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Proposed Amendment 28 to the United States Constitution

There exists a draft proposed Amendment 28 that is available for you to review and send a petition voicing your approval to your Congress persons and Senators. After reviewing it, I find it has value because it clearly makes our Congress people responsible to legal citizen voters, and if they do not support the values and concerns of their constituents, voters can remove them from office and vote a replacement for them into office annually. It will take one heck of a campaign to get our Congress people to approve it and send it to the States for ratification, however, since it clearly forces accountability in Congress, and there would be consequences for failing to listen to the voice of we the people. Today's Congress people are obsessed with self-enrichment, power authority, ego, and perpetual career status, not accountability, humility, or representing the will of the people or the good of the country.

You can find the existing Proposed Amendment 28 here: . There is also a petition at the bottom of this link that if you like the proposed 28th you can download and fill out and mail to your Congress Representatives and Senators. Whether they pass and send this amendment to the States for ratification or not, just sending it to them should be a crash-course reminder that we the people plan to hold them accountable and that their careers are going to be subject to change in 2010. For this reason alone, I support downloading, reviewing, and signing this Proposed Amendment 28 and sending it forward.

There is no 28th amendment to the Constitution at present. This 'Proposed' 28th amendment to the Constitution already exists. This proposed amendment (if passed) would replace and repeal the 12th and the 16th amendments. It will also have a major impact on improving our educational system. There are only 27 amendments to the Constitution at present.

Obviously career politicians will object to this amendment since it limits political power and forces Congress to live under the same laws as the rest of us. Congress people deserve respect for the office they hold as representatives of the people, but they are not elitists nor above the people in any other capacity, regardless of what some of them may think, pretend, or act out. It is respect gained from their voter-given representation and personal ability to represent the will of the people, not from wielding power over their fellow man. They are not gods and do not deserve the respect reserved for God. It is earned respect, not mandated respect. Too many politicians have lost sight of this fact and feel they can do as they please once they have been elected to office. Many of them want to present themselves as kings or queens and treat the rest of us as subjects and slaves. Slavery went out with the Civil War. It is time they learn where their place really is and what we sent them to Washington to do, and that it representing the best interests of the people, not themselves nor self-enrichment.

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Comment by Lowell J Mix on March 24, 2010 at 4:20am
The link is still there. Go to


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