This message is for my brother Gunny Pinkstaff. Gunny I certainly agree with most of what you say. But then I only spent ten years in the Corps so what do I know. I spent three years however working at the Pentagon as a Civilian Audit Manager for the Comptroller General of the United States. I can tell you without any equivocation whatsoever that a plane did indeed hit the Pentagon. There are many stories that started circulating that there was not a shred of wreckage left of the plane. That is an absolute falsehood. I saw the landing carriages myself and they are and were as real as any on any airliner and they were right there in the wreckage. I really hate it when I read that kind of thing posted no matter by whom as fact when in fact it is a known lie. Now as to the missiles and the report of a downed plane, this is not the first time I have heard of such activity. The first time I heard of something like this was flight 800 out of NYC when that flight exploded over the water as it was taking off with loss of all souls on board. Immediately there were reports of a rocket trail from the ground on shore striking the plane causing it to explode. When they raised all the pieces and put them back together, they "concluded" that there was no evidence of a missile strike from any source but that there was evidence of a fuel tank explosion from faulty wiring. I find the latter to be less than credible but then again, I am not an expert in that field either. I do know that it was widely reported (Coast to Coast) that an airline pilot who is considered trained to observe such things reported seeing the missile strike on the plane and tried to report it but was told by the FBI that continued attempts to make an issue of this would result in negative action being taken against him......I believe the pilot although I have not real evidence to the contrary.

Having said all this Gunz, may suggest that you listen to this old Marine who spent his remaining career gathering evidence (irrefutable I might add) to support each and every conclusion and recommendations made in many many audit reports in and involving many agencies both in and out of government in my 35 years of service to my country.

Like you my friend, I want to see every living member of Congress swept from office and all the trash of the Congress, Administration and indeed that other branch of Government the Supremes, removed for misfeasance and malfeasance in office with some of them in every branch tried for treason and/or criminal acts. That should keep a new Constitutionally oriented Attorney General busy with important work for the people for some time.

And I favor too forceful removal from office of each and every one only if they do not finally get the message and continue in their errant ways to represent only themselves, the communists, the muslims, foreign nationals and forget that they were elected by we the people. I am not politically correct and decry the actions of those that are especially those folks who think that having tolerance for the good muslims is a good thing....they just do not get it because they are mentally challenged and too lazy to do the verification work to really see that we are in a war and will be for most of those of us still living for the rest of our lives. Gunny, this is not meant as a criticism of you or your service or your feelings. Remember, I too am a Marine and I too have much the same views as yours. Semper Fi

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Comment by Sheila Simmons on September 18, 2010 at 3:57pm
OOORAH and thank God for men like you and your brother.
Comment by Dennis Trepanier on September 18, 2010 at 4:16pm
Great Commentary - I agree with it 100%
Comment by Cristi Ritchey on September 18, 2010 at 5:04pm
I am glad to see that I am not the only one who never accepted that "Truther" foolishness. It is what kept me from supporting Ron Paul. There are plenty of REAL conspiricies without inventing our own.
Comment by Harry Riley on September 18, 2010 at 11:34pm
Thanks for your observatons Richard........I find your words credible and have watched and read your contributions for quite some time which adds to credibility of what you say.
Comment by Sandra Lee Smith on September 19, 2010 at 5:58am
@Richard: Regarding TWA's flight 800, I grew up around the airline industry, my Dad flew for TWA, and that NTSB report never made any sense to me either; Boeing engineers aren't idiots; they wouldn't have wiring where it could 'rub and create a spark" in a huge fuel tank like that indicates. The wiring that goes anywhere near such tanks is WELL insulated and protected for just that reason! They'd been building commercial jet airliners since the late '50s starting with the 707s and had learned from their mistakes along the way. And there was definitely some sort of contrail seen by too many people going up toward that aircraft before it exploded. There was video of it on the news, that evening even. There was also a tail assembly from an airliner sticking out of the Pentagon on the ground when I saw the news footage. And I've seen both the Pentagon and tail assemblies enough to be sure of what I was seeing. Where there's a tail assembly, there are generally undercarriages also, and they're pretty large, but seldom obliterated by a crash of any sort, so I'm sure people there did see them. Engines also don't disintegrate all that often, although the cowlings may do so.
As to Congress; yes , we DO need to clean out that whole nest of vipers, every last one of them and start fresh, ditto SCOTUS, and definitely the White House, but also the Joint Chiefs with the possible exception of the Commandant; I haven't heard anything that indicates he's capitulated yet. But then I haven't heard everything from that quarter either. ADM Mullen definitely needs to go, and the Army high command as well; some of the things coming from those quarters is downright treasonous! I think Jefferson, John Adams and company were right, that when the government stops working for the People, we need to scrap the whole thing and start over from scratch, but with the original Constitution, including the original and properly ratified 13th Amendment!
Comment by Channing Kimball on September 19, 2010 at 7:53am
I lived in new england all my life,My brother lived in CN. at the time of twa flight 800 crashed,people he worked with own a fishing boat and were out that day and saw some thing leave the ground and strike the plane.It was shot down.volunteers that went to help in the salvage effort were deliberately sent away from the crash site by gov. tell me it was faulty wiring.
Comment by Raymond J Goodwin II on September 20, 2010 at 10:03am
I couldn't join the Corps, (my head wouldn't fit in the jar), but have a brother, nephew and many in-laws and even friends that have accepted this 'Army guy' as a friend and fellow soldier. I am currently rated 100% total & permanent with 70% combat related (at least, officially) I was medically retired at 16 years as an E7, Sargeant First Class. I don't include this info to brag, although being made an honoray grunt by some tremendous Infantrymen was an honor. Just want to let you know where I am coming from.
I think many of us get concerned that kids today don't care enough about our world or our nation. I think we're wrong. Today's kids are better educated than we were, they're much smarter than we are, yes they may be more arrogant, more self-serving (a little), their music is truly weird but for the most part, I would have no trouble serving in a bunker next to todays AMERICAN kids. I still prefer 50s & 60s rock & roll but these young people love this country as much as we do and if asked to defend her will do so. God Bless America.
Comment by Richard E. Nygaard on September 20, 2010 at 12:28pm
Raymond, thank you indeed for your service. Too bad your head would not fit in the jar but I personally agree with you that today's young are better educated than most of us were when we served. And indeed having known very many of them and recruited very many of them into my VFW Post & Marine Corps League Detachment, I too can say that I would be proud to serve with them any time any where.

