Sobering thoughts, on the future, the present, and the past.

"Each person has to listen for one’s own call.

We are all parents of someone, children of someone, spouses of someone, girl and boyfriends of someone. We all have interpersonal relationships that deserve our attention and presence and all of this stuff about rights is secondary. It has to be. Our jobs, our income, does not just go to ourselves and our causes, it goes to schools and day care workers; it goes to keep a roof over our heads and food in the fridge.

These facts are what have kept us on the sidelines through all of the abuses handed down so far. The need to get on the flight allows the abuses of the TSA to grope and fondle children. In a rational world that could not happen, but the state has set up the scenario and you and your rights are disregarded because it doesn't hurt them to enforce the abuses. They will just call the police.

The fact that we have no chance in a confrontation with the police also keeps us mum about the rights violated against us. Yes, they have no right to enter my home, or search my car. Work it out in the courts.

The fact that we have no chance in the courtroom, because we do not have enough money to put up a proper legal defense and even if we did, we do not have lawyers that will argue the merits of our rights. They know it is pointless, because the judges don't want to hear it, they want to process the guilty through the system, nothing more.

They have already determined we are guilty because the police officer says so. He entered our home legally, because he says so. He legally confiscated our illegal weapons which are illegal, because some judge said so.

It is not that we have not tried to work this out in a legal, peaceful way, it is because we have that strengthens our backbone and hardens our resolve.

No, I don't want to do it, either. I don't want to tell my daughter that she won't be going to college next year because I quit my job to run with a rag tag bunch of angry dogs over the abuses of the government. I don't want to tell her that I will not be coming back, she can visit me in prison or the cemetery. Who on earth would want to tell their child that? Who wants to tell their mother that, or their wife that?

I don't. No one does. So, ask yourself, how is it that it could ever have happened? How is it that so many men went off to Europe or Asia to fight a war? How is it that so many went off to Lexington to stand before the mighty British? Because they were either drafted by the government to do the fighting, or they felt it was their duty to do the fighting for all of those mothers, wives and daughters.

The difference now is that it is not our government that is asking and willing to train all of us to go together to fight a foe.

It is much harder now. It is a matter of individual conscience, with wavering starting times. It is not defined. It is not coordinated.

See, I think that is the strength we have, not the weakness, because they don't know our start time, either. They don't know who, because we are not organized in a way they recognize: here are the troops they will move out on this signal.

The military has for a long time fought wars under these conditions, but not domestically. They had the advantage of knowing that they did not know the people they were expected to kill.

The police are used to it, because they know how to let a little resistance turn into a reason to kill a citizen. They have militarized their policing duties, but they are not prepared to deal with issue after issue, time after time, their methods getting more and more scrutiny and their protections getting ever more unreliable as would happen in a dynamic, modern society in that the further they strain to counter resistance, the closer they get to their own families and friends.

Our targets, should we choose them, are disparate as well.

Who is the most to blame for our condition? Is it the media that has propagandized this threat, demonized us, marginalized our support, refused to hold politicians accountable for their fraud and mistreatment of us and our rights?

Is it congress that has refused to rein in the abuses of the federal government, who has allowed the oppression, even encouraged it as a way to win re-election? Is it our state governments that have ceded their responsibilities to defend us from an out-of-control federal bureaucracy? Is it the cop in the squad car anxious to test out the new powers he has due to court cases and a wholesale disregard for the Constitution? The problem is not that we don't want to die. The problem for the government is that we do.

We are willing to lay down  our lives to restore the Constitution and the rights it is supposed to If we ask our families to bear the burden alone, without us for one reason or another, we  don't want to achieve nothing, we don't want to do it alone. We want to know that when we are arrested or killed that the movement toward a restoration of the Constitution will go on without us, perhaps because we have made the  commitment with our lives to fight for it.

I think the only thing we need to free us to action is a common signal, a sign, a tattoo even signaling others that we died in their cause, not just as a nut that the cops had to put down before we did an evil thing. A unified identity. So that when Joe goes out and acts to restore the Constitution we know why he did it despite the inevitable media spin and we would free the couches of our idle masses.

