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Why do I view Obama's Afghanistan speech lacking in leadership quality, but a great "advertisement for no-doz?"

Cadets were going to sleep, as the speech for the most part was a regurgitation of Obama's campaign rhetoric, more of a pandering to political positions of the left, right, and independent...something for everyone but nothing of a convincing nature in tone, emotion, conviction, or notice to the Afghan government, that indicated the commander in chief was speaking and committed to "winning. And surprise, surprise, Obama just couldn't help looking backward as the crutch for his own indecision, lack of commitment, and box he can't wiggle out.

A war of necessity, our national security is at stake, but Obama quibbles over his Generals requested troop requirement. No explanation why 30K vis-a-vis 40K troops as the decision? Taliban/al Qaeda are a serious threat to the world but our advanced warning we'll go away in 18 months, depending on conditions on the ground should confuse even the butchers...I suspect they will continue harassing action but generally take a vacation and emerge in about 19 months. Something about winning scares the shit out of politicians.

Interesting that the commander in chief wants Marines deployed before Christmas and Army troops immediately after New Year, while he took several months to decide the obvious. I know some are paddling the boat, but the boat is rudderless. The sad aspect is the people paddling the boat are losing their lives and limbs, but those that should have control of the rudder haven't a clue, nor does their lack of attention indicate they care!

We must find a way to remove the threats to America, for sure. But where does the greatest threat lie? The United States Congress and the current Administration may be a greater threat to freedom than the threat from without. Until "we the people" stand up, commit ourselves to restoring the United States Constitution and Republic Principles, we'll wallow in the deceitful, despicable, camouflage of freedom and liberty being shoved down our throats by bought and paid for politicians that have only one focus........."themselves". The policy, programs, and promises for America coming from Washington, D.C. is nothing short of a hoax.

Many may remember the old Fram oil filter commercial "Pay me now or pay me later" meaning take action before the engine explodes. America is at the same crossroads the Fram filter commercial reflects....we can take the threat to our freedom at home seriously now, while we can do something about it in a non-violent manner, or pay in blood later.......

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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