Looking for solutions to the current crisis in America.

To anyone within Patriots for America interested in concentrating on finding a solution (or maybe many solutions) to the problems We, the People, currently face with our central government employees (hired, appointed and elected), this blog is open to all reasonable discussions conducted in a civil manner. That means the exchange of ideas and/or plans that may occur on this blog must be constructive and directed toward finding workable solutions to whatever problems with our central government that may be brought up here. 

One reason for starting a blog like this is that I have seen many times in this and other forums a discussion that might include many good suggestions as a way to progress toward a genuinely higher plane/better space/more Constitutional government simply deteriorate into diatribe, rancor, ill will, name calling and generally sophomoric behavior, leading to a disintegration of what once may have been a constructive dialog. We, the People, need to be united. We have a serious need to engage in cohesive and constructive planning and development of solutions. We MUST begin to put into practice methods that will return this Federation of (formerly) Independent States to its intended, unique place in the world where the People reign supreme and enjoy a position of primacy over their government employees without submitting to anyone or anything who, or that, might consider him/herself, or itself, superior to, above or in control of the People (i.e., a king, queen, emperor, potentate or even a corporation). If We, the People, are to retain our rightful place as the ultimate sovereigns in this land, it is UP TO US to retain it. WE must do the dirty work. That's why this blog is here.

Please add your contributions to this start-up attempt to arrive at some productive plank that can be implemented in such a way as to ensure long term success so that the following generations may enjoy true Liberty. For what it's worth, I don't look upon this action as a sacrifice or a duty. It's simply what is and it makes sense. I look forward to blogging with you.

In pursuit of true Liberty,

John Saunders

A free, independent, natural and sovereign human being; one of the People.

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