The Obama administration from the start has been attempting to trash the constitution of the United States. The economy of the Nation was alright when he took office.  Yes, it was going down. George W. Busch, a member of the New World Order which is causing a great deal of the constitutional emergency had been messing things up for four years and O bama doubled the mess in less than four years.


Now. we are at a pomt where we are most likely going to have to fight in order to survive. The military has stopped taking orders from Obama and there is a court case about that going on now.  They do not wish to kill or capture innocent Americans and that is what O bama and his crew of Muslims and Czars are tryng to do. FEMA already has the concentration camps and gas chambers in place.  They are staffed and ready. One must suppose that a Gestapo like force is in existence as well.  This is what Obama  wants. He calls veterans, jews, the elderly,Republican voters, Tea Party members and all that are against him terrorist and he has the right given him by the NDAA bill of 2011 to arrest these people and anyone else with out a charge, and hold them indefinitely. This is just like Hitler.  He is just like Hitler. He has to be stopped like Hitler.


Our constitution is the body of laws and regulations we live by and have for over 200 years and have done very well. The crisis is here it is real and the Emergency could not be greater. We have to come together as a nation and fight this dictator and defeat him. Elections, are 11 months away and he is not going to wait that long. We have to be ready now and not be afraid to die for the constitution. It is bad, but true that is the only way we stay free. The New World Order will be in place and the UN will be in charge. That is the end of America as we know it. All Americans have a choice and that choice must be thought out and acted upon now. What you do is up to you.  I will join many of the patroits and fight for freedom for a third time. I know it will be the final time. Under God, I choose to live and when my time comes He will call me home. Until then, I will fight for freedom and the constitution. 

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