a place to live? No! We only allow foreigners that pass whatever hoops we have that they must jump through. Citizenship is NOT guaranteed, it is earned. Period.

Of course we also need a name for this new country, then a Government seat similar to D.C., but yet different. As you can see the idea is monumental in scope and size, but ask yourself... should we continue on in the same manner or should we do something that will create a better society than what the Progressives have in mind. Do we even allow Progressives in our new country? Then what sort of law do we create to handle issues like this.

Think about the idea and please do share how you feel and what you think of the proposal. The idea is NOT mine, but I'm willing to work with others to see it happen.

How's the "Conservative States of America" sound?

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Comment by Shane Christiansen on May 4, 2013 at 12:25am

Not gonna happen without a fight and those TREASONOS B$#&%$@s deserve a trial, they are the cause of these issues. Founders had it right you gotta purge FREEDOM once in awhile.

Don't get me wrong sounds good but they do not deserve a chance to walk away!

And those NAVY SEALS who died in Benghazi they deserve the truth be told.


Comment by Clois Beckwith on May 4, 2013 at 10:23am

Sorry, the Treasonous bastards deserve to be shot on site or hung by the neck at the closest tree, ASAP.  I do believe that we keep the country whole, but get rid of the party system and anybody that has put this country on the current path, whether Republican or Democrats or independents. We do the following once Washington has been cleared of the TRASH:  1.   We pass a Balanced Budget Amendment and CAP, so future legislatures can't raise the budget beyond what our National Sales Tax generates.  2.  We set up an National Sales Tax system, SCRAP THE IRS CODE TOTALLY. 3.   Setup Term Limits for all offices of the Government.   4.   Elect all Judges by the people and write into law the steps to be taken to remove any Judge, Congressmen and require the Supreme Court to interpret all laws under the constitution to the constitutional scope. No more legislating from the bench.   4.  Put a long-term plan into position to payback our TRILLIONS OF DEBT, using money set aside from the National Sales tax every month until our debts are paid off, probably 100 years from now.

Comment by David Swanson on May 4, 2013 at 10:31pm

Maybe my idea isn't that crazy after all. Look at what I just found...

Bill allows for $150M in grants to sign up illegal immigrants to become citizens

Read more:


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