Constitutional Emergency

Newt Gingrich Is A Closet Marxist/Communist Monster !!!!!!!!

  God save us from this evil smarmey snake! He is no friend of limited government under The Constitution. In 1979 he

voted to create the Dept Of Education and designate 68 million acres of mineral rich land in Alaska as a Federally

protected wilderness. NOTHING in OUR Constitution Authorizes ANY of this.

Gingrich was aware of a book written by

the communist William Z. Foster called "Toward Soviet America". In it he calls for a Dept. Of Education and for studies

 to be Revolutionized. He wanted them cleansed of God and Patriotism. He wanted studies taught on basis of

 Marxism, dialectical materialism, Internationalism and general new ethics of a "New Socialist Society. Well, ever

since the creation of The Dept Of Education, standards have plummeted. Gingrich voted for something OUR

CONSTITUTION DOESN'T PERMIT and the Communists and Jimmy Carter wanted.

 The Constitution contains NO

authorization for land control yet Newt Gingrich voted for it. Land Control is called for in THE COMMUNIST

 MANIFESTO. Marx and Engals called for abolition of property and land and application of all rents and land to public

 purposes. The way our Nation is being run, all land will soon be owned or controlled by the Federal Govt. The Federal

 Land grab should have been stopped long ago but wasn't. The Feds own MASSIVE AMOUNTS of OUR LAND. Marx

wanted: Land Control - Progressive Income Tax - to Terminate inheritances - a Central Bank i.e. Federal Reserve and

control of Education. He made explicit attacks on Private Property, Family, Marriage, and Home Schooling.

 In 1980

Newt Gingrich voted to give China "Most Favored Nation" status. They are the MOST MURDEROUS REGIME the

 World has ever seen. Since then we have been flooded with slave labor toxic goods, they have stolen American jobs

 and built up their Treasury to be a Military Threat. Gingrich voted: Funds for trade with Russia - to transfer 2.2 million

acres in Idaho to Federal Wilderness - to Federally fund loan guarantees to facilitate greater trade with Red China - to

 make tax payer funds available to Foreign Govts. thru import/export banks - to grant amnesty to ILLEGAL Immigrants

and continue the Monstrosity known as Foreign Aid.

 Newt Gingrich Is A NON CONSTITUTIONALIST!!!!! He voted FOR:

 Funding for The National Endowment For The Arts, an EXTRA 1.2 Billion for U.N. Peacekeeping, 13 Billion for Foreign

 Aid (keep in mind the time period he was doing this) and 166 million more for the IRS. In 1995 he voted for 31.8 Billion

 in foreign Aid and voted AGAINST cutting it by even 1%. Newt accepted student deferment rather than face the Draft

and go to Viet Nam. He had a Hawkish Foreign Policy stance. He campaigned for Nelson Rockefeller of New York in

1968 and NO campaigner for Rockefellor could ever seriously be characterized as a Conservative.

 Newt recommended

the book Future Shock & The 3rd Wave written by Alvin Toffler which said we need a New System Of Govt. because

The Old Way Cannot Work Any more. He said it must be radically changed because it is obsolete, that it must die

and be replaced. Obviously Newt agreed.

 Gingrich wrote that he, himself was a "Conservative Futurist" and that he and

 his wife are VERY GOOD FRIENDS OF Toffler and his wife. Newt Gingrich swore an Oath every two years to uphold

 the Constitution but yet he feels it is obsolete, must die and be replaced.

Newt wrote a book called "To Renew

America". In it he mentions The Constitution only once and that was to acknowledge it's existence. IN "The Hard Road

 To World Order" (Which is An American Quarterly Review), Richard W Gardner wrote that Newt called for an end run

around National Sovereignty - eroding it piece by piece. In 1974 he recommended: Disarmament Programs, U. N

Military Forces, Additional Authority for World Banks and International Monetary Fund, new and broader Enforcement

 Powers to go along with Membership in GATT (General Agreement Tariffs Trade). The overall goal is he wants to push

 The United States into World Govt..

 Newt Gingrich has been a Member of The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)

since 1990. CFR was Founded in 1921 FOR THE PURPOSE OF CREATING A WORLD GOVERNMENT. When Newt

 Gingrich was in line to become Speaker Of The House he used his muscle during a Lame Duck Session to have


AND DEEPEN INVOLVEMENT IN GATT. Remember; The overall Goal of GATT is to push us into WORLD GOVT and

 Abolish U.S. Independence. Note: Bill Clinton, Ruth Ginsberg and Henry Kissenger are also members.

