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Napolitano Announces Expansion of Gestapo Zones from Airport to Malls and Hotels



Dec 27, 2010
“The United States is stepping up security at ‘soft targets’ like hotels and shopping malls,
as well as trains and ports, as it counters the evolving Al-Qaeda threat, a top
official said Sunday,” reports AFP.

“We look at so-called soft targets — the hotels, shopping malls, for example — all of which we have reached out to in the past year and
have done a fair amount of training for their own employees,” DHS boss Janet
Napolitano said.

Big Sis Napolitano knows the government’s “See Something, Say Something” program to acclimate citizens to
a police and surveillance state designed to rival anything established by East
Germany’s Stasi is more Big Brotherism.

“It just sounds very Big Brother to me, turning in the next door neighbor.” CNN’s Candy Crowley said to Napolitano during an interview on
“State of the Union.”

“It’s not,” Napolitano argued
“It depends on the common sense of the American people. I think they have common
sense. And it depends on, again … getting through this notion that our safety,
our security and the world we live in today is a shared

For bureaucrat Napolitano, the “common sense” of the American people means they will remain
timid and apathetic. It means they will not protest and will tolerate going
through porno-scanners and having goons stick their hands down their pants
before they are allowed to shop at the local mall.

Napolitano defended the ambiguity of the snoop program. She said citizens can figure out for themselves who to snoop on and report to the
authorities. Because there is no threat posed by al-Qaeda to the “homeland” – a
word Big Sis used during the interview to refer to the United States – the
government will receive thousands of calls from people turning in their
neighbors for smoking marijuana, discipling their children, or possessing
entirely legal firearms.

“The overall message is everything is objectively better than it was a year ago, particularly
in the aviation environment. But we’re also looking at addressing other areas,”
Napolitano said about the plan to turn malls and hotels into Gestapo zones where
the Bill of Rights does not exist and citizen-subjects are obliged under threat
of violence and $11,000 fines to allow minimum wage goons to stick their hands
down their pants.

“And so we have enhanced measures going on at surface transportation, not because we have a specific or
credible threat there, but because we know, looking at Madrid and London, that’s
been another source of targets for terrorists.”

Evidence largely ignored by the corporate media reveals that the Madrid bombings were an inside job. Two patsies, Jose Emilio Suarez
Trashorras and Antonio Toro, were government informants
a fact reported by the New York Times and the Times Online

In 2005, John Loftus revealed on Fox News that the supposed mastermind of the London bombings, Haroon Rashid Aswat, worked for British
intelligence. In 1999, the U.S. Justice Department told prosecutors in Seattle
to leave Aswat alone because he was a British intelligence

Napolitano and the government cite the absurd underwear non-bombing as the reason they are aggressively moving the
police state from airports to malls and hotels.

“The Detroit Christmas bomber was deliberately and intentionally allowed to keep his US entry visa as the result of a national
security override issued by an as yet unknown US intelligence or law-enforcement
agency with the goal of blocking the State Department’s planned revocation of
that visa,” Webster Griffin Tarpley wrote in February. Patrick F. Kennedy, Undersecretary of State for Management, revealed this when
he testified before the House Homeland Security Committee on January

The underwear non-bomber “Mutallab was a protected patsy being used by rogue elements of the US intelligence community
for the deliberate and intentional creation of a high profile incident with the
goal of obtaining a large-scale political effect,” argues

The staged event is also providing a pretext to turn malls and hotels into Gestapo zones. It was used
earlier this month to promote the government’s snitch

It should be obvious where all of this is headed. Following the next staged non-bombing by a clueless patsy, the
government will move from malls and hotels into the streets and neighborhoods of

How long before you will be subjected to a virtual strip search before you can buy food or other

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Comment by Sandra on December 28, 2010 at 1:10pm
To my knowledge, there were two presidents that deported the illegals and the last one was President Ike. He said that the returning military needed jobs and that is why he had them all deported. Seems to me that we have something like that now. I mean with all this unemployment we have, it is time for some one to have some brass and do the right thing for this country and the people that are legal. I wonder why George Soros, who made billions, alot from this country has against this country.
Comment by Paul Powell on December 28, 2010 at 10:33pm


Back then we had people that had the brass to get things done today all we have are a bunch of yes men wusses that would rather cause more harm than good and would turn a blind eye to those who need a job, hence the reason why I am starting a home business I am in the process of getting my website set up let you know when it is up and running. I was in town today and the cafe that I go to has been taken over by those people no one spoke English I could even read the menu it was all in mexican or what ever you want to call it. and yes there was a tower at K-Mart today never had use of one before now we have one this has gotta  stop next thing you know they will be wanting to know what we have in the fridge this is as I would have to agree with everybody is stupid and it is going to get worse. I took a moment and spoke with the person and she informed that there will be at least a dozen more of these damned towers in the area so it looks like martial law is on the way. Don't know how long it be getting here but I think it is coming. This tower as with the one in the video had ICX on the side.

Comment by Sandra Lee Smith on December 29, 2010 at 7:03am

@Sandra: Soros is a MAJOR control freak; and can't stand that anyone else might have a similar chance; this is a person with either no soul at all or a completely dead one. As a Jewish adolescent during WWII in Hungary, he stood by, silent, in the protection of a Nazi agent in Hungary, and said NOTHING while his fellow Jews were slaughtered by the millions.  He was at least 14, certainly old enough, to have spoken up or done SOMETHING, had he had the courage to do so, but he hid behind that Nazi and stayed alive while his fellows were slaughtered.  Then he came here in the late '40s and eventually made billions, but now wants to stifle that for EVERYONE else! 

As for the illegals invading this nation, there were 4 Presidents, Hoover, Truman and Ike, and I think the other was Coolidge, but I'm not sure on him, who evicted such invaders en masse before.  It's been estimated it could be done at a cost, in our current economy, that would fully pay for itself in about 3 years, as opposed to the exorbitant costs of keeping them and allowing yet more of them in!

Comment by Paul Powell on January 1, 2011 at 10:39pm


like the poster where did you dig that one up. And it is so true.


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