Reporting for Duty - without a goofy salute

As one of the FNGs at Constitutional Emergency I suppose I should give a brief introduction and some hint of my previous misbehaviors. (For you ladies, that’s Friendly New Guy.)

I am an Army vet, Viet Nam Vet, 39 Engineer Bn, 1969-1970. Much of my story is related elsewhere (see below). I am proud that I was one of the returning vets who never disowned nor apologized for my participation in the war. Never been inside the closet, and I’m not going now.

I was a minor, though enthusiastic participant of the Kerry Wars beginning in August 2004. This helped reenergize me as an activist as I discovered other vets, like myself, who refused to be silent, nor to disown their honorable past. I ceased being the Lone Veteran.

Since around 2003 I had participated in some on-line forums and discussion groups. In 2004 Bill Faith invited me to do a guest post at his Small Town Veteran blog, followed by several more posts and later to become one of the first Old War Dogs, and I blogged with him for a while. Anyone curious can visit these links where you can find some hints of my minor military experiences and adventures after return. I call particular attention to one of my proudest posts, Veterans as Ethnic Minority. It actually became a Tee shirt.Subsequently I’ve blogged at Veterans-American Voices which seems currently to be down, and at the Talon.

In early February 2007 I heard of threats to the Viet Nam Veterans Wall and volunteered. I was one of the early activist/organizers with Gathering of Eagles and then with Eagles UP! Some of you at this site know me from those earlier days. Since March 2007, I’ve been on three confrontation missions into D.C. On my third mission I was “inside” the Winter Soldier II propaganda hearings, as a hostile observer.

I really should have been on the first or second page listing of members here; that I’m not is a source of embarrassment, almost shame. I’ll be happy when we get so large that being within the first 1200 will seem like seniority.

Today we face a host of Constitutional Emergencies. Our political system has become completely corrupted, leading to an usurpation of the presidency. This culminates in the confession of that old prayer, “We have left undone that which we should have done, and done that which we should not have done.” As a serious student of Russian history and of Soviet communism, I see us heading toward a dictatorship of a small inner circle of one ruler and five or six advisors; and I smell a ripening of a potential American gulag. I see a fundamental threat from a clash of civilizations with militant Islam. I see an existential threat along our southern border. In terms of priorities, as much as I support troops in the field, I believe that the Southern border is an even graver threat. I’ve argued that position before among my posts at OWD. Just ask yourselves what if we were to win the war in Afghanistan, while losing the war in our land? We must win both wars, but while Afghanistan may be most urgent, the border is mostest importantest. But even more important than mostest importantest, would be the battle to regain control of our constitutionally mandated system of limited government with real checks and balances. And this is not to distract by mentioning the merely serious threats we face. With all that, it is time to get busy. To expropriate Lenin’s statement after the November coup, and turn it on its head. “Today we begin the building of Anti-socialism.”

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Comment by 1stCavRVN11B on March 7, 2009 at 9:47pm
Thank you Rurik. Well said. There's a lot of work ahead toward taking our country back, but many patriots have simply had enough. They're mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. What I witnessed in Lafayette today was a large a large spark and the fire is starting to catch.
Comment by Harry Riley on March 8, 2009 at 2:23pm
Hello Rurik..........looking forward to you post...........God knows we need all the help, ideas, wisdom we can find to stop the insanity in Washington.........before it too late. God help us know just before "it's too late"......


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