Constitutional Emergency

Plan 2012

Executive Summery

The Goal

To exert the maximum amount of influence on Congressional, State, and local elections to effect the election of Constitutionalist into office in order to retake or strengthen our control of the major political bodies from the House of Representatives down to the City/Town Counsel and School Committee level over the next two election cycles. The end state we seek being either, a reborn Conservative Republican Party or a Constitutionally focused third Party.

The Concept

As a movement identify and then support Conservative/Constitutionalist elected officials and candidates with our combined political influence in the 2010 election. Or when no candidate or incumbent exists engineer the defeat of an incumbent in the 2012 election in order to facilitate the election of a Constitutionalist/Conservative in the 2012 election.

Opening Statement

We are divided: Divided by names, Divided by beliefs, and Divided by distance. We do not have a national leadership. We do not have a plan to influence the political process at any level. What good does all the work, all the organizing, and all the protests do if in four years the same politicians are in office destroying our economy and our constitution.

This is the result of three discussions and blog posts I placed on numerous Group Sites. It is based on feed back from individuals on groups like this. This is not a finished document so please read and comment as often and with as much detail as you can. Each one of the Post and discussions are still open for your review and comment.

Analysis of the Situation

The primary non political factor that was considered when developing Plan 2012 was time. Many of us believe we are already out of time. Others of us say that time is on our side. While still other believe we are not out of time but still only have a short period of time.

For those of you who feel we are out of time:

Our founding fathers believed we should exhaust every political option before resorting to other options. The other options are why we have the Second Amendment. The problem lies with the people of this country for as Jefferson said “all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed”. This Country has become numb to the inheritance our founders provided for us. It is easy to steal away something your victim never new they had. While I sympathies with you our nation is not yet ready, any action you take now will be seen as no different then those taken on September 11. We have not reached the point were the people of the nation are ready for your proposals. It even took a year and three months after Lexington and Concord before we declared our intemperance. So I don’t know why you believe you would have the support of the people of this county if you were to take action your self. If you act now you will not be around to tell the rest of us how rite you were. I would ask that you stay involved in the discussion for we may all need you in the years to come. I have begun making my plans if our Lexington and Concord come. I ask you do the same for we may all need you one day. I just pray we never do.

For those who feel time is on our side:

We have seen the speed that the current administration has moved in the last four and a half months to usurp our Constitution. The brazen manner in witch this President says our Constitution is an “essential constraint” on actions he believes need to be taken. I would ask what actions does this man won’t to take that the Constitution restrains him from taking. All of this while they must still plan for re-election in 2012. What actions will he take once he is no longer restrained by the one thing that all politicians are afraid of; the peoples vote. After the Second World War England embarked on a project to fully socialize their county. The Conservative Party lead by Winston Churchill opposed this plan in the election of 1945 and was soundly defeated. The Labor party ruled Brittan for six years. These six years were followed by thirteen years of Conservative Party rule. Over these thirteen years of rule they were never able to turn back the process of socialization. If the man who is credited it with saving Brittan during World War II couldn’t first stop the onset of Socialism and then turn it back, what amount of time do you think it will take one of us. Franklin said “When the people find that they can vote themselves money; that will herald the end of the republic”. We are on that precipice that Franklin wormed us of. We only have a short period of time to stem and turn the march to Socialism.

It is for preceding reasons it is felt we have until the 2012 election. This plan is designed to retake the House of Representative and as many State Legislatures and Town Councils as possible prior to and during the 2012 elections.

The Rational

Why just the House of Representatives and State level elections and not the Senate or Presidency?

More and smaller elections. Every member of the House of Representatives is coming up for reelection in both 2010 and 2012. The more numerous and closer to the people the election the easier it is to influence. With a two year cycle if a mistake is made or if we wish to remove a Moderate or Liberal candidate in a contestable race we can do so and run or back, our own candidate in two years.

Within the Senate only 1/3 of its member comes up for reelection each cycle. If we were to attempt to influence these races the likelihood of making a difference in the balance of power in small. Why waste our time and energy in areas that won’t make a difference.

Every spending bill originates in the House. Control it and control the money.

Why State legislatures?

All of the points made concerning the size and scale of the House of Representatives races hold true to the State elections. In addition if we fail to stop the Progressives on the Federal level we will need the State Governments as a backstop to the unconstitutional power of the Federal Government.


The Goal

Our goal should be to exert the maximum amount of influence on Congressional, State, and local elections to effect the election of Constitutionalist into office in order to retake or strengthen our control of the major political bodies from the House of Representatives down to the City/Town Counsel and School Committee level over the next two election cycles. . The end state we seek being either, a reborn Conservative Republican Party or a Constitutionally focused third Party.

