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Supreme Court on education and Islam

Posted by Nick Santini on Facebook;

Supreme Court rules against Islam being taught in public schools

It seems that it rests with the Supreme Court to decide the fate of Islam being taught in public schools. They have made a decision that students will be taught about radical Islam and ways they can stop it.

As Neil Gorsuch said, the administration ought not to get involved with religion, but this is a whole different situation. In public schools, children are told that Islam is a peaceful religion, but reality contradicts these teachings.

The nine Supreme Court justices gathered on Monday to make a decision about the case with close connections to Obama and Democrats.

The High court ruled 5-4, with Neil Gorsuch giving the decisive vote, according to Trenddify. The justices decided that the only thing of the Islam history taught to children in these public schools will be the one of radical Islam and how they can contribute for its downfall.

Justice Gorsuch, in his very first opinion for the Supreme Court, noted:


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Comment by Michael M. Regan on April 17, 2017 at 9:37pm
Gorsuch is a breath of fresh air. Finally someone who is balanced, objective, who can see the forest from the trees. If you want to drink water at its freshest you have to get as close to the source as possible. If you want to know first hand about what Islam is all about and what their goals are read "Why I left Jihad by, Walid Shobat. A former Palestinian terrorist. 400 pages, under $5.00 on Amazon. Hear it from the hourses mouth.
Comment by Michael M. Regan on April 18, 2017 at 11:58am
Greetings Judith. Not sure of all his theological beliefs. I do know he started studying the Bible to try to get his wife to become a Muslim and he saw that Jesus is the true Messiah. Personally along with trying to expose Islam for what is truly is because you can't believe what Muslims say because lying is accepted if it furthers Islam I pray regularly that The Holy Spirit will open their eyes to the truth. Most Muslims are seeking God, they are just deceived. If a Muslim can pray 5 times a day to a false god then I can pray 5 times a day to the True God and that's what I've set my mind to do. Islam is a world wide problem and the world is going to need Divine intervention.
Comment by Michael M. Regan on April 20, 2017 at 3:25pm
Judith I agree.. Good websites you posted. I'm in agreement with the article "On the definition of religion" by Nonic Darwish posted on global faith "Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion". Islam do not meet the overall definition of a religion as the rest of the world defines "religion". Briefly... religion is a personal belief which is volentary and not forced through a system that punishes the unbeliever with death. Islam claims to be an Abrahamic religion however, it didn't exist until 600 years after Christ. The Hebrews (Jews) who have believed and followed YHWH have done so since they were seperated by God as His chosen people.
Islam claims the Jews and Christians corrupted the writings of the Scriptures when in fact it was the Muslims who corrupted its writings. We have a plethora of early biblical writings including the Dead Sea scrolls to prove our current translations have not been corrupted. The mistakes in translations that have been found are some grammar and punctuation but none of the believing churches translations change the original intent of "any" passage.
"Society (has) a right to erase from its rolls of its members anyone who rendered his own existence inconsistent with theirs; to withdraw from him the protection of their laws, and to remove him from amoung them by exile, or even by death if necessary". Thomas Jefferson to L.H. Girardin. 1815.
Comment by Michael M. Regan on April 22, 2017 at 10:28pm
There are many challenges we face today as a nation and as individuals. But I have concluded the greatest, most hideous challenge we face is Islam. The other problems in the world like Russia, North Korea just to name a few are evil and we can resist and fight them but in doing so we remain who we are. But Islam means to change "WHO" we are. Ask yourself "How did Christian peoples and states, some with powerful armies and the richest cultures of their time collapse when faced with the onslaught of jihad and dhimmitude (living as a slave under Islam)?". During the 7th to the 15th centuries Europe has long been mired in socialism for so long and it has left its first love (Christianity) that it is easy prey for this mongrel bunch who have come up from the Middle East. Compare Europe of the Middle Ages in its handling of Islam. The fought them and beat them back to their miserable lands. Now, European leadership is handing over territory as fast as they can. American leadership is following their lead unpresidented under Obamas leadership. Notice how Obama followed the European Union which banned words such as: Jihad, fundamentalism, Islamic terrorisum. They refuse to even acknowledge Islam as the most repressive political/ religious entity on earth. Remember Islam has been and is the largest owner and seller of slaves in the world. Where's the condemnation, the outage? The world leaders will hardly acknowledge these atrocities. Islamic immigration is the modern day Trojan horse. The greatest threat to the civilized world is Islam (in my estimation). We need to get educated and fast. Armed with an understanding of Islam, past, present and future, we can inform others, and make our leaders answer the hard questions their not being asked. I I would bet they are as uninformed as most Americans are. I have recommended books and authors here in the past. I doubt many (if any) have read them. Never the less I'm going to recommend an author and some of her books because she is a world recognized authority on the spreading of Islam especially in Europe. If people could learn the lesions of Europe they stand a better chance of not repeating it. "A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise man learns from others mistakes. Her name is Bat Ye'or. Born Gisele Littman in Egypt of Jewish parents. She has written many books on Islam with great reviews from Scholars and Theologians alike. Here are a few: 1) Understanding Dhimmitude 2) Eurasia 3) the decline of eastern Christianity under Islam. Islam seeks a world wide caliphate and they are well on their way of succeeding. The book I mentioned not long ago "why I left Jihad is an excellent read. The author traces Islam and Antisemitisum from its roots. Filled with verifiable quotes and written sources. LOOK there is so much material out there at our finger tips I do not believe the powers, whoever they be are ignorant about Islam. Their misrepresentation of and failure to acknowledge their atrocities and misinformation because as Europe has been socialist for decades so goes America. Muslims are now in all facets of government and many are in positions of policy making. This should disturb you to no end. Get educated and educate others. An education will allow you to combat the lies from your Christian friend who support the Palestinians and do not support Israel to the uneducated neighbor as well as Muslims you may encounter. Most of all we can call our leaders out asking the hard questions and exposing the lies that they are wrapping around Islam. If just one person here heeds my advice it's been worth it. If no one heeds the wake up call at least I've done my duty.
Comment by Old Rooster on April 23, 2017 at 9:33am

