Open letter to the 435 Congress members, One President, and Nine Supreme Court Justices

Who On God's Beautiful Earth do you 435 people really think you are? Do you represent the almost 300 plus million American Citizens who voted to put you in offices you now hold (of course we did not vote for you Supreme Court Justices and many of you would not now be serving if we had)? Surely if your answer is yes, you really do not believe that we also believe that do you? Come on now is there a Constitutional Crisis over the President's birthplace, his eligibility to serve as President not to mention as a United States Senator? If you answer no to this you really do not believe that we all believe you do you? Are you all so naive as to believe also that we do not know what you are trying to do in the name of Socialism, higher taxes, incredibly higher deficites (the highest of any country in the history of the world) and you plan to impose even higher taxes and adopt even more irresponsibile legislation making slaves of all of us? You really do believe you are omnipotent do you not? If you answered yes to these questions you really are over the edge and you really do deserve what is coming your way.

Let me see if I have all of this straight. We have a national health crisis that needs to have a Government run program that will not only bankrupt us but will deny most of us that have legitimate and adequate health care not to mention the best health care of any country in the world (the opinions of your bastardized news media clowns notwithstanding), and you believe that you can come up with a less costly government run program that will tax us into oblivion and take away the best health care program in the world? If you answered yes to this question, you are dumber than a post and need to lose your job immediately and should run down and resign before we get there to run you out of office on a rail and maybe even tar and feather you as examples of how socialists who have no clue about what the Constitution they swore to uphold means let alone have read it. Do you actually believe that you can pass another bail out bill further exacerbating a hopelessly bankrupt notion that throwing our grandchildren's heritage and their grandchildren's children into a forever morass of debt? Well then you need to guess again because again more than 300 million of us citizens who put you where you are neither want nor agree that any of these actions were warranted or necessary.

Now correct me again if I am wrong but do we not have an unfair tax code? You wrote it why is it unfair? What do you intend to do about it in the next 90 to 120 days (we do not give you much more time than this to straighten this mess out), Please let the American people know before we remove you from your jobs what you intend to do about it?

And, is our budget in the Red? Again why, since you are responsible for passing the largest spending bill in the history of our country and nothing and we mean NOTHING has been accomplished by it and our unemployment which was one of the so-called reasons for action on this fiasco is higher than it has been in decades perhaps in the last fifty years. Quickly now what do you intend to do about it?

And why if there all these problems and you and you alone are responsible for making them happen do you keep blaming President Bush? You and you alone have the authority to create and pass the spending bills, you and you alone have the authority to regulate funding for all our nation's needs, and yet we have the largest deficits in history and you and the President and the Silent Supremes made it happen and still you blame President Bush? When are you going to do what is right and correct these problems and do it now? And how much longer do you think that We the People will let you represent us when you do not even read the legislation you are passing.....And since when do you let one Congressman (woman) tell the rest of you what you are going to vote or not vote for or whom? And since when is it ok for that Congresswoman to demand her own airplane large enough for some 200 people to fly just her and a couple of her aids home to California and back for three days a week of work in Washington, D. C. and at a cost in the millions?

And what collosal nerve honoring a pedophile while true heros are dying daily on the battle field? You 435 people just do not truly get it do you. Your corruption has reached such monumental proportions that We the People can no longer tolerate it and we no longer wish to see your biased and socialistic programs enacted into laws here in our precious country just as you have effectively ruined our schools, our freedom of religion our individual Constitutional rights guaranteed by the amendments to that beloved and revered document. You have trampled on our flag, the honor the integrity, the loyalty of our troops and indeed you have actually tried to openly show that you have no respect for the sacrifices that they and all our first responders have made and make to keep this country as great as she has been for more than 230 years.

We are tired of your tiresome complaining about republicans and democrats and indendents and how they bicker and fight against what is needed to correct the worst of our problems not to mention maintain what makes this country so wonderful and great. It may interest each of you to know that people in Europe who used to want to emigrate to this country no longer wish to because they see what you, YES YOU 435 people have done to ruin it for all of us and now you are about to ruin it for yourselves.

Oh yes, there are those that say that a conflagration is coming and that the bankers and wealthy are the only ones that are going to survive after 2012, but I have a message for you and for all of them. We the People are still in charge and we are not going to go quietly into the night while you walk over our bodies to get where you think you are going to take this country. Give it up now before we come for you and take your jobs away from you and physically if necessary throw you out of office. You really do not get it for if you did you would know that the vast majority of us out here in middle America have acquired the ability to read, comprehend and yes read the very legislation that you did not when you voted it into law. And we do not like what we read. We do not like it that you who are the ones responsible have done NOTHING to correct the problems except bitch about how President Bush caused the problems. Well we do not buy it any more. We know he was not perfect, but we also know he believed in God and he believed in our troops and he believed in our country which frankly is more than we can say about the liars leading you today. Face it you folks are going home in August and many of you will not be coming back because you are going to be recalled for your acts to date and what you have planned for our future.

One final point before I finish this rant. And that is that today there are taxes on every facet of our lives and they are not just Congressionally mandated, they are State and locally mandated as well. One hundred years ago we had none of these taxes and we were the richest country in the world. And indeed Moms stayed home and Dads brought home the bacon. No more, now all have to work just to have a little left over to still live the American dream while you give most of it away to people who are not even in our country legally and we cannot even get assistance for our poorest because they are citizens without representation. Think about it for it is one of the final reasons for your soon to be joblessness. You 435 folks are on your way out and sooner than you think because you are the ones that created the problems this country now faces and a pretender to the Presidency now says he is going to change......No, No, No, We the People are going to make the Change and it will be finally a change WE THE PEOPLE can live with but not you, no indeed not you unless you can suddenly make things right and do the right things and very very quickly. Start with voting no for Sotomayor, voting no for new taxes, voting no for health care run by the Government, voting no for a second bailout and finally for overhauling all those tax laws and eliminating them from our tax code as unneeded and unnecessary. Get to it folks the clock is running......

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Comment by USA1Patriot on July 28, 2009 at 7:33pm
In addition, let my voice join with Rich's voice and ythe voices of counless millions of REAL Americans, and remind you that no person went without medial help and costs were less than half, until government, the Democrats to be exact, toss America's future aside with the additional pozi scheme of Medicre and Medicade.

What part of let the market control prices don't you understand?

Now you leftist freaks are attempting to make "healthcare", a right. Wrongo bucko's... for to do that, you better change the US Constitution ... but you die old and grey before America allows you that abuse.

Americans ahve been taking care of Americans, longer than we've had a country.. most all of it, without the corrupt hands of big government in our hip pocket.

So, you intellectual midgets now in power have a choice. Resign or face the wrath of the American people.. not hose that Acorn pretends are out here.

You think yourselves brighter than the Taxpayers. But ask yourselves, what kind of idiot would think taking bread out of the mouths of children, destroying faith and this country.. can be done without recourse by your victims.

Don't press your luck.. get out of Washington before the people arrive.. for the tidalwave of American passion and love of country will surely sweep you into the toilet... where you belong.
Comment by Thomas Adair on July 28, 2009 at 9:18pm
AMEN USA1Patriot! AMEN!!


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