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For me there is only one person I trust the country to right now and yes... it's Lt. Col (r) Congressman Allen West. For reasons that I can elaborate on if anyone asks, Allen West is...

1. The only one that can beat Obama by the margins that will be needed.

2. The only one I trust in government with the safety of our Republic.


Even at this late date you can help get him on the ballot...

I've been thinking about what it would take to convince Congressman West to run for POTUS before it's too late and something occurred to me that we should have been doing all along.... We should be putting A LOT of pressure on Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. It is he, with a contingent of power brokers and deep pocket money people that go to possible candidates and convince them to run.

If we did this we have to keep in mind that we would be asking an 'Establishment Republican' leader to take up a cause that may not really appeal to them simply because West has a tremendous support from Tea Party people. However, if he sees that the GOP is in deep trouble as far as candidates are concerned, he would be forced to look at almost anyone that is a member of the Republican Party. 


Republican National Committee | 310 First Street | Washington, D. C. 20003
telephone 202.863.8500 | fax 202.863.8820 | email


It would also be extremely helpful if we put together some sort of campaign to run for the next couple of weeks that has only one purpose in mind... Tell the GOP they won't get a dime out of any of us until they make a concerted effort to recruit West. I realize this is the tactic of someone that sounds desperate, but being completely honest... these are desperate times. If we lose to Obama we may experience what hell-on-earth is like. Every fiber of my being tells me that West could destroy Obama in any and all debates and THE PEOPLE would rise to elect him in a historic landslide. But he has to be in the game in order to win it!

Any and all ideas as to how we could pressure the Chairman of the Republican National Committee are welcome here. And don't be afraid to do whatever you can on your own to do the same. I just think that many hands makes the work light, and more efficient. Also give us your thoughts if you think this idea has merit or not.


Let me leave you with something that I was informed about tonight on another website...



Go West!

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Comment by Tish on October 2, 2011 at 11:31am
As much as I'd like to see West jump in, I'm seriously doubting his willingness to do so.  We've been after him for months to no avail.  I DO think he would take on a role in the Cabinet or DoD, but not the "prime spot" as President.  Should Cain continue to make gains, we may be in a better position to pressure HIM to appoint West to our position of choice.  One thing's for sure:  the race card would be a dead issue with either of them!  With that said, I HAVE written an e-mail to Priebus.
Comment by Clarence E. DeBarrows on October 2, 2011 at 12:43pm
While I was an early strong supporter of West I became disenchanted with him when he decided to join the CBC.  That organization consists of members who stand for division not inclusion in that they support hyphenated American thinking and that is a prime factor in the problems our Country faces today.  West has a commendable record behind him and he comes across as a strong Constitutionalist, but his association with the CBC stands as a large questionmark regarding his current judgement.
Comment by David Swanson on October 2, 2011 at 2:19pm

Just a reminder... The closest West has come to saying he's not running is "I am not running at this time for the office..." 

Being a student of "words do matter", I take that statement to say that he's not ready to say 'no'. West chooses his words very carefully, and knowing that, I can guarantee that if he was definitely NOT going to run he would have dropped the word "at". Yet he uses the very same phrase in speeches, interviews, and in the many correspondences he is famous for. I have personally gotten a fair share of hand written answers from him on the very subject. And in each and every one of them he uses the same phrase. When he drops the word "at", or when it's too late to file, then I will give up on asking him to serve his country one last time.

This country desperately needs a hero right now, and looking at the landscape of possibilities, Allen West is my choice! There is none other running that comes close to his integrity or leadership abilities. And for those that say he lacks business experience keep missing the core of the problem, we don't need a president that knows how to run a business, we simply need a president that knows that Government needs to get out of the way of the Capitalist system and let it do what it does best. He is smart enough to unleash the creativity and abilities of the great American economic engine, while he concentrates on keeping us safe from our many enemies right here at home and from abroad, and tear down every Marxist ideal that Obama has put in place.

He is the hero we need!


Comment by Christine Ulferts on October 2, 2011 at 2:54pm
I would love for West to run, but, if he doesn't want to run and doesn't have the desire to run, then he will be defeated.  Christie is a rino and wants the deathcare bill and amnesty.   I think Coiulkter has gone over to the dark side with her stand on gay marriage and her demandiong that Christie run.  No true conservative wants Christie. Let him stay in N. Jersey and finish his job!
Comment by phrowt on October 2, 2011 at 6:19pm

David, I admire your passion and loyalty to your candidate.  I wanted West in the beginning.  I won't go over covered ground, but he is now an incumbent Congressional Representative as is Michele Bachmann.  They, all incumbents and member of the 111th Congress have been informed of the lack of qualifications and fraudulent activities of the current WH occupant.  They have become part of the problem and guilty of misprison of felony.  They have forfit their right to lead our country.  I think the reason there is no consensus of a Republican candidate due to this fact alone.  You may find that Herman Cain, of all those running has not been tainted with this problem.  However, no matter the candidate, they must believe and support the WHOLE Constitution, not just the part they like or that gets them the most votes.  That is my guide for the candidate that I will support when one finally shows up.  Before someone out there gets crazy, NO I will not vote for Obama or a third party candidate.  I made that mistake once.


