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Yesterday I heard another athlete took a fall from grace.

A shame yes. It, to me, appears to be reacted to with a little to much charisma. Reason being, while I do agree, Mr. Phelps made a major error in judgement, millions of young minds may well think you can smoke pot and break records in the pool. That is a cross he will have to bear, not the media, not the pundits, not you or I, just Phelps.

In a way I feel the need to come to his defense a little, he is a young man that made a mistake. Can we say the same thing for Bill Clinton, who, while holding the highest office in the land put out a shamefull role model, but yet he is loved by liberals the world over. Or what about JFK, he can do Mafia girlfriends and have schools and ships named after him. Or, of late, Daschle and Geitner, prove to Americans you can evade taxes and still win appointment into a Presidential cabinet. When looked at, a photo op with a bong isn't so bad, is it?

As long as we have leaders on the national level doing shamefull and sinfull things in full view of the public eye, we are in no position to cast stones at a young Olympic record holder for holding a bong. When Clinton was in office shaming the nation Phelps was most likely at an age where his young mind can be adversely effected by a poor role model, I find it surprising he did not have a young married woman in a blue dress holding the bong for him and striking the match.

Mind you I am not making excuses for such a boneheaded move, he should have known better. I am trying to get people to look at the situation through a 360 degree lens. We live in a moraless society today, this is just a byproduct of it. We are born unto sin, of an evil nature, the Bible talks about this, we are all prone to err.

Keep in mind unlike Bonds or Big Mac, Phelps did not try and weasel his way through this. He quickly accepted responability and put out a statement adamently apologising and vowing to not repeat the mistake. There should be something said for a young man, like Phelps who accepts the err of his ways faster and of more character then the 40 somethings of Major League baseball that have repeatedly lied to investigators and the courts..

Just my two cents.

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