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Elections and Moral Choices:

When the process fair and honest elections is compromised by fraud the institution of democracy is no longer possible. Those who's responsibility it is to ensure the integrity of the election process must be willing to take whatever measures necessary to accomplish that goal. When they fail America fails. If there exists evidence of fraud they cannot and must not allow the fear of riots or any other discourse to cloud their judgment with regard to their sworn duty.

America's leaders must have Honor, Loyalty, Honesty, courage and morality at all times when performing duties of their offices. What do you stand for Congressman, Senator, are you one of the corrupt who betray the America so many have given life, limb and blood for? Maybe you are one with the courage, Loyalty and integrity it takes to be a real American. There is one absolute here, if you are aware that any fraud whatsoever was committed and do nothing about it, you are among the criminal element and without any socially redeemable character.

America has been the model for democracy throughout the world. Now as we enter the twenty first century our past two elections have been clearly marred by fraud and corruption. I can hear those who benefited from these criminal acts protesting, with profanity, this undeniable fact.

Be that as it may, it does not change the fact that America's respect and reputation around the world has been diminished by this administration and congress to its lowest point in our history. I am an American who values my good reputation, I value being considered honest, trustworthy and loyal and above all I value my Honor. It is for these reasons I find the actions of the 111th, 112th congresses as well as the president's and his administration's behavior both corrupt and dishonorable . Your actions as representatives of the American people reflects on the reputations of every American citizen.

I am one of those citizens and I despise the fact that you are tarnishing my character. I have "honestly" served my country, obeyed its laws and sacrificed for it in ways I have never seen the vast majority of you even attempt. Please answer me, what gives you the right to destroy what I and thousands of others have bled for, sacrificed limbs for and some given their lives for? Is there no Honor left among you, no courage. Do you have any regret or remorse. Is this letter just another waste of time spent on people who have lost all morality?


Mr. Art Phillips
225 Brian Drive
Pleasanton, TX 78064

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