The Concept

As a movement identify and then support Conservative/Constitutionalist elected officials and candidates with our combined political influence in the 2010 election. Or when no candidate or incumbent exists engineer the defeat of an incumbent in the 2012 election in order to facilitate the election of a Constitutionalist/Conservative in the 2012 election.


There are four tools we have available to influence elections; our money, our voices, our time and our votes. By combing these four tools as a movement we can affect the balance of power over the whole of the nation. We could never compete in every individual race so for the sake of simplicity there are only two types of races contestable and uncontestable. We simply leverage all our tools in uncontestable races and focus them into the contestable.


Step one: Organize

The following are the levels of organization that have historically been the foundation for any political movement or party in this country: Precinct, Ward, Town, County/Parish, State Representative District and State Senate District witch often overlap, U.S. House Representative District a State and then National level organizations. For the purpose of this plan the U.S. House District is the highest level of organization needed.

The semblance of National and State Organizations are present within the Groups we are already members of. The problem is we are all on different groups. I know of seven state groups in Rhodes Island alone. This is the first aspect that should be addressed. The National Leaders of each Group would need to work together through their state coordinators and e-mail directories to establish unified state comities. The most obvious initial members of these comities would be the existing state coordinators.

The first actions these committees would need to take would be to organize committees at the town level. Since the state and town/zip code are the most readily available contact information this makes the most logical sense. At this time this is most likely the lowest level the existing online Groups could establish further organization would need to take place by the individuals in each town by ward and precinct. Then up from town, too county/parish, too the State levels addressed earlier.

The first step once all the towns’ members meet would be to elect a leadership committee. Depending on the size of the town group this committee could comprise the entire group. Once town committees are organized these bodies would elect representatives to the state committees to assist the existing leadership. It would be the responsibility of the state and town committees to develop and implement the most efficient leadership structure to affect the political process. The use of “Roberts Rules Of Order” will provide a guide to managing and organizing each committee meeting. Specific techniques and procedures can be developed and distributed as time goes on.

Step Two: Select our Fight

Vet and Categorize and Select Candidates/Incumbents

The ultimate goal of this plan is to elect Constitutionalist to office. So all candidates in a particular election should be vetted to establish their Constitutional knowledge and the level of influence that document will have on the manner in witch they approach an issue or decision making possess. Vetting of Candidates will take place as local as possible. The standards used to do so will be the “Platform” we develop. The localness of the selection is based on the idea that someone has spoken with a candidate prior to their declaring their run for office. This way the person is well know and we are not blinded by the politician. If dealing with an incumbent their voting record and not their words should guide the vetting posses. A politician should never be trusted even if they are a personal friend or family. We must never forget how often a candidate has changed once they are elected. If the current candidate or incumbent do not meet the vetting criteria then the first priority should be to select one of us to eventually run for the office. There are five types of candidates; Constitutionalist/Conservative, Republican Constitutionalist/Conservative, Moderate/Liberal Republicans (RINO), Conservative Democrats (Blue Dog) who generally only run as Democrats in heavily blue collar union districts, and Liberal/Progressive Democrat.

Categorize the Election

There are generally eight types, of what will be called, Elections Contingencies that could dictate our actions. Contingency one: A Conservative/Constitutionalist is the Incumbent in a strongly Republican district. Contingency two: The incumbent is a Conservative/Constitutionalist in a contested district. Contingency Three: The Incumbent is a Moderate or Progressive Republican (RINO) in a strongly Republican District. Contingency Four: Incumbent is a RINO in a contested district. Contingency Five: The incumbent is a Conservative Democrat (Blue Dog) in a contested district. Contingency Six: The incumbent is a Blue Dog Democrat in a strong Democrat district. Contingency Seven: The incumbent is a Moderate to Progressive Democrat (Democrat) in a contested district. Contingency eight: the incumbent is a Democrat in a strongly democratic district.

Step Three: Select our Tactics

Both Parties are focused on one thing. Winning Elections to gain power and doing what is necessary to remain in or return to power. Because of this they will do and spend what ever it takes to accomplish this. What this means for the Democrats is excepting and financing Blue Dogs who run in Moderate to Conservative Districts with the confidence they will fall in line with the Party Leadership. The Republicans are so desperate to regain power and do every thing that is needed to seem politically correct they accept and finance anyone who will claim to be a Republican or Moderate Conservative (RINO) in the hopes they too will control them. We must play these tendencies against each party. In general the Democratic Party could prove more of a finical ally then the Republican.

