Sometimes.... (Is The Name of My Post)

Sometimes  I feel as though a wave of unbelief comes over me when I think of this beast that has been unleashed on us here in America... Sometimes I think of life when I would have never believed something like this monster could ever be a part of the American way of life... 

Most of my day today was spent on the cell phone waiting on hold for an operator at either the Amtrack station or the reservation desk for booking hotel reservations on May 16.  My mind is in a flury this night as I lay quietly in my living room and then thoughts of people come streaming in... people like Andrew Breitbart and his coroner... the men at Benghazi  and the military at Afghanistan... For those families; this monster unleashed is a night and day reality; there is no escaping... and for me; my dad was a Marine all his adult life until he retired; he was shipped over seas so many times I lost count.. 


My son is in the Navy and he and his wife just had their third daughter only a few days ago; and I have another son who was a Marine for a few short years that seemed like an eternity to me.. 

Now, I think; what is my son going to retire from; what kind of military?  What will his daughters have to face when they grow up in an America with the devil himself looming like a huge black cloud oover their lives and their decisions;  what will my great grandson have to face?  

I, know within myself that I have to go to Washington DC... it's not a choice for me!  It's a responsibility that I have to take to heart;  it's a responsibility to the U.S. Constitution; the military men that have fought and died and been murdered by a heartless man in power called a commander in chief that sent those boys into harm's way knowing they would be maimed and murdered mercilessly .

It's my citizenship responsibility to go and with all of my heart defend our vets; our military men our Constitution and all it stands for; our Bill of Rights and all it means to the last word of it... 

We've lost our children; we've lost our educational system; we've lost our human rights to abortion and lawless; cruel tyrannical dictators that seem to be possessed by Lucifer himself...  The shedding of blood seems to be a thirst to these people... they glory in sin and they glory in not being ashamed of their horrid and stench-filled life styles;  they love the wrong side of life; they worship death... 

Yes, Sometimes, I wonder how to escape all of this;  but, reality; the only escape is to face it head on and flee from within all of the evil it stands for while confronting it's devastation and those effects on innocent people who genuinely hate sin and cleave to that which is good... 

Jesus confronted sin head on; He hated and does hate sin; but he sure loves us so much that while we were yet in sin; he died for us!  He confronted us at the cross;  He loves us because of the cross and he keeps us and sustains us because He is the embodiment of the meaning of the cross... 

This is our escape; this is our heaven-  heaven while we are in the midst of this demon in our land and while we are confronted with people who would crucify our Christ all over again; if they could; oh, they try... 

They scream at the top of their lungs how much they don't want his Word in our schools and taught to our children; they want perversion and condoms instead!  They want to murder the unborn even before it has a chance to hear the sound of their  wicked perverse voices.. 

Yes, it's pretty simple in some ways; yet, it's the deepest; the darkest and the most blood-thirsty moment in American History;  We have sinned in our past as a nation;  our national sin included monstrosities that should have never occurred; not ever... and, yes; we need to repent and turn from our wicked ways.. but, today; this moment-  we face a foe that is far more formidable than anyone can imagine; we face a divided nation; we face a nation that has been taught that they are in essence their own god.. and life is in their hands and it's a decision they make and if they make it; it's always the right one..  an this is the biggest lie of all time;  the deepest deception and the most wicked, evil and blasphemous belief of all time... 

Jesus Christ is Lord!  He is the resurrection and the Life; and by his stripes we are healed; and no other way!  We are kept in Him because of Him; and His love; His power; and His will!  

It is not just 'sometimes' my responsibility to fight for my country; it is my responsibility at all times when my national identity and life is threatened... that is not a choice; it's a responsibility of the soul!  

And, this is why I go to Washington DC .. I leave all I love here at home; and go to a place I've never been to be with people I've never met; and still want to hold their hands and cry with them as we all sing our national anthem and at the same time demand to have our nation back!  We have one thing in common; we are human; we are finite; and we depend on our God to heal our land... Amen and thank you! 

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