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Media Blackout

It is absolutely amazing how the media in this country is conducting a complete blackout of the Tea Party’s and Freedom Rally’s! Recently we noticed the under reporting of numbers who attended the Rally in D.C. and we have not even heard of other rally’s around the country that has drawn tens of thousands wherever they were held.

In Chicago for example a rally that was estimated to have over ten thousand people attend received complete disregard by the media both local and national, it was not even reported on the local evening news this is just ridicules when you take into account that whenever there was a rally or protest in opposition of the war when president Bush was in office it was over reported and over estimated to the numbers that attended.

The media has an obligation to report un biased these events but as we are all becoming aware they only report positive news in regard to this president. In this regard it is no wonder that there viewership has declined, it is no wonder that the readership to their newspapers have fallen to an all time low! How in a city as large as Chicago that drew a rally as large as it did receive a complete blackout in reporting you might ask, the reason is that the movement that is sweeping across this nation has united so many from all walks of life and is a true grassroots movement that did not need the assistance of Unions and organizations such as ACORN to bring out people and get them off the couch to become involved and that goes against the protocol of this administration and those that surround it.

I say this to the State run and backed Media your time has passed and no matter how much funding you receive from the government with our tax payer dollars your day of precedence is long gone! The new media, the grassroots efforts of everyday people have surpassed your strangle hold over what Americans will have to form opinions and to judge this government and the injustices that it is bringing down upon its citizens. You want to black out rallies such as the one that took place recently in Chicago and in a little town called Quincy Illinois that drew over ten thousand in protest of the high taxes and moves that this government that wants to rewrite the constitution take head we are now Blacking Out you!
Our voices will not be silenced and our voices will not be ignored, we will not stand by ideally and be called every name in the book from racists to hillbillies. We are everyday Americans from all walks of life, we come from all races and political beliefs but we have one thing in common and that is the preservation of our Constitution and the rights guaranteed within and we will not give in and we will not be silenced. Take notice Mr. Elite the common person has been awakened and we are fired up! Your day has passed and the blackout of coverage in Chicago is just one straw that will break your back, the images of these rallies are being circulated despite your attempts to cover it up. A new day has swept across this nation and we will not be kowtowed by your attempts to accuse us of being a racist, terrorist mob any longer just because we do not fall in line with this president. Your attempts at this false labeling has gone way too far and is unjustified, we are not a violent mob as a matter of fact at the D.C. rally NO ARRESTS took place, we are not Racists we are Americans that have had enough! So go ahead and Black us out as you did for the Rally in Chicago we will just Black You Out to the point that your advertisers will see that it is no longer in their best interest to keep funneling money your way, of course you will go running to mother government for help as some of you have already done with your hands held out but in the end that will still not bring back your credibility.

Robert Rohlfing

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