Each party has its hard corps of philosophical zealots. Those in the Republican Party are for the most part our allies. In the Democratic Party those zealots are the Socialist who threaten our Constitution the most. Our goal should be to assist our allies and defeat the enemies of our Constitution. Our allies should be defined as the Conservative/Constitutionalist Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats so long as certain criteria are met that will be discus later. This should not be an endorsement of the National Party’s but of those in each party that do share our belief in the freedoms the Constitution provide us. Any support we give a member of a political party should be at the local level and should be done so without endorsing or providing support for the National Party Organizations to include providing donations to any national organized campaign or campaign comities to include the Republican and Democratic National Committees, The National Democratic or Republican Congressional Committees, the National Republican or Democratic Senatorial Committee or any other Political Action Comities organized by members of either parties leadership committees.

Our Tools

Disclaimer: Our tactics will revolve around the use of our four tools. The following descriptions are examples of how to use our tools if the candidate running is not a Constitutionalist we have placed in the race from amongst our ranks or a candidate that we would not won’t in place following the 2012 campaign. If the candidate is one of us then we would openly support the campaign in the same manner with out the bundling.

Money: Campaigns are reliant on campaign contribution. The more money a contributor provides the more influence they have. With the exception of a few of us, we don’t have the amount of money to contribute that would permit the contributor access to the Candidate and the actions they take on our behalf. If we pool or bundle our contributions we can increase the influence we can exercise over an election cycle. Because House and local campaigns are conducted on a smaller scale, these types of bundled contributions can have a greater impact on a races compared to Senatorial or Presidential campaigns. Our leadership committees select a representative to represent and offer the bundled contribution to the campaign that has been designated to receive our support. So long as the designated representative does not handle the actual checks there is no requirement to disclose the names of the individual contributors. If done properly the campaign may never know who was involved in the bundle (the checks come in along with normal contributions), with the exception of the representative.
Money talks and politicians listen.

Our Voices: The use of our voices come in the form of three categories; written word in the form of opinion pieces in local news papers, online and letters to the candidates, our literal voices use by verbally endorsing candidates to every one we can (media outlets, call in radio, friends, family and anyone who will listen), direct contact with the candidates and their campaigns articulating what we expect from our elected representative. The more constituents provide input into some aspect of a campaign the more likely a politician will take this input into account when deciding on what issues and policies to support or not support. We must speak with one voice to be heard.

Our Time: Working for campaigns either by volunteering or as a paid staffer provides enormous influence into the operation and direction a campaigns takes. Once again our volunteers could be offered as a bundled package similar to the cash contributions. This way the campaigns never full know which workers are with them or with us. These volunteers would be part of the heart of a campaign, assisting a candidate get their message out along with supporting the implementation of the “get out the vote” strategies. Paid staffers could influence the decision making process a campaign uses and the decisions they arrive at by being our inside voice within the campaign itself. If we run the campaign we run the candidate.

Our Votes: This is the most obvious tool we have to influence elections and campaigns. Deliver the candidate a victory through our vote. It would be more advantages for our members to generally register as independence in states that have open primaries. In party specific primaries the election contingency will dictate witch party our member will join for the primary. We will make every vote count.

Contingency Focused Tactics:

Every aspect of this plan relies on our members being in direct contact with each Candidate we support and hold them accountable; weather it be a Conservative, RINO or Blue Dog. Each time our representative is in contact with the candidate it should be reinforced that our support is conditional and if they stray from our platform during the term we will do all we can to unseat them in two years and regardless of the circumstances we will not stop until they are unseated. Never give a candidate second chance to take us for granted.

Contingencies One: In the 2010 election a Constitutionalist/Conservative Incumbent is in a solidly Republican district. Contingency one is our ideal contest and does not require much work on our group’s part and so any one of our tools that members in one of these districts, with the exception of the vote, should be shifted to other districts that require a more aggressive approach. So members in this type of district could volunteer and contribute money, time and their voice to other more contested districts. A representative should be selected to keep the candidate on notice that our support is conditional.

Contingency Two: In the 2010 election a Constitutionalist/Conservative Incumbent is in a contested district. This contingency would require more attention and a moderated amount of direct support. If feasible we should support the weaker Democratic candidate (at the discretion of the leadership comities) with as many of our tools as possible in that party’s primary. This way we attempt to eliminate the stronger of the Democratic candidates and at worst allow them to “beat each other up” prior to the general election. A representative should be selected to keep the candidate on notice that our support is conditional.

