Constitutional Emergency

Decided to start collecting the names of those I have helped become aware of OAS

To be updated daily....

Kathleen Rush
Linda Burns
Jack Brannum
David Sorrell
Sandi Lowe Wager
Thomas D Self
Robert Dungan
Kevin Price
Sue Beach
Rocky Assy
Brian Brown
Thomas N Southard
Frank Garrapy
Sandie Fleming
Kirk Cooper
Eddie Cosper
Ray Wolfe
Mariann Millan
Terry Moody
Priscilla Eidson
Marge Baulig
Buck Carter
Frank Ratliff
Louis-Leila Snow
Linda Triche
Richard Conrado-Bowen
FrancesBrancale D"Auria
Jeffery Ramsey
Landis Dunnam
Cecil Adkins
Jackie Kinney Relley
Holly Kloepter

Kevin Riley
Shayne Bryant
Jennifer P Kittrell
Cynthia Y. Cespedes
Skip Saxton
Olivia Westbrook
James J Howell
Penny Beets Vogt
Sheree S Johnston
JB Blubaugh
Donald De Motta Sr
Steve Oroszi
Jacqueline Mary Zeimet
Kelly Walker
Tina Sergent Seward
Mary Kay Roberts
Marion M Falterman

Tammy Hayes Powell
Lisa Leopoid Moore
Alice Anderson Sreen
Ryan Martinez
Mya Lane
Lynn Lindo
Cindy Beard
Grog Troglodyte
Adam Thompson
Gary Cfristy
Pamela Cline Ehrhart
Robert Fisher
Greg Whitney
Nichole Chevrie
Bill Poindexter
Sharron Brand Whipple

sarah l jeppson
shaeon c boatweight
tom ford
tamsie cook whitis
charles robertson
marvin waggoner
lorraine cullins
margy mckay
laura bowers
vicki brown gains
bill tazioll
kathy lowery
diane winer
betty vandermark neatsey
rose rodoz
gus matthias
rica herring
tim weeks
stephime badi
douglas kuszmaul
gerald brevard sr
archangel soamc
judy underwood
linda jones
douglas lebert
mariene watson

linda carothers
catherine mcdearmid
norma jean huie
cary galanis
janet redeker
steve pinchback
lynn persson
zac pozun
marjorie binns
clark burrell
dave long
rick mckain
allen flowers
jude tags
ken zelasko
chet gero
kenneth cook
martha morrison
bud-kathy jones
stephanie morgan s
juanita johnson
luz deleon
maria e cowley-men
linda morlan
pamela medford
cathy kettering knu

chris mcnees
lynda finkbeiner c
sylvia smith
jeff bolinsky
charlie kick
peggy kirk mitchell
olan graham
ed borden
jerry spickler
rica herring
laura cogburn
bennjammin gregory
jean miller
david shannon
mark matherne
kent hartland
gary mussen
thomas sherman
marge tonnesen ful
barbara collins
richard couch
art guevara
eddie eugene elmore

kate nail
mare brown
sheila hollaway
ricky amaral
edward mike sands
margaret grady
joe rosas
omid bkf
charles reynolds
jayne gladden
michael scott
ron hess
patricia von arnswa
cindy moore splawn
dana hittson shen
benjamin n thurber
connie navarette
fiori magliulo
shirly giles
janis michel
fred haton
eric hathaway
dell hewey
consolidated libera
sonny meadors
richard p jarvis
mike hunter
carlos tellez
frank simmons
mary cook
violet spare patton
brian jones
julie crory telgenhoff
brian ramthun

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