 In 1994 Newt

testified before The House Ways and Means Committee. He said "We need to be honest about the fact that we are

transferring from The United States.... Significant Authority to a new Organization. This is a Transformational

Moment.......This is Not just another Trade Agreement. This is a Transfer of Power". GATT has established a Giant

Bureaucracy called "World Trade Organization" (WTO) which has Life and Death Authority over American Economic

Interests and is The Sole Interpreter of 20 thousand Trade regulations for 120 Nations. BUT THE CONSTITUTION




has even reduced how much money Americans can save for Pensions.

 In a 1995 speech Gingrich praised himself for

 his role in getting GATT and NAFTA thru Congress. He said The U.S. must lead all over the world. He was called an

"Internationalist". He's NOT supposed to be an "Internationalist". He's supposed to be a defender of "THE Constitution

of The United States" . Gingrich shares membership in the CFR ( Committee of Foreign Relations) with Bill Clinton, ex

Secretary of State, Christopher Warren and over 500 other govt. officials that share seat of Internationalist

Establishment Powers.

 In 1975 The New York Times called Gingrich a "Foreign Policy Novice" and said his favorite

 mentor was Henry Kissinger. They said Kissinger was doing a good job of schooling The Speaker. Well Kissinger

was the architect of much of America's dissastorous Foreign Policy. He promotes both NAFTA and GATT as does


 In 1995 Gingrich said in a speech that " The American challenge in leading the World is compounded by our

Constitution. He also said he believes in a very strong Central govt. "you can have a very strong but limited federal

govt.. NO YOU CAN'T. The Founders wanted the Central govt. weak, not strong. It was to be tied down PROTECTING


 Concerning a 1996 budget, Bill Clinton praised Gingrich and Doyle for backing down and not scrapping an

 array of govt programs which should have been scrapped and adopting recommendations for more. These included:

Oppressive Environmental Laws - National Service Programs - United Nations Goals 2000 for schools - Federal

Financing of Local Police and U.N. Peacekeeping missions for our Nations Military.

 It was Summarized: Gingrich has

achieved something almost unthinkable. He has kept Republican Freshmen from being Conservative and yet set them

up for possible defeat in Nov. for being too Conservative. That takes Brilliance. Not only did Gingrich use his brilliance

to keep Republican Freshmen from being Conservative, in 1996 he did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO KEEP RON

PAUL FROM RETURNING TO WASHINGTON. He got 50 Members of Congress to endorse his opponent in the Texas

 Primary (including George Bush). Why would Gingrich want to keep Ron Paul away from D.C.? Maybe because he is

a Stalwart Defender Of The Constitution?

 Gingrich has been called on the carpet for disloyalty to the Party but never

disloyalty to the Constitution. Gingrich and Kissinger call themselves Conservatives. What do you think?


who I gleaned this information from, says he could balance the budget in two easy steps:

1. Terminate all foreign Aid

and Bailouts. It is completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ridiculous for us to give away money.

2. Bring The Troops

 home. Why should we be absorbing the defense budget for Japan, S. Korea, Germany, Italy and so many other

Countrys. Bring the troops home and restate that their sole mission is the protection of the Life, Liberty and Property

of the American People. McManus also said that Americans are being persuaded to follow FALSE LEADERS and to

put confidence in men who don't deserve your confidence.


OTHERS LIKE HIM IS ESSENTIAL!!!! Gingrich is positioning and The Establishment Media is suggesting him as the

Leader of This Resistance. Americans should know more about this man and others like him (McCain, Leiberman,

Scott Brown )to avoid being duped by false Leaders who MASQUERADE AS FRIENDS OF FREEDOM --- WHEN IN


 BTW, McManus is President

 of The John Birch Society. He gave the speech "The Real Newt Gingrich" which you can google on I

 just broke it down so I could reread it and absorb it more thuroughly. We just can't let this Hideous Monster Gingrich

 be POTUS !!!!!!!!!!!! Please Pass it on to everyone you know and blog it, facebook it and spread it far and wide. We

don't have much time to keep him from getting the Nomination !!!!!!!!

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