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If Democrats thought the election of Senator Brown of Massachusetts was a wakeup call, they “ain’t” seen nothing if they cram their disastrous version health care down the throats of Americans. Their most recent ploy, in the words of Obama’s staff, is a “media event” to be conducted from the Blair House. Obama plans to hold school on people decades older and far wiser than he and that suggests that he and the Democrats have totally lost touch with the American people, that is, if they ever were in touch.
The networks cover for Obama daily while even the closest thing to truth, FOX News makes excuses, blames Obama’s staff as being inept, suggests that he suffers from bad advice or that it is his lack of experience that fails him. Message for FOX News: Socialism is what the left wants, Obama carries its banner and the left is doing its best to force the conservative majority to swallow its swill. For the record, this is not about whether or not there is a need for health care reform, that fact is self-evident. The fight is about the structure, content, system, and costs of the bill; and the manner that Democrats and Obama are attempting to cram it through and that would be disastrous for America!
The sooner Democrats are defeated the sooner the country will begin to recover. However, Obama’s purpose is not recovery, it is to crush, to totally change America. For those who don’t get it, he has repeatedly said so; and from all indications “total change” is to bring America to her knees. The assertion that his actions saved the country from the “brink” is about as far fetched as donkeys flying.
Whereas there is merit in the call for change, Americans do not want the kind or direction of change that Obama and his group of socialist/Marxist are attempting to take the country. These people are serious and conservative Americans had better stop them if they value freedom.
Most agree that there is a need for health care reform: Aspirin that costs $10, regular hospital rooms that cost $1500/night, toe nail surgery that costs $500.00, a three minute doctor’s room visit that costs $100.00 and etc. are beyond the pale, such charges are both ridiculous and obscene. It is argued that such exorbitant charges are required to defray the expense of those who have no insurance but who use emergency rooms to receive care for colds, hangnails, or black eyes as well as other more legitimate reasons. Many, if not most who receive “free” care are illegal immigrants. It is notable that the proposed legislation provides that no illegal immigrants would be entitled to such care. But watch the end run. The Obama axis would make them legal or grant them broad waivers. In short, they would engage in legislative sleight of hand, political hocus pocus and give an offensive jesture to the majority. That would be nothing new from them on that score.
If there are any sane people remaining in Washington, please pay attention: the solution is not to sprinkle fairy dust on illegal immigrants and make them American citizens to garner future votes, rather, the solution is to encourage them to voluntarily return to their homelands; and absent that to use a “stick” to accomplish the goal. For the less astute among the political elite class, that’s called “carrot and stick.” Hoover, Truman and Eisenhower sent them home. Where’s the spine in the current crop of politicians? But ah! ha! It’s not about spine, they care not about America but about political power through votes; and granting amnesty is their game to build those votes!
At the moment, Democrats threaten to pass the bill with 51 votes in the Senate, the “nuclear option,” as much as to frighten Republicans into joining them. Advice for Republicans: Call their hand and there will be a tsunami that will wipe them out! And it may come sooner than later.
Voters must throw OUT Representatives or Senators who make a legislative effort that would grant any form of amnesty to illegal immigrants, or who vote to pass the current version of Democrats’ health care reform! Keep letting them know!
Semper Fidelis
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Comment by william e grant on February 23, 2010 at 6:21pm
I don;t think Americans get it yet.( the big ugly picture. )


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