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I am more and more convinced that the Tea Parties, those they support in the congress, and talking heads like Limbaugh & Hannity are either "BLIND DUMB OR STUPID", are afraid, or tacitly support these efforts by the Obamanation Administration in its support for a new World Wide Caliphate! ! ! ! !
For the first time, to my knowledge those running for the Republican Nomination Spoke out about the move by all of Islam to create a World Wide Caliphate. Sadly they did not elaborate on the Islamic 5th Columns that have Invaded America, Europe, and other nations.
Yes I know that all of them, from the Tea Parties to these debaters. very often talk about Islamic Terrorists but NOT DAMN ONE, Speaks to these infiltrated Terrorists, like the Saudi 9/11 Killers.
TSGT Clough 

Kerry Courts the Muslim Brotherhood

Posted by Jacob Laksin Bio ? on Dec 16th, 2011

As the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Kerry might be expected to be wary of bestowing legitimacy on Islamic extremists. But no such caution was in evidence last Friday, when the Senator met with three of the top officials in the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP). What makes the meeting all the more notorious is that the three officials - FJP Vice-Chairman Essam El-Erian, FJP Secretary-General Mohamed Saad Katatni, and FJP chairman Mohamed Morsi - are outspoken Islamists who belie the Brotherhood's much-cultivated image of tolerance and moderation.

Take Mohamed Morsi. He has been quoted on the Brotherhood's website calling Israel a "Zionist usurper" that "has been created by the international terrorism and injustice." Morsi also believes that Israel, and any nation that supports it, is perpetrating "genocide" against the Palestinians. Both Essam El-Erian and Mohamed Saad Katani, meanwhile, have made it clear that they wish to see Sharia become the law of the land. "If you want to know what principles guide our party let me tell you: the principles of the Islamic Sharia law," Mohamed Saad Katani told Aljazeera in November. El-Erian has gone further, echoing Egypt's Salafists by declaring: "No one dares oppose the application of Sharia law."

If Kerry was aware of his interlocutors' views, he did not show it. Instead, he heaped praise on the recent Egyptian elections, which saw the FJP win nearly 40 percent of seats, as a model of transparency and integrity. Kerry also pledged American support for Egypt's new Islamist government and called for the U.S.-funded International Monetary Fund to shore up the government with financial support. Not only did Kerry not take the opportunity to challenge the Brotherhood's more extreme views, but he rewarded them with the promise of additional assistance.

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