Semper Fi

Comment by william e grant on October 2, 2011 at 6:58pm
Comment by David Swanson on October 2, 2011 at 8:54pm


I have gotten two different dates in November as the answer so I'm just telling people we have until the end of October to draft him.

I know and understand the difficulty that we face at such a late date, but I keep reminding myself that George Washington was a reluctant candidate also. And we all know how that turned out.... thank God!

Comment by David Swanson on October 2, 2011 at 9:51pm


I fully and completely agree.

For those that are still not sure of their pick, let me suggest something that I did back in March of this year in a class I was taking (yep, in my mid 50's and still learning)... Make up a chart for yourself of all the candidates we have running at the present time. You can draw it up any way you like, just make sure you include one column for the positives and one for the negatives for each. Then add something that people say should NOT be a part of your decision making process, add a column for how you feel about each candidate. Yes, I know it sounds like an exercise in progressive touchy-feelly psycho babble, but if anyone tries to tell me their emotions don't play into their decisions of who they vote for, I will politely tell them they are not facing reality. We all do it. 

Ok, for the hard part. Write down the top 5 issues that worry you the most, or the top 5 that are most important to you. Then write each candidates name under the issues 1 thru 5 that you think that candidate would most likely tackle in earnest. This exercise will not hand out a points system to any one candidate but it will start to form in your mind who would be your likely winner. The final part of the exercise is the hardest for people to admit to but it's necessary for you to look at reality squarely in the eyes.

Now that you have gotten a good feel for the person that would be the best candidate as far as you are concerned, pick your top 3 and list them in order of favorite in # 1 spot down to least favorite in the # 3 spot. Look at the 3 you have chosen and ask yourself which of those 3 are the most likely to be able to beat Obama in the General Election. You must keep in mind of how the Media and the Left manipulates how Americans think and make your decision on NOT on how you see your favorite candidate, but on how you think the voting public see's your favorite. This is hard because we all have a bit of ego invested in our favorite and as Americans we all hate being wrong. But in order for you to decide where to spend your time and money, and your vote, you have to be honest with yourself.

Now look at how your favorite candidate stacks-up against their chances of being elected by the general public to be our next president. Most of you, if you have been honest with yourself, won't be happy.

I have only had a few friends actually try this exercise with me so I cannot give you some specific scientific results, but I can tell you that each and every one of them came away from the exercise very concerned. It became clear to them that we are sorely lacking a candidate that beat can Obama.

Here's the part that I left out on purpose... My friends and I are convinced that it's going to take a win by at least a 20 point margin in order to beat Obama. Simply put, if we have a candidate that wins by a small margin, the win will end up going to Obama. I have written about this on other sites but in short terms... Obama has what I like to call "Obama's re-election Thug Army". These are far-left anti-American groups and organizations that cannot afford him to lose. Some of them have been working towards the collapse of the USA for at least 60 years and they almost have us by our balls. His Thug Army WILL steal this election for Obama! Even placing poll-watchers at every polling location isn't going to stop them, Eric Holder has made sure of that when he let the 2 Black Panther dirt-bags walk free after they were clearly intimidating voters in Philly back in 2008. That was the green light for the formation of a Thug Army. So other than covering each polling site with armed patriots, the only other way to beat him this time is with overwhelming numbers. He must be beaten in a landslide. Otherwise this country will be set on fire.


In closing I would like to caution everyone about the following... Do not listen to thos

Comment by Shane Christiansen on October 3, 2011 at 12:03pm

You called it phrowt NOT ONE IS WORTHY of my WHITEHOUSE! They are all GUILTY and I for one will not alter the U.S. CONSTITUTION to serve my personal satisfaction it stands as it was written or it doe's not stand at all.

38 Years ago I swore to protect those documents and I meant it are founders stood for those documents a lot of men and women have given their all for those documents and I for one will not diminish the sacrifice they gave by altering the meaning of those documents.

Comment by David Swanson on October 3, 2011 at 5:49pm

How often do you see a sitting Congressman proudly carry the American Flag for an entire 5 mile run? This photo was taken over the weekend where West participated in something called "Dunn's Run" in his district in southern Florida.


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