Quotes from the Tennessee Court Regarding the Eligibility Issue

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My Attorney Van Irions of the Liberty Legal Foundation web address http://www.libertylegalfoundation.org sent me exactly what the Tennessee  Federal Court said in regards to the ballot challenge lawsuit I have filed there. I would like to give you all a little background information so you know the genesis of this strategy I noodled out.

After the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made an in dicta opinion on who would have standing to bring a suit against Obama for his eligibility to be President of the United States I called up Orly Taitz to see if she would represent me in a challenge vs Barrack Obama. Ms Taitz said that I did not stand a snowballs chance in Hell of getting elected. She said had I already have held a political office that I would be in a much better position to file a case. In her mind unless I was an elitist that I had no business running for President. One day I received a letter from Van Irions of the Liberty Legal Foundation telling me how impressed he was with my Presidential platform and he was also very interested in representing me in testing Obama's eligibility issue in court with a Federal Election Commission registered Republican candidate for President which I was. My campaign manager William Odom, myself and Van Irions sat on the phone designing a way to explore the eligibility issue without directly pointing a finger at Obama or any federal agency. This is when I figured out we could go after the Secretary of State of each of the States along with the DNC and RNC, This way we shifted the burden of proof onto them to show us who veted them and what proof was provided. This removed the White House lawyers completely and also removed executive privilege. By asking the court to make sure everyone proves that they meet the constitutional eligibilty requirements we would not be seen as picking on Barrack Obama. I also asked the Court to define exactly what is meant by Natural Born Citizen.

By doing this I gave the courts a way to take their necks out of a noose they have put them in. Now they could rule what all candidates must adhere to. The very next thing I did was make an appointment to visit Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office to discuss what we were doing to expose the eligibility problem. My campaign manager, my lawyer, my wife and myself met in Arpaio's office for an hour and forty five minutes where we shared ideas, theories and evidence about the eligibility of Barrack Obama. Sheriff Arpaio jokingly said that he had already endorsed Perry and I joked back if Perry dropped out he could endorse me. After our meeting I had to give a speech to the Arizona Tea Party People. To everyone's surprise Arpaio showed up to that event unannounced.

The very next day on December 6th 2011 I filed a suit in Arizona State court and against members of the Arizona Democratic Party. We actully posted a youtube video of the Arizona people throwing the subpoena on the ground. If you google it up you can see the video of me serving the DNC in Phoenix Arizona.


When I got back to California I was in touch with Arnie Rosner who has a whole cadre of people loyal to him. One of them Carl Swennson (sp) asked me what and how I filed my suit to challenge the ballot. After this the whole idea of challenging the different States Secretary of State and ballot commissions exploded. Even Orly Taitz who flat out told me not to waste my time because the stategy to go after the SOS, and the partys was bound to fail recently filed a suit in Mississippi. From there even Apuzzo and a host of citizen electors took advantage of antiquated ballot laws to see if they could prevent Obama from appearing on the ballot. They all forgot the one essential ingredient that the 9th mandated and that was in order to be successful a presidential candidate with Standing would be needed to challenge the ballot laws.


In my case Van Irions and Gary Kreep employed the strategy that myself and Van Irions and not one of my cases have been dismissed. It is my fervent belief that the federal court is going to fast track the eligibilty issue to the Supreme Court before the upcoming election. There is a problem with the Supreme Court. Kagan and Sotomayor were appointed by Barrack Obama and they must recuse themselves from the decision. They must do this because their fate all depends upon if Obama is a legal president or not. If folks remember Justice Roberts and Thomas do not get along well with Barrack Obama. Roberts even walked out of a State of the Union address on Obama. It will be his job to recuse Kagan and Sotomayor if they dont do it themselves. If they do stay on the bench it will then tell all of America that we are no longer a nation of laws. It will mean the Constitution is worth less than birdcage liner. The foundation that holds the building up will not be there meaning our house cannot stand.