Thanks Michael,Your insight and knowledge is invaluable. It's a pity more people can't see the truth about what is happening, no only here in the USA but also all around the world.
Like you and millions of others, I swore an OATH to preserve, protect, and defend The Constitution of The United States of America - against ALL enemies foreign or domestic. But sadly today if we even began to try to defend that Constitution WE would end up either shot or incarcerated ourselves. We've even got Marines in prison today because they shot and killed someone on the battlefield in Afghanistan but the Obama administration didn't like it. They sent them there to fight a war but instead have imprisoned them for killing one of the enemy. We've got good men like Terry Trussell and many others in prison today for standing up and trying to defend that Constitution against our own repressive Government. American's stood up last November and elected Donald J. Trump as President, all in the hopes that a new Republican administration would "Drain The Swamp" of some of these criminals in our Government. But sadly so far no one seems to be doing much of any of that. Attorney General Jeff Sessions still has not fired any of the Obama judges that put Terry Trussell in prison, or any of the judges in Oregon or Nevada. So far no charges against Hillary Clinton or Senator Harry Reid have been filed at all. The corruption in our Government is so deep and so embedded that it seems nothing will change.

As for the rise of Islam, both here and around the world, Barrack Hussein Obama was raised in a Muslim country, he grew up as a Muslim, and thus he KNEW all about the intentions of rebuilding the Muslim caliphate and the efforts os Islamic terrorists to take over the entire world. HE KNEW IT and yet he aided and abetted them in ever step of his eight year rein as president. He helped them, he funded them, and he aided in bringing them to our country. If THAT does not constitute high treason then I don't know what could ever qualify. And yet if anyone ever attempted to uphold that OATH of military service and tried to shoot that bastard our own Government would execute that person.

The threat and the rise of Islam here and around the world, YES you're damned right our Government officials are aware of this. And they KNOW about the intentions of Islam to renew and rebuild the Caliphate. Yet not one of those Government or law enforcement officials would back up the American people if we made any attempts to eradicate the threat from our country. Quite the reverse, our Government and law enforcement officials would shoot and kill anyone who attempted to defend this Country against these radicals.

Educate the masses: Good luck on that. How can you educate anyone that refuses to be educated? How do we teach anyone the truth when they reject that education? When they refuse to be educated, or when they reject the truth and deny any of it, they refuse to believe any of it. Facts don't matter to these people.
The last Crusades took place only after 400 years of radical Islamic oppression. It took the people 400 years to finally wake up and make up their minds that they had finally had enough of it.

