SELF INFLICTED DEMISE:                                                                                                                     

How ironic!  Just a few, short months ago, we were wringing our hands, gnashing our teeth, and lamenting about the possibilities of Obama Care induced Death Panels, Higher per Capita taxes for all Classes, Higher Unemployment, Increased Energy Costs, Increased Regulatory Activity with less Governmental Transparency, Ineffective-Weak Foreign Policy, Neutering of the Military, Porous Borders, Prevalent Voter Fraud, Increased Monetary Outlays, and a Stated Propensity/Favorability on the greater majority of our Electorate toward Socialism, Marxism, and Communism, etc.  Of course, the National Media and Putrid Punditry indicated ad nauseam that somehow those sharing the aforementioned opinions were uninformed, insensitive, racist, bigoted, and most certainly, dreadfully out of touch with present reality.                                                                                                                                                                           

But, never fear, We, their opposition, intoned:

‘We,  The Mighty Crusaders,  marching forward with our Swords and Shields

Emblazoned and adorned with the Jewels of The American Way and The American Dream.

The core elements of Integrity,  Self Discipline, Personal Motivation, Compassion,

Capitalism, Love of God,   the Constitution,  and your Fellow Man.

Above all, we are driven by the indefatigable sacrifices of our Fore Fathers,

and the scores that laid down their Lives for our Freedom.”

 This would be the substantive fiber of our War Cry.


The maligned real Patriot and Religious citizenry, now decried freaks amongst us, as postured by the Progressive Left, would lay upon the Voting Poll sites in a never ending siege of public out cry, oblivious and un swayed by trivial voter fraud, manipulation, intimidation, and most importantly, “They would somehow carry the Day”.  Those beleaguered, aforementioned minions would ALL turn out, in overwhelming numbers to, ”Right the Wrongs,” “Right the Ship of State,” and “Take Back Our ‘Country’ ”.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Now fast forward about a hundred days or so. The possibilities formerly described have not only morphed into certainties, but rather, realities. Our Political System, once the envy and most sought after model of most of the Nations of the world, is hopelessly deadlocked, ineffective, and in shambles.  Respect for the United States is at an all time low.  For the first time, since the inception of this Constitutional Republic, we are being laughed at, maligned, as well as targeted for failure and submission.  Who is to blame?  It’s easy to point the finger at our present, insidious administration as they do invite it, only also, to laugh at our woeful attempt to overthrow them. They now gleefully press on, leaving us in their wake of increased taxation, constitutional disdain, intolerable levels of Governmental dependency, further dissolution of our God given Rights, all the while replacing the Declaration of Independence with the despicable tenets of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. Truly, I feel we are at the deepest depth of despair, yet few amongst us will acknowledge it. Certainly, we did not maximize and exercise our supposed  “Voice of  Rightful Concern” in the last Election Cycle. We frittered away our hard earned 2010 Mid Term Victory momentum and Tea Party inception through a series of self inflicted inner conflicts, primarily promulgated by a handful of GOP Politicians and functionaries, who can barely find a Men’s Room in the Whitehouse on a cloudy day, let alone strategize a merely adequate Presidential Campaign for the most important election in American history.                                                                                                                                                                      

In that vein, the talk of a GOP Political Recovery and Ideological Stabilization with the 2014 Mid-Terms is complete and utter idiotic nonsense. This present occupier of the White House and his diabolical henchmen are destroying every vestige of positive United States History and Exceptionalism with every second, minute, and day of their tainted and illegitimate occupancy.  They are doing this without any reasonable justification.  Yet, many whom we claim as our own, continue to herald and compliment them on their misguided tenacity, while our elected representatives sorely lack it. Personally, with a 100% conviction,  unless an immediate complete reversal of this impotent attitude and absence of strategy takes place, not only with our representative Politicians, but with each of us as individual Citizens, to set these adversarial malcontents back on their dangerous Political and Ideological heels, this ball game for all practical purposes is over.

Our problem is this: Somewhere along the line, the fearless and competitive DNA of our Forefathers regarding their recognizance of our inherent  rights to Freedom and a personal pursuit of Self Preservation and Happiness, has been watered down to such a miniscule level, that not even ONE person up to now, amongst millions in this great country of ours, has the self-motivation and inherent courage to stand up to this White House imposter publicly and lead by whatever means it takes to eliminate this carnage that is taking place without effective challenge whatsoever! Until that moment arrives, we will continue to degenerate into a lost Society and all that have contributed their blood, sweat, tears, and in many instances their very lives, will have done so in vain.


