Taking A Stand

Our country is in danger, but not to be despaired of. Our enemies are numerous and powerful; but we have many friends, determining to be free, and heaven and earth will aid the resolution. On you depend the fortunes of America. You are to decide the important question, on which rest the happiness and liberty of millions yet unborn. Act worthy of yourselves.

Joseph Warren, Boston Massacre Oration, March 6, 1775

Contrary to what the mainstream media wants the citizens of this country to believe the march on Washington was a stand against a government that is on the road to taking us away from Freedom and Liberty and the Virtues and Rights that we all hold dear. It was a clear signal to those in government and those on the far left that not all citizens of this country are going to sit by idle and allow our voices to be silenced , we will not allow debate and accountability to slide by the wayside just because a gifted speaker is the president. We will not allow the Constitution to be bastardized and we will not allow the next generation to be held responsible for the follies of today without voicing our discontent.

This march means so much more then what most people realize, it shows the discontent with the way this government considers you and I as an income stream and not as equal participants in the fabric that is this country. It shows that true grassroots organization and networking will unite those that refuse to go silently into the night, but instead choose to stand up for all no matter the ridicule and condemnation from those who consider themselves elite to the common citizen.

Tens of thousands of ordinary citizens took it upon themselves today September 12th, 2009 to take time out of their lives to exercise the dearest Right that we have in this country and that is our Right of Freedom of Speech and Assembly. Thousands of others have shown up at Town Halls and Tea Parties in protest of increased taxes and common assaults on the freedoms that we hold dear as Americans. At every turn we have been called every name in the book by the media who are so far in the bag of the radicals that are attempting to take complete control and to take those Freedoms and Rights away one small bit at a time, we have been called every name in the book by the elitist that are supposed to be working for each and every individual that have shown up at these rallies and we have not been intimidated nor have we been silenced!

Taking a stand we rose up off the couches, off of the farms, and out of our comfortable everyday lives and we decided that enough is enough! We will no longer allow our voice to be silenced and we will start the road back to constitutional principles and will hold our politicians accountable every step of the way, this is exactly the last thing that these politicians want. They are attempting all they can to silence those who do not agree with them and shut down or control all mediums that allows us to communicate news and discussion that has not been filtered and dictated to us. They feel the threat that their free ride is over, they feel the pressure of you and I and we see it with the way they have lashed out and the way that their minions have lashed out and can see that their grip is slowly slipping away.

The First Amendment is not just there to protect agreeable speech but is there to insure the Freedom of disagreeable speech and criticism of the government, you would never know this in the way that many on the left have twisted it to meet there purposes. You and I have seen the attacks beginning to take this basic Right away, many in this country have become so complacent that they no longer even recognize this occurring and of course we have those that are cheerleaders and have fallen in line thinking that they will benefit by going along and allowing it to happen.

When so many have come out this summer in protest to this so called health care bill that is nothing more than another form of control and restriction of freedom of choice and have been ignored by the elite in control, we have seen the crescendo of outrage and disgust towards a out of control government that disregards the voice of the citizens that they are supposed to be working for. We continually catch them in lies and we continually watch them push the agenda that the vast majority do not want for this country, the direction that this current administration is taking us moves us one step at a time away from what has made this such a great country that people from all across the world continue to want to come to. They are rewriting history to suite their agenda and philosophy at the expense of the next generation and at the expense of all those who came before.

When was the last time that you heard praise and true patriotism come out of the mouths of those in charge? When was the last time you heard this president say true positive things about this country and the true charitable spirit of its citizens? All you hear coming out of his mouth and those that surround him is how bad that we are and that we need to be told and forced into communal servitude. No these Marches and these rallies are a loud and clear message that we no longer will be silent we will no longer be browbeaten and we will not allow you to take this country down the road to tyranny unchallenged.

Now is the time to stand up and take this country back and restore it to the Republic that it is, now is the time to stay informed and to inform all those around you and to expose all of what is being attempted through organizations such as ACORN and by individuals that are now labeled as CZARS. Now is the time to take a stand folks before it all slips away. Network, communicate, join groups, campaign and seek out new leadership and candidates to hold office. For god’s sake speak up and hold your head high again, don’t allow your voice to be silenced and don’t allow yourself to be intimidated any longer in social settings when you speak your mind in regards to the direction that this country is headed!

We are all Americans and as such it is our duty to participate, find it in whatever capacity that you can to do so and please search out all information to all the issues of our day without total reliance on the mainstream media. Fight for the right for all sides to be heard and for the right to insure that we still have the opportunity to have the voices from all sides to be voiced. Never give up and never give in regain the pride that is within each and every one of us and feel the pride that those who came out this year and spoke up, will you be the next one to call out and challenge the lies or will you be the next one to just go back and be silenced?

It is up to you and I folks we are all one voice in millions, but together we are millions united. Ask yourselves have you enjoyed your way of life in this country? Have you enjoyed the Freedoms that so many before us fought and died for? It is now our time to take a stand so that those that follow are able to have those same rights and freedoms.
Thank you to all those that came out in Washington today and to all those that have participated throughout this summer and continue to take the stand each and every day, let us not let this momentum slip away but to instead build upon it and grow each and every day.

Robert Rohlfing

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