Contingency Three: In the 2010 election the Incumbent is a Moderate or Progressive Republican (RINO) in a strongly Republican District. In this case the elimination of the RINO would be the goal of our members in this district. Two phases would be used. First select a Conservative to challenge the incumbent in the primary and through all our support behind our challenger. If we loose the primary challenge we support the strongest challenger in the general election. If we can dislodge a RINO in the general and replace with what would be most likely a Blue Dog it would not make a difference which is in the House as they most likely would vote the same way. Then our focus would be to find a Conservative challenger to the Blue Dog to retake the seat in the 2012 election and fully support that candidate. If no Democratic challenger exist mount a third-party challenge to put the RINO on notice and continue to use all our tools until the RINO is unseated.

Contingency Four: In the 2010 election the incumbent is a RINO in a contested district. Follow the same steps as contingency three. If the RINO remains in office continue to use all our tools to influence that candidate’s votes while in office and make them aware that our support can be earned so long as they vote in line with our platform. It is of no concern weather a RION follows our platform because of conviction or just out of fear of loosing reelection. Regardless if any RINO tendency persist the candidate must be unseated.

Contingency Five: In the 2010 election the incumbent is a Conservative Democrat (Blue Dog) in a contested district. Follow the same procedures as a RINO. Only support a Conservative candidate in the Republican primary. If a RINO runs against the Blue Dog then do all we can to prevent a RINO from wining the seat. Like the RINOs, place the Blue Dogs on notice that our support is winnable so long as our platform is followed. Like the RINO it is of no concern weather they follow our platform on the basis of conviction or fear of loosing reelection.

Contingency Six: The incumbent is a Blue Dog Democrat in a strong Democrat district. If the Blue dog is challenged in a primary provide the campaign with all our tools. Ensure the Blue Dog knows our support is contingent on their support of our platform. If they refuse or stray once in office do all we can to unseat them if it even means supporting a Democrat. Regardless of the outcome of the primary if our support is rejected by the Blue Dog or the Democrat wins continue to do all we can to unseat them by running a third party candidate or running our own Blue Dog in the Democratic Primary in the 2012 election. All parties affiliation is for us is a tool to influence the balance of power. Parties mean nothing, how the candidate votes and our influence over that vote does.

Contingency Seven: The incumbent is a Moderate to Progressive Democrat (Democrat) in a contested district. A two pronged approach should be use dependent on the size and strength of our organization. If possible support the most conservative opposition first in the primary then in the general elections. The ability to properly influence both the Democratic and the Republican primaries should be at the leadership’s discretion as to where to attempt to exert our influence will have the greatest impact.

Contingency eight: the incumbent is a Democrat in a strongly democratic district. Do all we can to support a Red Dog in the Democratic Primary. Either stand up our own Blue Dog or run a third party campaign.


Concerning any candidate we support; all efforts should be made to ensure their Constitutional credentials and their willingness leave their current party and assist in the standing up of a third party.

It is my opinion that we would need to begin organizing as soon a possible with a goal of having fully done so by October of this year, with all other aspects commencing as soon as possible.

This is again is the culmination of the thoughts of a great many of us. Please read and evaluate each aspect of this document. All that is left is to answer the question what is our platform and to revise this document based on your thoughts. I await your thoughts, detailed and constructive.