Sandy: I too grew up around air operations (civilian mostly) and was so enthralled I became a pilot myself. All things aviation interest me among other things and these are not the only instances that draw or have drawn attention to themselves that our government has kept under wraps. This notion that the government does not want to let the information get out about such disasters as flight 800 I personally believe started as a propaganda effort in the movies way back when and then perpetrated by the press when in fact they could not get the Government to comment. What the Government really did not want to admit in any such circumstance particularly when airliners crashed was any governmental involvement (responsibility of any kind) The reasons are painfully obvious, it has nothing to do with panicing the public and everything to do with responsibility. Everyone knows that the Government has the deepest pockets of all and anyone that can would sue for everything they can get. It is not always a government conspiracy that causes the Government to put a lid on information (except in my opinion in exceptional cases such as TWA Flight 800 shoot down. As an added post script, I recall that around 1978 or 1979 time frame, my family and I were at home just relaxing watching TV. We all heard a loud boom and the house actually shook. We ran outside but did not see anything but again heard another big boom. Within a few minutes the phone rang and a friend of one of my daughters called to tell us that parts of a plane just rained down on their neighborhood only a mile or so away from our own. The next morning they showed photos on the TV of the home destroyed when the engine of a jet came crashing through the roof of a families house and totally destroyed it. Like us, they escaped injury by coming outside to find out what the explosion was. It was a small business jet that got to 5,000 feet climbing out of National when it blew up. The story there also was faulty wiring that sparked a fuel tank explosion killing the pilot, co-pilot and one or two businessmen. A report was promised when the Feds finished their investigation but no report was fully published and only statements about the fuel tank explosion emerged. My daughter's friend was traumatized by picking up body parts including the business man's foot off her roof and from her yard. The plane that exploded was and still has one of the best safety records of small private jets. Hard to believe that it blew up because of faulty wiring. I wont speculate that it was a bomb set to go off at exactly 5000 feet. I would like to but I proof.
Comment by Sandra Lee Smith on September 21, 2010 at 3:24am
@Raymond: I don't have a serious problem with Army, although I'm second generation Navy myself; but I do have to disagree with you about the kids today being better educated. They may text and tweet and have more technological skills than we do, but NOT genuine education. Most can't read on a 5th grade level, their math and science skills are atrocious, and they know NOTHING about history that's important. They're being fed a "diet" of PC garbage about homosexuality being a "normal" alternative lifestyle, despite the fact that the homosexual lobby groups' own scientists were UNABLE to come up with a gene or cluster of genes that produce this disorder which makes it a LEARNED behavioral disorder just like the DSM3 used to say before they threatened the APA with suits through the ACLU and coerced them to remove it from the DSM4 and 5. They're being taught that Islam is just another religion for which we must make tolerant allowance and how to BE good little Muslims, IN our public schools. They're learning all about cinco de Mayo as if it's some important holiday; but not one knows what the 19th of April 1775 signifies; or who and what our Founding Fathers were. They don't know who people like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, were,. or if they do, haven't been taught what butchers of their own people those men were! Instead they're being taught the socialist utopia garbage , and how the global warming will destroy our world not that it's been discredited as flawed science at best, and an overt lie at worst. They're not being educated to think for themselves at all ; quite the contrary; they're being INDOCTRINATED into the one world order's little agenda like good little automatons! I don't blame the kids; they don't know any better. They aren't learning any better; I blame the "educators" who are doing the brainwashing and promoting it as education.


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