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I just read an article on Horn News by Bloomberg News ...that Mexico is going ALL OUT to stop Trump . They are telling all their consulates to start registering over a million Mexico born people in our Country , probably illegally , as Naturalized residents. Then George Soros has pledged over a million dollars to left wing organizations to get these people registered to vote in November 2016. This is an act of FOREIGN SUBVERSION !  Where in the US Constitution does it say people here illegally can register as a naturalized resident . I used to see papers from the Mexican consulate in Phoenix , from illegals applying for work in construction when I lived there. I said what authority do they have in our Country ....none to me. We are LOSING OUR COUNTRY to illegal invaders who think they have a right to be here . Trump is exposing ALL THE ENEMIES of the United States ,....Mexico, China, George Soros, Iran , Obama , Hillary and the Democrat Party . They all fear him because they know he will bring an end to the MULTI-NATIONALISTS , open border multiculturalists and the Democrat Party illegal vote scams that are taking our Country away from us.  I just wrote my US Congressman and implored her and the Republicans to STOP THIS SOROS/MEXICO SUBVERSION.  Everyone contact your Representatives .  If we lose this election to illegal voters ,.....we will have the criminal Hillary for 8 years.  I will contact Judicial Watch and True the Vote as well ....since they seem to be the only ones fighting to stop the subversion of our elections.  Sons of Liberty

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