COL Riley,
I just read your post on PFA regarding Sen Scott Brown. Allow me to offer some insight as to what I believe is happening.
Remember that Sen Scott Brown is currently a member of the MA Army National Guard, as I used to be! He's currently serving as a JAG with the rank of LTC. The current Adjutant General of the MA National Guard is a guy named Joe Carter. Carter was APPOINTED to his position (because that's the way MA does it) by our liberal governor, Deval Patrick....who just happens to be really good buddies with the guy who currently occupies the White House!!!! And since Joe Carter was appointed by Patrick, the political environment of the MA National Guard has gone from bad to worse...MUCH WORSE!!!!
Short version of a long story...I was not retained in the MA National Guard in 2008 because I wasn't "in" politically with the right people! When Joe Carter was appointed to his position, I didn't hear anyone saying positive things about him within the MA National Guard!
Now the Adjutants General of each state's National Guard have the authority to INVOLUNTARILY MOBILIZE anyone under their command. Which means that here in MA, Joe Carter has the authority, if he chooses to do so, involuntarily mobilize LTC Scott Brown if he wants to! And given the highly politically charged political atmosphere of the MA National Guard these days, here's what I believe has been happening.
The guy who currently occupies the White House obviously called his buddy Deval Patrick in Boston at some point, and told Deval to tell his Adjutant General Joe Carter to tell Scott Brown that he'll involuntarily mobilize him if he doesn't vote a certain way on certain Bills! And if Joe Carter chooses not to, then Deval merely fires Joe Carter and replaces him with someone who'll do his bidding for him! So Joe goes to Scott Brown, and tells him that he needs to vote a certain way on certain Bills, or else he'll be involuntarily mobilized...effectively physically removing him from the US Senate, and preventing him from voting on future Bills in the US Senate! Now as a JAG and a LTC, Scott Brown is in a very unique position in the MA National Guard; if he's "in" politically with the Adjutant General, he'll "be taken care of!". If he's "on the outs" politically with the Adjutant General, the Adjutant General has the power to make life miserable for Scott Brown!
Bottom Line....Sen Scott Brown has been bought by...AND THREATENED BY... Obama and Deval Patrick!!
Sad too...because he used to be my State Senator when he was in the State Senate here in MA...and I know him personally as well! Our paths crossed a few times when I was still in the MA National Guard, and I supported him financially when he ran for the State Senate and the US Senate!
My Scott Brown bumper stickers will be removed from my car this weekend! His vote to repeal DADT was, unfortunately, the last straw for me!!!!
Anyway COL Riley...that's my take on what I believe is happening with Sen Brown; take it for what it's worth!

Paul Couturier

Proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Politically incorrect, and proud of it!
Terrorists need love too. Give them a kiss before you send them to Hell!

NEVER apologize for being Patriotic - Toby Keith

God Bless America
(no one else will)

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Comment by Harry Riley on December 23, 2010 at 10:16pm
Paul makes a strong case......more here
Comment by Larry on December 26, 2010 at 11:06am


  Pauls case looks good on paper. However as a United States military officer BROWN NOSER should have told the uppers in his political arena to piss off . nad voted against the queer law letting them into the Services. I hold him accountable for his actions as a Officer of the United States military. He nhas support of the people to uphold the constitutional values. Pretty soon the people are or some already have seen a pattern developing as to how military Gentlmen are treated by the potus. I had not realized how similar and everything about the military and Corrections is so political in Nature.Now the officcers live a dual standard ppolitcal correct in speech and in preferences on the job. Fire this Adninistration.


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