Yes, today we face several threats around the world, North Korea, Russia, Iran, but no threat from around the world is greater than the threat we face from within our own borders. From our own complacent Federal Government that refuses to protect and defend the American people. The greatest threat we face in America is from the American Communist Party and the growing Islamic caliphate right here within our own borders.

Our biggest threat is from rouge judges like those placed into office by the liberals and the traitors in the Obama administration. We've got a list of their names, it's right here on this PFA forums. There's no need to list them all here again. But if someone doesn't stand up and start removing them soon the the only recourse the people will have will be to remove the threats ourselves.
One way or another., by any means necessary.

Comment by Old Rooster on April 23, 2017 at 12:46pm

Somebody please explain this to me: How can these men be guilty of conspiracy charges if they DID NOT participate in any conspiracy?

A jury in Nevada is signaling trouble in deliberating conspiracy charges against six men over an armed standoff that stopped government agents from rounding up cattle near Cliven Bundy's ranch in 2014.

Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro didn't read their question aloud but convened jurors Thursday to tell them they can decide there was a conspiracy even if they find the defendants didn't take part in it.

The judge instructed the jury to keep deliberating.

The issue echoes one in a related case in Oregon, where jurors last October found Bundy's sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy, and five others not guilty of all charges in an armed occupation of a U.S. wildlife refuge.

The acquittal in Oregon included a similar count of conspiracy to impede federal officers.

Comment by Old Rooster on April 23, 2017 at 12:54pm

If I post a comment here on this PFA forum, and also post that same comment on Facebook, stating that this judge Gloria Navarro should be shot for her treason, Then by her definition all 8,273 members of this PFA forum and all 58 million members of Facebook are also guilty of conspiracy charges even though they may not have participated themselves.

Comment by Michael M. Regan on April 23, 2017 at 1:06pm
Old Rooster you've outlined it perfectly, thank you, nonone with the least bit of truth can argue against your outline. I will tell you what is becoming more clear to me day by day. The Muslims will accomplish a world wide caliphate and their long awaited Mahadi who will in truth be the Antichrist who will demand all convert to Islam and worship Mahadi or perish will appear. Remember he will bring temporal peace to the world and all will follow after him. And I also believe I can tell you from what nation he will come from.... Turkey. I'll tell you why.. the 5 fallen empires of Revelation 17: 9-11. These 7 heads are called 7 mountains, mountains are a symbol of nations. The 5 fallen nations are: The Egyptian empire, the Assyrian empire, the Babylonian empire, the Persian empire and the Greek empire. REMEMBER each of these empires conquered the previous empire. That being said the 6th empire is Rome who conquered the Greek empire. Here's the key as myself and some others believe, the 7th empire is TURKEY because the Turkish/Ottoman conquered the Roman Empire. Most Bible teachers believe that a revived Roman Empire will be the 7th with the Antichrist coming out of one of the European nations. Many believe it will possibly be a Roman Catholic Pope. However there's a problem with a revived Roman Empire being the 6th and the last. If that is true where is the 7th?. Turkey by historical evidence alone fits the 7th empire as it conquered Rome just as the others before it. So to make a long story short. Keep your eyes on Turkey because as time goes on they will become a dominant player on the worlds stage. Being a Christian the Scriptures are my proof text. That's why I don't believe the world will be destroyed by a nuclear war because the Scriptures don't say so. To sum up besides the rouge nations of the world and the traitors within our nation Islam is the greatest threat to the entire world. Shalom.
Comment by Old Rooster on April 24, 2017 at 9:44am

Get ready for war Judith, May 1st is the Communists holiday, and that's when Obama intends to unleash his 32,000 man army against the American people. Yes - They will use those 32,000 black shirts along with a million "Useful Idiots" to create as much chaos and destruction as possible. My information suggests that the war is about to begin.

Be ready folks.

Comment by Michael M. Regan on April 24, 2017 at 12:57pm
Judith your right we are in the minority however, and that's probably because some of us don't put church doctrine above the word of God. The Spirit of God gives understanding to all those who believe and follow Jesus not just those with a bunch of letters after their name. The church is suppose to be the defender of the Truth but unfortunately in this day and age instead of the Truth we hear the prosperity message, name it and claim it, send in $5.00 and you'll receive a blessed hankerchief that will be a blessing to you. The message has become ; what God can do for you instead of what can we do for God". Islam is a threat and the church isn't much of a cure. I pray for her daily that the deception that has blinded a lot of believers will be seen for what it truly is and place Gods Wirds over men's doctrines.


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