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Rep. Perriello - August 4 Town Hall Meeting

I know this may be late but I just got home and open my email. I am pasting it here in case some can be at the Town Hall Meeting in Martinsville, Va.

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Rep. Perriello - August 4 Town Hall Meeting

Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has begun its summer recess, Members of Congress at hosting town hall meetings in their districts. One of the most powerful things any citizen can do for the cause of reducing overall immigration is to attend a public forum featuring their Member of Congress and raise the issue of immigration.

Rep. Tom Perriello will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday, August 4 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Library of the Laurel Park Middle School. The address is 280 Laurel Park Ave., Martinsville, VA 24112 (see map). Talking points are included below.

Talking Points

When a House Committee debating healthcare legislation defeated an amendment that would have required immigration status checks for benefit applications, the members responsible voted to allow illegal aliens to apply for coverage under the new system being developed. Although the bill says illegal aliens are not covered, it does not include language to stop them from applying. Will you support an amendment requiring verification of legal status for all non-emergency room benefits and care?

The healthcare legislation in Congress says "undocumented aliens" can't receive benefits, but there is no language requiring that applicants be checked for eligibility. In fact, there is specific language in the House bill that guarantees illegal aliens will get benefits. Section 1714 states, "in determining eligibility for services under this subsection, the State may consider only the income of the applicant or recipient." Enrollment would be automatic irrespective of legal status. Do you believe illegal aliens should be given access non-essential health services even though this would cost American taxpayers billions of dollars per year?

The Homeland Security spending bill passed by the Senate would help skyrocketing unemployment rates by strengthening the E-Verify employment eligibility system and ensuring that taxpayer-funded jobs go to unemployed Americans and legal immigrants. Similar language was stripped from the stimulus bill, a bill that was supposed to help American workers. Will you work to ensure that the Senate-passed E-Verify provisions are retained in the final spending bill?

The SAVE Act addresses the core issue of illegal immigration: the jobs magnet. It recognizes that our illegal immigration mess has primarily been caused by our government allowing unscrupulous businesses to hire illegal workers at the expense of American workers. The American people don’t want an amnesty and don’t want to have to compete with illegal aliens for jobs. Will you become a co-sponsor of the SAVE Act and help put some teeth in immigration enforcement?

There are more than 15 million Americans who are looking for a job but cannot find one, and approximately 6 million non-farm jobs that are currently filled by illegal aliens. There are no longer any excuses for continuing to allow business or government to hire illegal aliens when so many citizens and legal residents are suffering. Will you support mandatory E-Verify workplace eligibility checks for new and existing employees?

In these times of high unemployment, why does Congress continue to bring in an additional 138,000 foreign workers every month? And why are approximately 8.3 million illegal workers allowed to remain in their jobs?

The American people have rejected "comprehensive" immigration reform like the 2007 "grand bargain" amnesty bill in the Senate, and piecemeal amnesties like the DREAM Act and AgJobs. Isn't it time for Congress to say NO to another amnesty and give the American people the enforcement that has been promised us since the 1986 amnesty?

The PASS ID Act would gut the REAL ID Act and return us to the pre-9/11 standard of identity validation, which allows state DMVs to rubber-stamp the identity documents of driver’s license applicants without verification of their authenticity. Validation without verification was the process that enabled 9/11 hijackers to secure driver’s licenses using fake documents. Have you forgotten the lessons of 9/11 or will you oppose the PASS ID Act?

We only have a few thousand immigration agents responsible for tracking down at least 12 million illegal aliens. But we have over 750,000 state and local police that can help enforce immigration laws. Will you make sure the federal government fully funds the 287(g) program that allows state and local police to help during the course of their routine duties?


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