Can we in all good conscience, with what opportunity and blessings the previous structure of this great Country has bestowed upon us and our families, allow this to become our final legacy?   I would hopefully think not. Each and every one of us has the potential to yet be that one who stands up and upon doing so, openly and without equivocation, soon realize that he or she is not alone, but surrounded and supported by millions more of authentic true Americans, not ideological imposters.  Only then will we recapture what has been heretofore attacked, impugned and eroded. Those Inalienable Rights which are most unique and precious to us; those rights which are the envy of all others not in possession of same, “LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”  For the most part, up to now, we have lived and loved them, NOW it is our responsibility, destiny, and ultimate legacy never to lose them for our own sake as well the sake of future generations.                                                                                            

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Comment by Debrajoe Beatty on February 24, 2013 at 11:24am

Too many Americans like to complain then go on with their apathy.

Comment by Fly Eagle on February 24, 2013 at 12:51pm

"not even ONE person up to now, amongst millions"?

Dr. Ben Carson maybe? But you are mostly right, we do need a rallying point.

We are herding too many cats. Can we pare the mission down to a few issues all conservatives can rally around?

“LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS” is right on but it seems a bit too broad. - - - Rally on!

Comment by Clarence E. DeBarrows on February 24, 2013 at 2:14pm

Another perspective for consideration.  I have been concerned for quite a while about the significant bite multiculturalism has taken out of "the competitive DNA of our Forefathers ...", and that of the original immigrants who came to this Country legally because they wanted to participate in, and incorporate into their lives, the values inherent in "the great experiment" taking place under our inspired Constitution.  Today, entitlement minded Citizens coupled with self serving immigrants, who are a to a large degree illegal and with ideas antithetical to our Constitutional imperatives, work, with the support and sympathy of many in our government, to change those values to suit their individual preferences, not to participate in the values which made this Country great.  The result of the last election can be attributed largely to the "free stuff" - food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, etc., etc., - offered by the Omama regime to millions of Citizens and non citizens who have become accustomed to the free ride available to them.  The fact is a Third World mentality infects our whole Society as the multicultural mindset reduces what was once a  "melting pot" mentality to one of many diverse and often destructive agendas - does Sharia law ring a bell?  To those of that mentality the "DNA of our Forefathers" is viewed as archaic and in need of radical change - BY MANY IN AUTHORITY WHO HAVE SWORN TO UPHOLD OUR CONSTITUTION, NO LESS!  The reality is that the teeter totter has tottered toward the liberal, progressive, Marxist side as the takers of the "free stuff" and those who view our way of life as evil, have finally, especially in California, reached the point where they OUTNUMBER AND CONSEQUENTLY OUTVOTE the providers.  In history, when that has happened, the game was up!   Our system is now "rigged" to benefit the takers at the expense of the providers.  You can't work within a "rigged system" and win.  It will take more than petitions and rallys to win this one.  It's going to be interesting to see if there are enough American Patriots left to put their lives on the line to pull it off, 'cause if we're to prevail, that's what it's going to take!  I'm 80 years old and I can tell you, just in my lifetime, I've seen such a diminution in the character of a vast majority of our countrymen AND leaders that I'm not very optimistic.

Comment by Will Smith on February 24, 2013 at 5:12pm

STOP IT. Defeatism will NOT get our Country back. Dig a hole, cover it up and wait? That is not a way to save our Country from disaster, that is a way to GUARANTEE the disaster. When the smoke clears there won't be a Country left!

Freedom is NEVER FREE! It must be fought for, cherished, defended and protected. Yes, it may cost lives this time around also. Most probably Freedom will again require sacrifice. Our soldiers in the field do this every day and risk their lives. I for one and NOT some wimp who will go quietly into the night and cower in a cave hoping that someone else and not me will have Saved and Protected Dear Freedom. If Freedom requires my life so that future generations still can live with her Blessings, then so be it. I will not go down quietly though, I will go down fighting.

In defending Freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, rest assured, the person you are looking for as the rallying point WILL become known. Adversity is what will bring such a person to the forefront and any such person will certainly understand that he or she may very well become a martyr because a tyranny will stop at nothing to try to silence that voice.

