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Public Law 97-280 96 STAT.1211 (97th Congress) Remember Where We Come From

This Public Law 97-280 96 STAT.1211 (97th Congress) is a law that Declares the Bible to Be The Word of God. This is Congress's profession of the Bible as having it's rightful place above the Constitution because our Forefathers were inspired by the Bible in the Writting of the Constitution. They made all laws and ruled by The King James Bible. I encourge all of you to Google this law so ya'll can see how far backslidden this Country really is.
Our American roots are deeper than just the Constitution, our roots go to Jesus Christ. That's why they have to Destroy the Constitution and make a new one, because they don't have a leg to stand on in thier own Court of Law against us as Jesus Christ fearing "Amenable people of the Constitution."

They violated it in taxes, insurance, leaving the gold standard, and in using intrest. Even in letting foreigners come over here and allow them to participate in government. These all violate God's Law and the Constitution. I can't believe people are actually shocked about our failling government and when one of these crazy's tries to blow us up. It's Christ in us the Hope of Glory that keeps us in check, obedient, moral, and to maintain Godly buisness; but America kicked Jesus Christ out for College degrees,money and love of self. During the process strangers creep in unawares. Now we are the few and they are the many. I chose to be apart of this site because I belive ya'll are the few that are in your right faith and love of Constitution.
Now we are in slavery to our government because if you don't pay taxes:
#1) you'll go to jail
#2) you can drive
#3) you can't own a home
And this is the same with insurance. People this is not what Sovergnty is about. The Root of Communism is Property. If you don't pay taxes they take your stuff and without propery you have no rights. If you disagree then be homeless and see how many rights you have. Society will spew you out if you have no money or property. This all stems from leaving God and the federal reserve corrupting our government.

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Comment by Leisa Smith on December 28, 2009 at 11:31pm
The moral fabric of this Great Country has decayed so bad not much is left,generation after generation has progressed to the point in which ,lazyness,illegal drugs, alcohol,theiverie are all that is left,people no longer have to work for a liveing,they just bum for it.....I can remember a time in which the fear of what God would do to you,was much more than the fear of what a Government or Law Enforcement would or could do to you.I know there are also many out there that can remember when Towns were Growing,everything thing seemed so new and beautiful,now they are rusted and ugly,I know to what effects of tax this tax that, does to a Country,Our small business's are all but nearly dissapeared,big franchises have taken over and are putting the few remaining small business's out of business,We have allowed our Constitution to become soiled,simply by the process of progess,drivers licence, auto insurance,health insurance, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger,Doctors,lawyers,pharmacutical (legal drugs),food products,fuel and utilities have nearly priced themselfs out of business,mean while the Government is takeing advantage by trieing to take complete control over the People under the guise of communism,perhaps we older generation were not supposed to be here to wittness the destruction of America,but we are,perhaps we should have taught our younger generations better,they still listen you know ,especially if there is a fight to be fought,but it is progressively harder to teach when you have drug dealers,perverts and pier pressure snatching them up as soon as your back is turned,Am I a defeatest,NO,I am simply saying it will take each and every INDIVIDUAL of these United States to step foward and take our Country back ,both physically,morally and mentally, we can make our Great Contry beautiful once again ,Need inspiration, It's very simple just visit the graves of those who have died to help keep these United States Free,then while you are there tell them " I am sorry,I let it slip away without even a fight",I am sure God will let one of them reach from the grave to put a choke hold on you!!!!


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