That one unifying moment when we all know what we are fighting for and whom, is what the corrupt government has to fear. The sad part is, they will probably kill a few million of us before the rest get it.protect. Where we are silent and idle is we don't want to do it for nothing."

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Comment by Debrajoe Beatty on February 15, 2013 at 10:50am

Great blog Ken.

Comment by Jeanne Michael on February 15, 2013 at 10:51am

Such a great post.  Very sad but so true.

Comment by Wingy on February 15, 2013 at 10:54am

When the question is asked, "Who will do this?"  Sometimes the answer is WE WILL..because nobody is going to do it for us.

We all know we have to stand up sooner or later.  Nobody wants to cast the first stone.  But, we all know it is coming down to the wire and even the NEXT election is not going to make things any better. 

Now is the time to start gathering 'stones'...

Comment by Steven G. Elliott on February 15, 2013 at 11:00am

This is great, well thought out.

Comment by Ken Bittner on February 15, 2013 at 11:17am

Guys...I did not compose this.  It was written by a friend of mine.  That's why I included the link back to his original blog at the bottom.

Comment by Robert James Burkholder on February 15, 2013 at 11:28am

I know not what others might do...So said Patrick Henry from the pulpit  at the beginning-- he echoed the Holy Writ. I may not have any chance against the police--but the local police KNOW  I wil say what I believe true regardless! I may not have a friend in any Court--but Judges KNOW I will decide my fate--and if I choose the hard road it is me that chose--it was not imposed. And if I am not heard because I speak for myself-- I cannot change that. for I have no power over other men. IF they choose to stand with me-- or allow me stand with them  then we are more than one -and soon a force none can refuse to listen to. So long as God is our guide we cannot be misguided.As we honor Him -we will be honored.

Comment by Jeanne Michael on February 15, 2013 at 11:56am

The above post is so very heart wrenching, but what is really sad is that the American people have been passive for so long.  What is said above is true - we are parents and spouses and all the rest, but there is more.  I regret to say many Americans have become very lazy.  Don't get me wrong.  A lot of Americans are really suffering in these economic times and have had to turn to the government for food stamps, etc.  These are not  the people I'm talking about.  I am certainly not talking about the veterans who need much more help than they are getting, in every way.

I type medical reports for three psychiatric hospitals and what I type makes me sick and angry at these Americans.  Example:  A 23-year-old man on total disability because of back problems.  Many people have real back problems but they are difficult to prove sometimes.  This man has back problems - from what?  He has maybe worked six months of his life at a real job, does all kinds of street drugs and then gets so messed up he is picked up by metro and taken to the psych hospital on the taxpayer's dollar and gets prescribed drugs which he takes for a while but the street drugs are better so he is back in the hospital the next month.  He is on Social Security Disability so he has no worries at all, except where to get his next fix.  You may think this is a rare case, but not at all.  We have almost nine million people on disability in this country and many, many of them are just like the young man in the example above.  No wonder Americans are passive, they can't even think clearly.

Street drugs are totally out of control and in this great country, we consume more prescription drugs than any other country and our healthcare costs are absurd! Americans have become passive to a large degree because of medication for anxiety, medication to sleep, medication for depression.  Yes, some people DO need help, but most just like to veg out and not worry about things.  I think the government likes that.  Just take another pill and don't worry about what we are doing...

Comment by Genia Silverberg on February 15, 2013 at 1:49pm

What a great article....

Comment by Cheryl Jensen on February 16, 2013 at 8:21am

I am saving all of this for History. Future generations will need to know our feelings and words as things draw near to action. Excellent article. Many people are documenting history as it is in the making. The Nation has ears, and is listening and preparing for the day. The day to stand up for freedom. Most would prefer to go as a free man or women than a slave. Once it starts it must be finished.

I liked the idea of a tattoo, so we will know.

Comment by Ronald King on February 16, 2013 at 9:07am

PFA;  One  great article;; And  listen  closely  to  the  comments,  these  hit  right  to  the  Bone..!!  Rewards  will  come  to the  Patriot's  here,  not  only  by God,  and  build  America  back  up  the  way  We  were  Taught..!!   


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