Please read what the Tennessee said in dicta. Remember and in dicta response does not carry the weight of a decision but what it does do is give one an idea on which way the court is going to decide. If it is important enough to mention you can count on it being in on the final decision. I need anyone reading this to pass it on to everyone that they can possibly find. This is going to hit the mainstream media and if I have the moral support and vocal support of the electorate we are bound to get a quicker response.


After the smoke clears and Obama is not on the 2012 ballot I am counting on the electorate to remember who had the smarts to defend the constitution and the guts to do it when all others ran from the issue. Every single candidate currently running or politician or judge currently serving have failed to do their duty. Now is the time when we must all band together and make what the courts in Alabama, New Jersey and Tennessee go viral to let the courts know that this issue is not just going to go away. If you make sure to inform everyone you tell that it was John Dummett in August of 2011 who figured out a strategy to trap a rat usurper in Washington then you will have helped the electorate know who was responsible for figuring out a way to save our beloved nation.


Below is what my attorney wrote to me giving me an update as to where my cases were in the judicial system. You will notice where there was a denial. Do not get confused. The only thing that was denied was our request to have our case remanded back to a State Court in Tennessee. The case is alive and well and what the court is telling people that the issues I raise I have standing to bring up and that the seriousness of the issue is going to require a court to sort it out. This means we will have our day in court. Please, fellow Americans. If you find hope in what you read please consider helping to finally shine the light of truth on the eligibility issue by donating a mere $10 to the Liberty Legal Foundation. This will give Van Irions the opportunity to file cases in other States. If you do donate please include a message in the envelope that you donated at the request of John Dummett Jr. Thank you   John




John,  http://www.johndummett.us 

Last week I reminded you that one of our Certification Class Action Lawsuits was filed in State court in Tennessee, and that case had been “removed” to Federal court by the defendants. I also told you that LLF had filed a motion to remand the case back to the State court. Last Friday the Federal court denied our motion.


While we’re disappointed that the Court denied our motion, there is some good news that came along with the denial. In its 12-page opinion the Court made several very positive statements about our case. Here are some quotes:


“The Court finds that the federal question presented, the meaning of the phrase 'natural born citizen' as a qualification for the Presidency set out in Article II of the Constitution, is important and not trivial.”


“The issue of whether President Obama is constitutionally qualified to run for the Presidency is certainly substantial.”


“It is clear that the stated federal issue of President Obama’s qualifications for the office are ‘actually disputed and substantial.’”


“It is also clear that there will be a legal dispute over the Constitution’s definition of ‘natural born citizen’ and the Supreme Court’s decision in Minor vs, Happersett.”


The Court’s statements strongly imply that it has already decided many of the issues that usually lead to procedural dismissals, and that it has decided them in our favor. The statements from this Federal court are encouraging. The Court  appears to understand the most critical issues presented by our complaint.



This is great news folks. Get this spread around so it will get back to the courts. They know that there are millions of us who will not let this issue just fade away. We are in this until the end.



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Comment by Joyce Sutherland on April 20, 2012 at 2:23am
OK. I think since you had so much information to impart that doing it in a blog was the best place. What I am unsure of is whether or not you have joined your CA state group yet... To get members to your blog site, I would suggest starting a discussion (it can be short) that tells the others where to find the 'rest of the story.' There are different types of discussions, & this confused me as well. I posted one under "General Discussions," but now think it would have gotten more attention under "Patriot Discussions." Either way we need to ask Harry or Twana how to best do this. On your page, on the top right side is a module for emails, messages, alerts, etc. Go ahead & send a message to one of them with your questions. At the same time, put in a friend request. You also need to fix your "Settings." It's the last item in that upper corner. What you want to do is decide when or if you want to be notified of comments or messages posted here at your regular email address. That way you don't have to keep coming back here to see if you have messages-answers to your questions. I don't want to make it sound more complicated than it is, so how bout we talk again once you have sent your messages? And, there is also the "Chat room" where we can arrange to meet. I saw that you chatted with Twana earlier today, so you know where that is. But, keep it simple: 1) Send your message. 2) Set your Settings. & 3) Join the CA group. Let me know if you need more help tomorrow ~ I'll be home all day. TTYL. Joyce ;)


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