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NY Official sells NY drivers licenses to illegals/motor voter/unsafe roads

See story here:
I live in Dutchess County, this happend just south of here in Brewster, NY.
The story claims he sold 6 licenses to illegal immigrants, however, I live in a town plagued with unlicensed illegals with a laundry mat down the street. Illegals here notoriously use Illinois and Pa. plates on their unregistered vehicles. About 4 monrhs ago I noticed many of them getting NY tags. I wondered how and where they were getting them. I believe this story explains it. I beilive that hundreds of these such licenses were sold in this area. However, police do not want to get involved and basically will not report on their crimes.
These licenses as NY State does when a license is issued registers voters. The motor votor program. So one can bet many of illegals will be voting. I guess that also explains why Fishkill and Westchester have voter registration forms that ask, "Are you a citizen of North America?"
I live in a very rural community, however traffic incidents involving unlicensed illegals is pretty bad, and the police do nothing to remove them from the roads.
Just tonight around 5 p.m I was rear ended by an undocumented with a Mexican Matricula card ( such card FBI warns against accepting as ID) The driver was only ticketed for NO license. He never saw me! He most likely never had an eye exam! He did NOT get a ticket for followling too close as every citizen I know has that rear ended someone. The police just do not want to bother to prosecute these guys. This guy had an ILLINOIS tag. Its un clear if he had insurance, most likley not. I have to wait for police report. Two years ago on Christmas morning a car load of drunk illegals crashed in front of my home. Same thing, no license, ILLINOIS tag.$200 fine and hes still driving daily. Uggh. Real problems but nothing gets done about it. Here in Red Hook we have had pedestrians run over, and even killed. But you will not see these stories in the news. Pretty scary. Definatly loss of quality of life. Moreover taxes keep going up to support them and their offspring while they send their earnings home.
The laws are not applied equally here. All illegals get a free pass!

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Comment by Jerry White on October 4, 2010 at 10:41pm
Aren't they supposed to be arrested for not having a valid drivers license?
Comment by JMM on October 4, 2010 at 10:52pm
No, they get an appearance ticket, same as DWIs with them. When they appear, they get an interpretator and a public defender, at taxpayer expense. Very frustrating! Meanwhile citizens in court are asked to prove their income while the "undocumented" are taken at their word. I watched the dwi guy play out in court. He was driving and buying more beer the next day. Social Service workers are also told they "must take the undocumented at their word" They get services for their US born children, housing, food, medical, while the working men in the housholds sendtheir earnings home via the Mexican grocery store, which mainly serves as a money transfer station. NY will be right behind California going broke.
If these facts would only get reported on by the media. They are here for a better life. What about the American taxpayer struggling for a better life while we have to support them and deal with their daily crimes. Uggh!
Comment by JMM on October 4, 2010 at 10:55pm
In NY, if you read an article about a crime and the adult perpatrators name is left out, generally this means it was an illegal. Liberal NY is a sanctuary for illegals. They are protected even from bad p.r.!


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