I've said this before and I'll say it again. To force this issue and nip this in the bud, food distribution to the liberal left havens - the cities - must be slowed down. Cut it by 20%. Cut production of food by 20%. The food producing areas, the bastions of conservatism and patriotism will not suffer. The food stamp recipients in the cities will be up in arms against the believed saviors since no governor or mayor can grow more food and get it to the markets. I am supplying ZERO meat to markets this year. I will sell fleeces only and people can't eat fleece.

Comment by Kevin Roy McGinty on February 24, 2013 at 7:34pm

There are some real meaningful responses to my post. There are so many folks like us out there, that really understand what the hell is really going on in our Country, but just can't figure out EXACTLY what we can do to fight back. Most of us are in the alleged twilight of our careers and lives and unfortunately we thought we might enjoy this period and be able to reflect on at least SOME of the things we did right to keep the party going. A lot of my acquaintances and associates tell me that they have just tuned this debacle out and that everything will work out O.K. in the end. I've got news for them! WE are in a gigantic world of hurt right now and its getting worse. Please keep plugging away. This group (Constitutional Emergency) led by Twana Blevins has been in the thick of it all the way and they are working diligently to consolidate functional State groups so we can create some effective, concentrated, like-minded pushback. Please join and/or include C.E. in your daily internet travels. We need as many Patriots as we can get to turn this thing around! Twana ,I would thank you personally for your supreme effort thus far. We won't disappoint you!-McGinty

Comment by Johnny Manalisay Rivera on February 25, 2013 at 1:10am

I would recommend filling out every survey that comes our way concerning our country,like the ACLJ Surveys and Grassfire  Surveys just for the record to show that we as a people are trying by legitimate dreams to influence our Gov't . The Founding Forefathers of our Country used every avenue possible to deal with Britain before they did the drastic.Even writing letters to your Congressmen and women and State Senators. I know iot sounds like a waste of time  but it would show a real effort to resolve problems and show that we are a levelheaded group.Just a thought!

Comment by Ralph Roshto on February 25, 2013 at 5:43am

Our 'representatives' no longer represent us, nor do they honor their oath of office.

The alphabet press is now an arm of Marxist propaganda.

The Marxists have sucessfully infiltrated our education system so thouroughly that our population is dumbed down below the level of a third world country, effectively becoming 'useful idiots'.

And now you tell me that I can change things by voting in a country that not only looks the other way at voting irregularities, but outright encourages votor fraud.

All of this will be changed, one way or the other. We will either be Free Men again, or we will dead. When, not if, another American Revolution begins, the first to fall will not be the High and Mighty, but will be the Common Man, common in his life with other men who wield no power. We common men, however, do have a trump card in our possesion....


The elites in power see this trump and know that it will not end well for them if the course that they have embarked upon is folllowed through. They see the recent rise in military readyness by the Common Man and it intills within them the fear that we will not allow them to enslave us. It fills them with enough fear that the administration is preparing for war against it's own citizens. I can see it, many Patriots can see it, so We The People would be lax in believing that the Marxists can't see it as well. They have plans....plans against US. We'd better have them, too.

The smell of Revolution is in the air...sooner than we expect, the sound of cannon will also be in the din, and the Dog of War shall feed upon it's Master.

Comment by Will Smith on February 25, 2013 at 8:27pm

People are awake - many of them. As of yet, there is nobody to fight unless you live in the liberal cities and they do plenty of killing each other as it is. So far, the Obozo administration isn't making overt moves, only covert ones. The House keeps blocking him also. With the sequester going into effect it limits his abilities to spend. If you can't spend to pay for your private army, that private army becomes somewhat hamstrung. Figuring that FEMA and DHS are the private army, they need to be heavily augmented to take on the job he wants for them. However, the House controls the purse strings. He's also looking at pending impeachment over the illegal recess appointments. So, all in all, we aren't yet at the point of armed resistance to the want to be tyrant. First he will have to disband the House then possibly the Senate. He doesn't have the method to do that yet. 

Fortunately, Obozo is a very weak leader. He doesn't inspire mass following of 70-80% of the population. If he had that kind of following we'd be seeing a very different situation right now.

Comment by Johnny Manalisay Rivera on February 26, 2013 at 12:59am

Some of the media is catching on, eventually the truth will be known and he will not be able to hide!


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