Constitutional Emergency

Obama Finalizes The USSR of America - THINK ABOUT THE FOLLOWING! ! !

1) Hussain Obama, your 'p'resident, finds an excuse to declare a National Emergency and declares Martial Law.

2) Homeland Security as in place TSA Fondlers, not only in place to control/stop Air Travel, but Train, Bus and at all State Borders.

3) Homeland Security has placed on alert the 90,000 man Army Battalion that is Trained to Control Civil Unrest.

4) Obama's 250,000 man Army of Enforces are in position across the country.

5) The Quisling Gates has recalled all Military, National Guard and the Reserves and Restricted all Members to their Base.

6) All Unions go on Strike, this includes:

a) All Firemen and Police;

b) All Movement of Goods in America to include Food and Fuel Distribution Centers by Semi, Truck or Train;

c) All City, County. State and Federal Employs;

d) All Medical People at all Hospitals;

e) All Union members at all TV and Radio Stations;

f) ETC, ETC;

7) All with the bulk of our Military Deployed Overseas.

Every American needs to consider the above and be prepared for the worst.

Can the 'p'resident do this - What's to Stop Him? ? ?

Full Implementation of all the above can and will Control the Nation.

Will all union members and members of Our Military follow these Orders, of course not.

The Question is will enough Obey to put America under Occupation by Obama? ? ?

Will any Foreign Nations Support this Occupation and Control over all Americans and All Things American? ? ?

I have posted many warnings about all of the above, as have many others and as I see the insidious controls put in place at every level, I am Damn Well Afraid for America - Are You? ? ?

TSGT Clough

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Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 7:40am
You Sound like the typical trained provocateur, that supports Hussain Obama, his Obamanation Administration and the Progressive/Marxist in congress - bet you voted for all of them.
Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 8:45am

A. Patriot

All very true, more people need to listen and act, and some like Truckdrivingfool seem to support the unions that inclusion with the Obamanation Government  that would extablish the "USSR of America. I know not all Union Members support this, but they still allow the Union Leaders to Support Obama which is support by default.


TSGT Clough

Comment by Channing Kimball on January 2, 2011 at 8:48am
I agree with you truckdrivingfool but let add the season should always be open!on the serious side obama is doing the same thing Hitler did with the brown shirts in the 1930s WAKE UP AMERICA and get your gun!
Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 8:56am

My Problem is that he is duing it with the Support of the Unions, Unions I know from their history are Communist. Knowing this why stay in the Unions - I know that they have such control that it may be dificult to work in any given area, but should Honor not Come First? ? ?


TSGT Clough

Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 9:11am

Recommend that those like Harms_62 and CHanning Kimball take the time to read the following your support of Unions even if it is by default supports this Obamanation Government and people like CINDY WILLIAMS.

Have you ever served. These young Men and Women serve out of Patriotism and God Knows not for their Salaries. They Have Put Honor First, by supporting these Communist Unions even by default are you?


TSGT Clough


From: Jason
Subject: FW: Military Pay
Date: Saturday, January 1, 2011, 10:10 PM

If you get this more than once, feel honored that you know more than one

person who supports our military and appreciates what they do.
If you don't forward it, you don't deserve their sacrifice.

CINDY WILLIAMS was appointed by Obama as an Assistant Director for
NATIONAL SECURITY in the Congressional Budget Office.....

Military Pay

This is an Airman's response to Cindy Williams' editorial piece in the
Washington Times about MILITARY PAY, it should be printed in all
newspapers across America .

Ms. Cindy William wrote a piece for the Washington Times denouncing the
pay raise(s) coming service members' way this year citing that she
stated a 13% wage increase was more than they deserve.

A young airman from Hill AFB responds to her article below. He ought to
get a bonus for this.

"Ms Williams:
I just had the pleasure of reading your column, "Our GI's earn enough"
and I am a bit confused. Frankly, I'm wondering where this vaunted
overpayment is going, because as far as I can tell, it disappears every
month between DFAS (The Defense Finance and Accounting Service) and my
bank account. Checking my latest earnings statement I see that I make
$1,117.80 before taxes per month. After taxes, I take home $874.20.
When I run that through the calculator, I come up with an annual salary
of $13,413.60 before taxes, and $10,490.40 after.

I work in the Air Force
Network Control Center where I am part of the
team responsible for a 5,000 host computer network. I am involved with
infrastructure segments, specifically with Cisco Systems equipment. A
quick check under jobs for "Network Technicians" in the Washington ,
D.C. Area reveals a position in my career field, requiring three years€
â„¢ experience in my job. Amazingly, this job does NOT pay $13,413.60 a
year. No, this job is being offered at $70,000 to $80,000 per
annum........... I'm sure you can draw the obvious conclusions.

Given the tenor of your column, I would assume that you NEVER had the
pleasure of serving your country in her armed forces..
Before you take it upon yourself to once more castigate congressional
and DOD leadership for attempting to get the families in the military's
lowest pay brackets off of WIC and food stamps, I suggest that you join
a group of deploying soldiers headed for
AFGHANISTAN ; I leave the
choice of service branch up to you. Whatever choice you make though, opt
for the SIX month rotation: it will guarantee you the longest possible
time away from your family and friends, thus giving you full "deployment

As your group prepares to board the plane, make sure to note the spouses
and children who are saying good-bye to their loved ones. Also take care
to note that several families are still unsure of how they'll be able to
make ends meet while the primary breadwinner is gone. Obviously they've
been squandering the "vast" piles of cash the government has been giving

Try to deploy over a major holiday; Christmas and Thanksgiving are
perennial favorites. And when you're actually over there, sitting in a
foxhole, shivering against the cold desert night, and the flight
sergeant tells you that there aren't enough people on shift to relieve
you for chow, remember this: trade whatever MRE's (meal-ready-to-eat)
you manage to get for the tuna noodle casserole or cheese tortellini,
and add Tabasco to everything. This gives some flavor.