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Comment by shawn patrick brandom on June 6, 2009 at 11:08pm
nice plan if we lived in a different world.
the one and only thing that will work is for WE THE PEOPLE to go remove these folks from office.
anything less is a waste of time.
Comment by Eric Holmes on June 6, 2009 at 11:12pm
Nice work.
Now let's begin.
I thing I've noticed about people is that they fit along a linear scale. That is all of America is somewhat aware of the problem. Some are way extreme and ready to man the barricades and then some are thinking about their naval. Everyone fits alon this continuum somewhere. The math in me says there is a point along this line that is the balance point for creating action. We need to find the point that enough people will sign up for. We then take action to place the stake in the ground at this point. We need enough mass for action to take place, see Malcom Glastone's book, the Tipping Point.
You are right this is an emergency. And yes people are sheeple. We just need enough momentum to take off. We need a plan that people can digest. There really are millions out there who are ready to move. They need to be brought on board with something that fits into their comfort zone. (People don't like action and don't like change).
For example, a third party is too extreme, Ron Paul is too extreme, revolution is too extreme. On other hand guys like Sean Hannity are not extreme enough to propose a solution that will make a change. We need real change. The answer is not coming from either of the two parties. The action is the people must rise up and change the situation outside of both parties. We need a movement of all of America which can be successful without making a third party (right now).
That's my thinking of why I think we need a movement which creates a platform which the people from the ground up can present to each and everyone person running for office (national, state and local) a pledge or contract that is simple, yet comprehensive to stop the ploblem. First we need this platform. Second we set it is stone. Third we present it to every single person running for office. Then we publicize who is for and who is against it. We get people (politicians) to commit - for us or against us. The people of America will support this. It is simple and doesn't rock people out of their comfort zone. ten years from now, who cares? It's all about now or never. If we can't make major headway by 2010, then time to pack your bags and sail for the New World.
Comment by Benjamin A Parks on June 6, 2009 at 11:46pm
I like the plan. There is one thing you have not thought about. Virginia and New Jersey have elections this year. I don't know about New Jersey, but Virginia elects it's entire House of Delegates in 2009. In addition, The Governor, Lt Governor and the Attorney General are to be elected. This could be a perfect time to try out the plan and then depending on what the results are, make modifications before 2010.
Comment by Terry R. McDonald on June 6, 2009 at 11:59pm
OK, I see it like this: #1- Far to wordy, use shorter blogs, flyers, everything. We are not campaigning to intellectuals, simplfy. #2- Just quit the idiotic notion of a third party, it ain't gonna happen, maybe in 30 years, I know we don't have that much time. #3- I don't know what you've been doing but here in this little state of SC we are already working with and on school board, city council, state reps to weed out the RINO's, in fact we're having a RINO hunting season when the legislature reconvenes, selling tags and all. We have folks we're running for some of the positions. So don't just write too many words about it just do it, the more groups working the same direction the better!
Comment by Christine Sheldon on June 7, 2009 at 12:15am
So far, after a first run through I also think it looks good. But I also need to go through and do more "processing". I do like the idea proposed by Benjamin A Parks.......good time to iron out any problems. Shawn Patrick Brandom, you do not elaborate on how you would do this. Anything pertaining to violence WILL NOT WORK. That is an unacceptable solution. We are a civil people and a civil nation, we must remain so.
Comment by James Davis (Jim) on June 7, 2009 at 12:23am
Green2, Great work! I'd like to add some thought to just how to survive till 2010. There are more than 25 million folks out of work and rising (Tom Sullivan yesterday). The level of treasonous theft at the highest levels of Government (Pelosi, Murtha, Gitner, Feinstein, etc) is rising up out of the box (see which now has some press, Retirements have vanished and folks like Paulson and Berniky go untouched, people like us are looking for some way to get a handle on this. The only branch that can calm the fears and start the healing process so the 2012 process could go forward must be the military. On Wednesday, Obama told an audience in Saudi Arabia, that he is a born British citizen and he knew full well he does not qualify to be president of the US. This has to be setting off alarms in some very high places in the Military.
Some are saying look at some of Hilary Clintons early campaign speeches that state that Obama was born in Kenya, Hillary also spoke of her concerns that her party seemed not concerned about it? As far as anyone from Chicago has experienced, you live in my town, you play by my rules and you pay me to stay is the Obama creed. The legislature right now attempting to legislate change to the constitution to no longer require native born citizens be required to hold office in this land.
You are right we do need to plan and we do need leadership. The question of "are we out of time?" is the issue. For me we have been out of time since Jimmy carter. At issue is to be in Politics today you have to play the game and that is where the Constitution has been shelved. Eric is right people are not easily motivated especially when the Government gives them enough money to live on regardless the job they hold. The estimate currently is 51% of the voting public in some way, are working for or receiving benefits from the MAN (Gov). That's only going to change when 32% of us taxpaying fools say no more. At that point you have another post war England and ripe for Socialism because they, the Government have the guns, right? This is the only reason I would consider the Military. Most are honorable men and women that have dedicated themselves to uphold the Constitution of this country. Those known not to be (Murtha), will be dealt with most judiciously. I hope and Pray to God Almighty that it is in His Will that we have the opportunity to stop this from going too far.
Comment by Maureen Gerrish on June 7, 2009 at 1:52am
"please read and comment as often and with as much detail as you can." Here's some detail:

From the desk of AIP Chairman Tom Hoefling

To all prospective AIP supporters,

When we founded America’s Independent Party in June, it was in the sincere belief that our existing political leaders and the institutions they control had overwhelmingly failed us. The events of the months since have only confirmed this judgment. Years of compromise by far too many, and the resulting steady rise of a political process that disempowers the principled and empowers liberal media, liberal candidates, and unprincipled money, have produced little but defeat for Republicans and the erstwhile “leaders” of the conservative movement. The forces of the Left are now virtually unchallenged and unchecked.

While occasional lip service has been paid to America’s founding principles, there has been little action to back up those meager words. The abandonment of the clear principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by our political elites is nearly total.

We believe that American conservatives are potentially the most powerful political force in our country and in the world at large. Unfortunately, in recent decades that potential has been dissipated through poor leadership and a poorly conceived and corrupted process.

And so, we have set out to build a new structure for principled conservatism in this country, before it’s too late. With little in the way of funding, almost exclusively through true citizen-led grassroots action, America’s Independent Party has made great progress in the six months since it was founded. We now have affiliates in all fifty States and in the District of Columbia. AIP is already the third-largest party in America based on voter registrations, primarily because of the recent affiliation of California’s American Independent Party with the national party. Voters in Florida can now register AIP as well.

However, while we continue our efforts to gain legal recognition and ballot access for our new state parties, our main organizational thrust is to invite individual Americans who agree with our party platform to sign a Personal Affiliation Agreement, one that is thoroughly grounded in principle, and that is made without regard to existing party registration.

Endorsements and nominations of all candidates for public office will also be made on the basis of proven adherence to the conservative tenets of our platform, not on the basis of party affiliation.

As principled Independents, we intend to change America’s political culture by example. We are determined to heed our last Independent President, George Washington, and his sage advice concerning the dangers of party factionalism. Following his example, we aspire to be partisans only of what is right. American politics must be reset on its principled foundation. We believe that, in order to truly succeed, we must be unswervingly principled, not merely partisan.

Our motto and attitude is also Washington’s: “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God.” While we may not be able to control outcomes, we can certainly control our own actions and activities day by day, and trust God for the results.

The purpose of America’s Independent Party is the same as the stated ultimate purpose of the U.S. Constitution: “To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Along with the signers of the Declaration of Independence, we believe in the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, that our unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from our Creator, and that just government can only exist by the consent of the governed. We call these Declaration principles “America’s Principles.”

Like President Ronald Reagan, we fiercely defend the personhood of the unborn, and the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendment protection of the lives of all innocent persons from the moment of fertilization, the very beginning of biological development, until natural death. We are unbending advocates for the protection of the natural family and marriage between one man and one woman as the God-given institutional basis for our civilization.

Also like Reagan, we firmly support a foreign policy of Peace through Strength. We support our troops and our veterans. We demand secure borders, a strict adherence to the rule of law when it comes to immigration policy, and the uncompromising protection of the sovereignty of the American people. We will always remember 9-11-2001, when America was attacked, the towers fell, and America’s heroes, average citizens, gave their lives to save others.

We are completely committed to free enterprise and economic liberty and have a practical plan to restore economic prosperity. Our goal is the return of control over financial and material resources to the individual citizen, to the household, and to the community, through fundamental governmental, monetary, and tax policy reform. This, we believe, is the true basis for real economics, and the only hope for true material prosperity and security for our children and grandchildren.

We believe that while we already have the best party platform in America, it will get even better as the innovative political process we are creating takes hold. Using the means we are developing, which come out of decades of experience fighting in the political trenches, we are recruiting, training and equipping a new generation of leaders – patriotic men and women who will courageously act to implement those principles.

We have made a commitment to no longer allow our political franchise, efforts, and resources, to be used to forward the careers or self-serving agenda of those who compromise America’s Principles in any fashion. This nation will not be turned around, in our view, until a critical mass of conservatives begin to take this principled stand, without compromise. America’s Independent Party is putting in place a system in which principle always come first.

Our nation’s political leaders have failed, because they have abandoned America’s Principles. A DEDICATED, ORGANIZED, UNITED conservative movement, made up of, and led by, average citizens, is, we believe, the only hope for saving America from the inevitable results of those failures. We must have a true revival of republican self-government, led by men and women animated by the same principles and the same faith as the founders of this country. History proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt: AMERICA’S PRINCIPLES WORK when the people put them into practice.

Some people in American politics, even those who are known as conservatives, may maintain an appearance of wisdom when they counsel so-called “pragmatism” that compromises principle. But, in fact, they are not truly practical at all; they are merely short sighted. Their actions are actually very destructive. Doing right is always the true road to true success over the long haul. Jesus Christ asked the question, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” But, He also said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” The difference is in motives and priorities. What ultimately matters is what you put first.

We believe that America’s Independent Party provides the principled AND the practical vehicle for individuals, families and communities to govern themselves effectively. Only the people themselves, with God’s help, can save America. AIP is all about serving that purpose.

The party is being constructed, painstakingly, from the bottom up, person by person. We are already focused heavily on education, communications, organization, and beginning the task of recruiting and equipping future candidates for public office.

If you believe as we do, we hope you will act decisively and quickly in support of our efforts. What we are doing is comprehensive in scope, and will require a high level of commitment from many people, in terms of time, energy and money. The sooner we can assemble the appropriate resources, the sooner we can get America’s Independent Party built.