Talk to your loved ones as often as you are permitted; it won't be
nearly long enough or often enough, but take what you can get and be
thankful for it. You may have picked up on the fact that I disagree with
most of the points you present in your open piece.

But, tomorrow from KABUL , I will defend to the death your right to say it.

You see, I am an American fighting man, a guarantor of your First
Amendment right and every other right you cherish...On a daily basis, my
brother and sister soldiers worldwide ensure that you and people like
you can thumb your collective noses at us, all on a salary that is
nothing short of pitiful and under conditions that would make most
people cringe. We hemorrhage our best and brightest into the private
sector because we can't offer the stability and pay of civilian

And you, Ms. Williams, have the gall to say that we make more than we

A1C Michael Bragg, Hill AFB AFNCC
Comment by Don Nelson on January 2, 2011 at 11:28am
This post is disconcerting to the point of ridiculousness. The items you cite are not going to happen either collectively or singly. These may be examples of your fear, however, they are not valid or likely to occur. You even cite yourself as an example of why it won’t and can’t happen.

If fact, your post is dangerous in and of itself. Your post scares people who fail to think through your projections and accept them as fact. Your position as the number three poster carries with it a responsibility to place well thought through ideas on this message board. This does not rise to that level.

I do not doubt your sincerity one iota, however, lets look at each item:

TSA employees lack authority to control/stop air travel but every other form of travel you identify. Nor are they armed or trained to do so thus, there must be a major shift to have your view become reality.

I think it is wise HSA has placed 90k Army on alert for civil disobedience. As you know, the Army has been training for civil disobedience for many years if not decades as that training has application in most, if not all, countries where we choose to go acting as the world’s policeman.

I am surprised there are 250k Army in country today, assuming it is accurate, the number itself is silly. How can 250k control 300 million citizens? Further, out of 250k, how many are willing to take up arms against fellow Americans?  Follow orders from Washington?

Secretary Gates is least likely to act as Quisling under any circumstance. Further, restricting military to their base in the scenario you describe is not likely to be followed as , they too, are Americans and will not obey an unlawful order NOR are they required to via their oath. I KNOW you would not, thereby proving my point.

Union members are Americans as well. What makes you think they will choose to strike under your scenario? Firemen and police are least likely to participate in such a throttling of American values, they personify what is good about America.

As to truck drivers, have you ever met a unpatriotic truck driver? I thought not. Thus, why would these wonderful Americans participate in the shutting down of America?

City, county, and state employees I include in those that also would not be actors in your play.

What medical person is going to deny anyone medical attention when such an uprising is going on? Will they just go home to their families and wait it out? I think not.

Your point about radio and TV personnel is just plain ludricous, they would be working to record the greatest story of all time. You make it sound as if they could/would strike as well. Plus, their actual numbers are tiny.

Should the President even attempt to do as you think, there are millions of us who would stop him including you and myself and other participants in this site as well as many others we either know about or also contribute to.

There are not enough citizens who would participate to have America under occupation by anyone! Thus, your suppositions are not valid. Further, no foreign nation would support such a move. Would, or has, the United States ever supported such a move by leaders against the citizens?

As I said earlier, I do not doubt your sincerity and I am certain you mean well, however, please consider the negative impact of even raising the concept. Publishing such a list is not as much a warning as it is detrimental to the country we both love. Please consider changing your view.

Many thanks for your continuing service.
Comment by Dr. Ronald W. Cutburth on January 2, 2011 at 11:53am
This is part of the plan to break America up into regions. Recall Obama created the committee of governors. I think 5 governors that Obama picked are to represent 10 states each. This will allow Obama to try to control the US by one region at a time. This is a plan developed by the One worlders before 1950. This was written about by the John Birch Society.  The answer to this is to insure that guns are not conficsated in any of the regions. Local militias must take care of the county issues. They should work with their Sheriff to insure no gun confiscation. With that then no road blocks will work unless set up by militia. Road blocks are the keys. Stock up on ammo, food, essentials, and make a good home and community defense. Plan an 80% sniper war. millions of American rifle owners and many with sniper skills will stop any road block plans by the Obama commies. The communists have always under estimated the resolve of the American People. Nothing has changed.
Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 10:45pm



Your name defiantly speaks for you, and you could have at least got mine correct or perhaps that's part of the insults you use when someone disagrees with you or points out your errors.

I will not get  into a Name calling exchange of Insults with a Provocateur., it not worth the effort and is not something I want to distract the Real Patriots with on this site.


TSGT Clough


Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 10:48pm

How very curious, we seem to have an invisible Mr. Pipps? ? ?


TSGT Clough

Comment by Uvin A. Clough JR., TSGT, USAF, RET. on January 2, 2011 at 10:56pm

American Me,

"but please remove the tinfoil hat and stop listening to the aforementioned asshats Jones and Ventura if indeed you are so doing. "


What is this supposed to mean.  Why would you insult me re "tinfoil Hat' and just who are the "Aformentioned asshats Jones and Ventura? ? ? I've never heard of them.


TSGT Clough


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