The Republican Party has failed. The evidence is plain for all to see. Suffice it to say that if you think the GOP is doing fine, you probably won’t see the need for America’s Independent Party. But, if you agree with us that a radically new approach is desperately needed, please help.

While it would be impossible to detail everything here, I am always available to answer any questions you have. I work very hard to respond to every email. If you would like to have a phone conversation, please include your phone number in your email and I’ll get back to you quickly.

You can reach me here, at any time:

Here is an overview of some of the key components of America’s Independent Party.

AIP: The principled meets the practical


The approved AIP platform can be viewed at

Our party constitution and platform are based solidly on the bedrock of America’s founding principles and Reagan conservatism. Our platform process in the years ahead will be an extensive one, starting at the precinct caucus level and culminating in election year state and national conventions. At every level of the organization we are instituting, organizing, and encouraging many means of open debate and intense discussion of core principles, political philosophy, and the development of policies that will work for America in the years ahead.

Personal Affiliation

AIP’s Personal Affiliation Agreement can be viewed at

If you haven’t affiliated yet, we would like to urge you to do so today. Just fill out the form and click “Affiliate.”

This Agreement is first of all our sentinel at the door. A very high level of personal commitment to the Constitution and to the defense of innocent human life is needed to sign.

It is also our party’s plumb line. If Affiliates begin to take actions in the political arena that violate the agreement, the party will take immediate steps to disaffiliate them. One of the key reasons for the failure of the Republican Party is the complete lack of such necessary party discipline.

The Affiliation Agreement is also the mortar that holds the whole national party together. The maintenance of one central database allows us to react quickly with real personal local contact when someone signs up. It allows our party leaders at every level to know exactly where things stand. And it helps us with the constant flow of information needed to make a national party run efficiently and effectively.


Our primary communications hub is being built at

Not only are we creating an ongoing primary news source for our people, we are providing them with an outlet to create news themselves and report on anything that affects the party or our agenda. The site is still being built, one step at a time, but already it is showing the signs of being extremely successful in terms of readership and participation. Many important and useful upgrades are planned as resources become available. is also the hub for our overall database and provides ready-made pages to every new Affiliate, fully linked into the whole system and the whole country. As Affiliates build subsidiary sites they can then also be fully linked into the central hub. It is designed to potentially become the home of millions of members and hundreds of thousands of Affiliates. It’s also very fast and very secure.

We discovered long ago that the so-called “mainstream” media is not our friend. That’s why our goal is to BECOME THE MEDIA, by every means we can devise. And every day, our people are getting better and better at it.

America’s Forum, which also finds its home at, is one of the tools we will be using to help.

AIP Structure/America’s Caucus

America’s Independent Party is being organized according to unique organizing principles and structure. It will be a truly citizen-led grassroots process with a predominately local emphasis. Except in those rare instances when state laws force us to do otherwise, we will not be holding state-run primaries. Our entire process of nominating AIP candidates will be done through caucuses and conventions.

These are the various levels of Permanent Caucuses and Committees that are being built within AIP:

· Precinct Caucuses
· County Committees
· District Caucuses
· State Parties
· National Convention Delegations
· National Executive Committee

America’s Caucus will be the online tool for operating our permanent local caucuses, educating, equipping and training our people to run their local organizations, and fully vetting candidates for public office prior to the physical caucuses and conventions which will occur in election years.

Multiple means of establishing accountability and checks and balances between all the levels of the party are being established in the national bylaws.


The “Conservative Action Network, Dedicated, Organized and United to Save America”

CAN-DO-USA is the umbrella group for our planned national and state issues affiliates. While the party itself is a structure, the issues affiliates are networks. By activating these networks, we intend to pull together the various issues activists whose primary interests are in specific areas, such as: pro-life, pro-family, border security, governmental reform, tax reform, property rights, Second Amendment rights, homeschooling, small business, veterans, etc.

Several dozen of these organizations are ready to be rolled out as the resources become available to do so.


AIP is designed to be extremely lean and efficient, both at the national and the state levels. All the work will be done either by volunteers, contract labor, or in some limited circumstances, by vendors, when we absolutely can’t get all the work done in house. This is one of the ways that AIP will avoid debt. Our policy is to always operate on a cash basis, except under highly exceptional circumstances.

Currently, our accounting, banking, and FEC compliance operations are being run out of our main administrative office in Fenton, Michigan, under the direction of the national party treasurer, Judy Zabik, and her husband, national party secretary Bob Zabik. In addition to their stellar professional credentials, and Bob’s record as a decorated Vietnam vet, the Zabiks have been very active in the pro-life movement for several decades. Their reputation for integrity is well-known, and their commitment to the wise use of every dollar received from donors is beyond question to those who know them.

Primary political operations are being run from Iowa by national chairman Tom Hoefling.

Plans are also being made for shared West Coast political offices with our California affiliate, the American Independent Party, in Sacramento, under the leadership of Markham Robinson, who is both the California AIP chairman and the national vice-chairman.

Our primary technical team is located in Redding, California, and is operated by the national party’s technical director, Marc Nettleton.

Extensive use is being made of conference calling, live video streams, phones, email and websites to pull the whole national organization, both leaders and rank and file AIP Affiliates, together on a regular basis.

While the newly formed state parties are independent and will be making their own business decisions, all are being urged to follow the national model of efficiency and service-orientation.


Our primary means of fundraising is internet-based, and operates on the technical infrastructure provided by AIPNEWS and our other websites. Our expectation is that the preponderance of this support will come from those who have personally affiliated with AIP and believe in our mission.

We will also depend on our finance committee to provide a portion of our budget through the solicitation of high-dollar donors who believe in our cause and understand the value of the work we’re doing.

We will also conduct direct mail and email operations to help get our message out, point conservatives to our websites, and to build our organizational and fundraising base of support.

Our organizational affiliates will be responsible for their own fundraising, accounting, administration and compliance. However, they will have the ability to raise money for their own organizations on their pages at AIPNEWS. In accordance with the national party bylaws, their pages will of course be required to have the appropriate links back to the national party.

AIP’s initial projected budget for 2009 is approximately $2.5 million dollars. A bit over half of that is to be used for party-building efforts. Just under 25% will be for administration costs, including technical infrastructure. The rest will cover fundraising and associated mailing costs.

We expect our budget needs to at least double every year for the foreseeable future to keep pace with party growth.


The leadership of America’s Independent Party is totally committed to this long-term effort to put America back on its principled foundation and save our constitutional form of self-government under God. We will continue the fight to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, no matter what.

With your generous help we know we can do it more effectively, and build AIP much more quickly.

May God richly bless you and your family throughout the coming year!

For Life and Liberty,

Tom Hoefling
Chairman, America’s Independent Party
Comment by James Higginbotham on June 7, 2009 at 8:02am
my 1 cents worth on this.
you seem to think we will have a CHOICE come the year 2012, myself if sopmething isent done before then we wont even be able to vote in a straight and clean election.
it makes me think of something William Penn said.
well look around and check out the real world, we have been ruled by petty tyrants since the end of the war of northern aggression and that was 1865, we DONT have a Constitution any more, at least one thats being used, and the petty tyrants and govt nannies only mention it when they have an agenda to shove down the throaths of the states or WE'' THE PEOPLE.
and the SOONER everyone gets that fact FIRMLY in their brains the QUICKER we can get the ball rolling to restore this nation BACK to a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC our forefathers GAVE US IF WE COULD KEEP IT.
keep on believing in a BROKEN and CRIMINAL system and SEE how far you get with your pipe dream, i REFUSE to.
i am waiting for that first rifle shot, THEN something can get RESOLVED, its going to take, LIKE IT ALWAYS HAS, BLOOD/BULLETS to SAVE THIS REPUBLIC.
and the LONGER we wait, the MORE its going to COST..
Comment by James Higginbotham on June 7, 2009 at 9:12am
i forgot to add awhilke ago.
LOOK at the heading of this group.
its called CONSTITUTIONAL EMERGENCY, now if that's not an UNDER STATEMENT i dont know what is....
and YET all of you want to play POLITICS..
you think getting MORE RINO'S elected is going to change anything''
these people in BOTH PARTIES are either COMMUNIST DEMOCROOKS, OR SOCIALIST RENO'S. and NOT one except RON PAUL acts like an AMERICAN..
keep DELUDING yourselves, and you will be RULED BY ISLAMIC TYRANTS and they have THEIR BOY running this nation right now, along with his COMMUNIST DELUDED DEMOCROOKS
Comment by James Higginbotham on June 7, 2009 at 10:01am
you just proved what i have been saying.
you THINK either by joining another PARTY or electing some PROMISE KEEPER that all will be well.
EVERYTHING we hold DEAR is in OUR HANDS not some PARTY or the govts..
i am NOT interested in some CRADEL TO THE GRAVE LA LA HOPE SO.
the PEOPLE are being slowly STRANGLED TO DEATH BY PARTIES, and i dont care who runs either party, and STEEL is the head of the RINO PARTY..
when they had the MEANS to save themselves and DIDNT, i have NO MERCY for them.
same with PARTYS, and i dont care WHOM is in the top or bottom slots there ALL the same..


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